Dovey Learns A Lesson

(or maybe not)


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14 Responses to “Dovey Learns A Lesson”

  1. Herd of Hounds
    9:16 am on December 14th, 2017

    Good morning everyone! Oh Dovey, who is a dog! Glad the problem has been identified. Sure hope the family keeps track of the pacifiers.
    So happy it’s Thursday.

  2. BooBear
    9:46 am on December 14th, 2017

    Good morning, all! Dovey…dumb dog, I say. But Mom is glad she is okay.

  3. Wose-The Small and Meek
    10:54 am on December 14th, 2017


    Dovey! Yikes! Just imagining the picture had not Dovey vomited…Shudder!

    C.Hobbitz: As for the calendar, tell Mr. Big I’ll make it up to him next year! ;^)

    Good day to all!

  4. Herd of Hounds
    11:24 am on December 14th, 2017

    Wose the wunnerful, you are special.
    BooBear, we love your purrito! It is special like our dog cabin.

  5. Tinker Belle
    11:26 am on December 14th, 2017

    Wee Nigel, I just need to say that your ears are indeed special. In fact they are the only ears I have ever seen that are more magnificent than mine.

  6. B.Stover
    12:53 pm on December 14th, 2017

    Very strange story.

    Good afternoon all.

  7. c.hobbit
    6:25 pm on December 14th, 2017

    Mr Big is getting a lion cut tomorrow at the vet. $350 with blood panel and sedation. I have different brushes for him butt he mats so terribly. He will tolerate me working on a couple but after that he is too onery. He is going to hate me tomorrow. I feel bad because this is the earliest I’ve had him shaved but he is a mess.
    I had a shot in my wrist and I am not to lift over 10 pounds for a few days so it is going to be a trick getting him in the carrier.

  8. c.hobbitz
    7:04 pm on December 14th, 2017

    I don’t know if this person is a Pug lover or if it was Ugly Christmas Sweater Day at work

  9. Herd of Hounds
    7:46 pm on December 14th, 2017

    We would call that sweater “pug ugly” but we don’t want to offend pugs.

  10. Riõ - The Evil Pug
    9:26 pm on December 14th, 2017

    Hey!…My friend would be proud to wear a sweater like that…grunt!…In fact there is a special sweater day at the library and she says she has Not One Christmas Sweater to wear….grunt!…BUTT..She runs HOT so sweaters indoors are a torture to her…heh!heh!…No Pug Ugly Sweater for her..snort!

  11. Riõ - The Evil Pug
    9:33 pm on December 14th, 2017

    Blouse!…She feels she needs to find a light-weight Christmas Blouse…yeeeeep!

    Training!…Today was a very stressful training day with the city police…yeep!…They were there to help awareness of “live shooters” entering a public building. This could be the library…yeeeeep!…Or a resraurent or a movie theater or Wally Mart…snort! …Any public place these dayz is not safe…sniff!sob!…My friend was pretty riled up after the intense training. Shaky in fact..yelp!

  12. Staff
    11:00 pm on December 14th, 2017

    Rio! Live shooter training in the midwest! I guess we have to be aware it can happen anywhere. Grump.

  13. BearSpiritDog
    9:05 am on December 15th, 2017

    We here think Rio’s Friend was Very Brave.

  14. Masquers
    9:42 am on December 15th, 2017

    We also think she would never wear that pug sweater!

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