Sunday morning. How do I know? Two things (which happens to be my biggest number).

One – a great big newspaper lands on the front step. Bernie sits at the kitchen table with his coffee and reads it, starting with the comics and the sports – I can tell from the pictures – and then going to the very front page and reading through until something annoys him and he pushes it away, the whole big thing soon ending up in the recycling bin.

Two – Elvis gospel is on the radio. “Did his best work with gospel, Chet. One of the greatest gospel singers who ever lived.” The truth is there’s lots of music I like better – Billie Holiday, especially when Roy Eldridge is playing his trumpet, Elmore James, Steeldrivers, especially when the fiddle player gets going – but if Bernie says Elvis gospel is great, then that’s that. Right now it’s Milky White Way. “Love this one, Chet. He copied it almost exactly from the Trumpeteers’ version. But does that matter?”

I leave that to you.


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One Response to “Elvis”

  1. jerzegurl
    9:28 am on March 15th, 2009

    Love the blues and some jazz… Saw Buddy Guy and BB King in person. Original date for outside concert was postponed due to servere thunderstorms. Rescheduled date was 9/11/01.

    Wasn’t sure if it would go on, but it did and both performers turned it into a beautiful healing concert. Very memorable.

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