Colonel Bob and Bernie had a long talk, something about Colonel Bob’s son, Ray. Is Ray in trouble? Are we on a case?

Here’s how Colonel Bob and I met in Thereby Hangs A Tail:

“A burger lover, aren’t you, Chet?” said the driver, who maybe was a pilot, too, possibly even the boss; everyone called her Major. And, yes, I was a burger lover, no denying it. “Room for one more?” she said.

What a question.

I had one more, plus part of another I split with the major. After that someone found a rubber ball and we had a  game of fetch. One of the guys, Colonel Bob – who may in fact have been the top boss, hard to tell, what with the whole pilot world being brand new to me – was a pretty good thrower, his arm almost as strong as Bernie’s.

“Got a set of wheels on you, huh, Chet?” said Colonel Bob.

Wheels? What was he talking about? But I liked Colonel Bob, especially his big red face and short gray hair, cut flat on top. He gave me a nice pat. So did the major. And some of the others. After some more fetch, I got tired – not like me at all, getting tired in the middle of fetch – and lay down in a shady spot overlooking a strange black plane on the runway, scary just to look at. My eyes closed.

“He’d be fun to have around,” someone said.

“Who could afford to feed him?” said someone else.

Note to RR: Is the paw the kind of doohickey you had in mind?


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12 Responses to “Doohickey”

  1. B. Stover
    4:48 am on January 8th, 2010

    Cool doohickey.

  2. abbiethekitty
    4:55 am on January 8th, 2010

    Nice doohickey there Chet. Did you 'pose' for it? Staff is always making me pose for things.

    I wanted to ask you about toothpicks. I personally prefer Q-tips. But I do like sticks. They have to be long enough to chase though. Never chew on them.

    [img ][/img]

  3. Ivy
    5:40 am on January 8th, 2010

    Very cool doohickey, B. Stover. I agree. Now I have to figure out what I'm supposed to do with it (if anything), or are we just voting on it for now?

    Cute pose with Abbie Kitty. I'm still waiting. Hopefully the UPS man will come today. I got out of my PJs early today to makes sure I didn't miss the delivery.

    Back to work next week…EEK!!


  4. Ivy
    6:15 am on January 8th, 2010

    Oh No!! Abby here, with typist, Ivy.

    I had to come inside real quick. Hubby is, check this out, removing snow from the driveway so the UPS man can make it safely up (and down) to deliver the book in the Big Brown Truck, which is loaded with treats, BTW. Only problem is, he's not doing it with the plow truck or the snow thrower. He is using a leaf blower. How weird is that? The sound is too loud. He has ear protection…our nation doesn't. Our ears are very tender.

    Ivy is still waiting. She better not loan this book out before we read it. I will have to nip her in the pant leg.


  5. Diane
    8:39 am on January 8th, 2010

    Glad to see the Doohickey is new. Somehow Admin must have put it on every blog-page. (I thought I was losing my mind!)

    Rebecca! How do I get the paw-doohickey in my current list of favorites? I don't want to create a new list….

    Sometimes technology is great; sometimes technology is a great pain in the ….. neck….

  6. Ivy
    9:23 am on January 8th, 2010

    Abby, again.

    We are crushed. The nice UPS man arrived just a few moments ago…no THAT in the box, but some other items we requested , of much lower priority. We did get Meerkat Manor, The Story Begins DVD, narrated by Whoopi Goldberg. Tonight we can watch a bunch of darling weasel looking critters on Hubby's HDTV (it's a human guy thing). Probably some great smells in this one.

    One good thing is the nice UPS man gave me my treats. I was overly excited about what was in the box, and left one of the treats in the snow. Dang! Ivy will get it.

    Read on, Folks!


    PS: Abbie, how many photo shoots did you sit for to get that cute tail hanging just perfectly next to THAT?

  7. Rebecca Rice
    9:40 am on January 8th, 2010

    Mom, the doohickey in question won't go in your bookmarks toolbar, it will only work for posting the story to Facebook or some other social networking site.

    If you scroll over it, a menu appears from which you can select where you want to share the story. You would click Facebook, and it would probably (haven't tested this) give you the option of using a picture with the post, or no picture (they provide the pictures, so your choices are limited,usually) and then it would post to your FB page.

    Ah, Meercat Manor. Back when Potter (a super-cute black-and-white cat we had to rehome due to pooping issues) was living with us, that was his favorite show. He used to sneak around the TV and dart behind it, looking for the meercats when they disappeared offscreen. ALso exciting, to the point of near-hyperventilation, was the laser pointer. Husband Kevin used to have lots of fun overstimulating Potter's hind brain.

  8. Ellen Peck
    10:01 am on January 8th, 2010

    So happy, my copy of Thereby Hangs a Tail came in the mail today!!!!!! Woof! love the doohickey….

  9. Ellen Peck
    10:05 am on January 8th, 2010

    P.S. love the design of both bookcovers.

  10. abbiethekitty
    10:32 am on January 8th, 2010


    Hey other Abby. Staff put the book next to me and wanted to take my picture so badly, but I had to keep an eye on the other cat here (Alice the Cat) and so couldn't look at her.

    You can't always trust another cat. Not like dogs that way. You know where you are with dogs. Either here, or far far away. Where was I? Oh. She had to settle for the tail. She seemed pleased when it was all done. She said it was a pun? What the heck is a pun anyway? I know about pins because staff is a quilter. You have to be careful around pins.

    [img ] quilt abby.jpg[/img]

  11. Rebecca Rice
    6:33 pm on January 8th, 2010


    Don't worry– no spoilers.

  12. Ivy
    12:06 pm on January 9th, 2010

    RR, awww…cute about Potter. Amazing how much our technology gets these furry ones going. Also, thanks about the Doohickey information. I'm new at FB, so I'll be learning about this.

    Hey, other Abbie. Tell 'staff' it was an excellent photo. Hubby loves it.


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