Facts Breezing By

Yes, how did Bernie know all that? When was Metro PD coming to take all these perps away? It was crowded in our front hall, and the air was getting a little stuffy. I like nice fresh air. Also, I’d smelled all the smells available, and there were plenty rising off Trimmer alone.

In fact, Bernie seemed to be talking to Trimmer at that moment. “The whole history must have been one of those family legends, a legend your sister here let you in on – was that before or after her divorce from Kelo?”

“After,” said Trimmer.

“Zip it,” said Portia.

“Why?” said Bernie. “After just proves your marriage had something going for it at least.”

“Kelo’s a moron,” Portia said.

“How so?” said Bernie.

Or something like that. This was getting hard to follow.

Note from Admin: Great pics coming in to Friends of Chet!


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4 Responses to “Facts Breezing By”

  1. Ivy
    7:39 am on September 15th, 2009


    Uh oh. The client is a moron? Poor Kelo. This is getting more interesting by the post.


  2. Rebecca Rice
    8:46 am on September 15th, 2009

    I dunno, I think these two kids might still have a chance. She couldn't be so angry at him if she didn't still have some kinda feelings for him…

  3. Chet The Dog
    8:34 pm on June 30th, 2010

    I hope this is it!

  4. Chet The Dog
    8:39 pm on June 30th, 2010

    I cant get this to work after an hour and a 1/2

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