Dogs, Cats, and the Politics of AC

“I know where we are on this,” Spence says.

“Yup,” says Admin.

Welcome Cole & Thunder, Bob, Maisy Sue from Fla.


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67 Responses to “Dogs, Cats, and the Politics of AC”

  1. OleyHowlers
    9:26 am on July 2nd, 2012

    Good morning, Chet and everyone! Mom says we are the reson that A/C finally got installed. We aren’t sure why she says that, but we do know that she now makes us stay indoors when it is very hot out and she can’t be here. It is always cool indoors.

    We were looking through Mom’s phone, and found some photos she forgot that she took. Here is the first one we think youse will like. It is Kat getting tummies from Bella, right after she banged on her door, ignoring the Do Not Disturb sign hanging outside it. She woke poor Bella up and demanded love. Spoiled Kat.

  2. OleyHowlers
    9:31 am on July 2nd, 2012

    And here is a photo of almost all of the Bears that Mom saw outside at Melanie’s. And Zoe right there with those bears! Mom said she loved the bears. Kat says they are BIG.

  3. Rose
    9:34 am on July 2nd, 2012

    Good Morning OHs and All!

    That is a great picture of two lovely lasses! You can tell both two and four-legged adored each other.

    Wookie: Yes I would recommend the book I mentioned last night. (It is about a man and his dog). I own a copy and would be happy to send it to you, and any other Plunderer who would like to read it.

  4. Princess Sam
    9:45 am on July 2nd, 2012

    Good morning. Molly’s Mom is still sleeping and I need my soft boiled egg that she puts in my dry kibble. I’m blaming Kat for making her so tired.

  5. Staff
    9:48 am on July 2nd, 2012

    Wow it looks like Kat has life figured out. Tummies are the answer.

  6. B.Stover
    10:07 am on July 2nd, 2012

    Good morning all.

    Thank you for the pictures Howlers.

  7. Snowhook Bella
    10:08 am on July 2nd, 2012

    Howlers: Thanks for sharing that photo. I didn’t even know you took it. After the radio interview and breakfast, I was dropped off at the hotel with strict instructions to sleep. I did sleep for about and hour, but was writing when I heard a knock at the door.

    Tyb: thank you for posting the calendar on yesterday’s page. Blou looks quite serious about his suggestion. Hope all is well.

  8. BearSpiritDog
    10:18 am on July 2nd, 2012

    O.Howlers: Cool photos of Kat with SnowBella and the RiverBears with Zoe. Those lucky dogs have a giant pool.

    Sammie: Can we get a picture of you wearing your new collar?

    Rose: We would love to read the book after Wookie is finished with it.

    Staff: Yes, tummies are the answer to all kinds of stressful and non-stressful situations and just because.

    SnowBella: We know you are enjoying your time with the folks and hope you have a moment or two to relax.
    Joining you in a big thank you to TYB for sending the July calendar with Blou doing the honors this time.

    Good Morning B and All.

  9. Wookie of Chevy Chase
    10:21 am on July 2nd, 2012

    Rose. Yes, my dad says he would like it very much. We will send you our snail mail address by SDD later today, if you don’t already have it. Wookie

  10. Melanie
    10:24 am on July 2nd, 2012

    Poor Kat was not allowed with the entire Bear Pack. She is a puppy and two of the ladies are coming into “that time of year” and we did not want to corrupt her.

    We got AC for the dogs. If all Nine Newfs are in one room no amount of fans will keep them cool.

    Zoë and I are headed down the hill to take the Subaru in to get fixed for inspection. We now know exactly what has to get fixed.

    Dan is here with Jesse and the Pack. The AC will be coming on in awhile. It was 60 degrees this morning.

  11. Masquers
    10:32 am on July 2nd, 2012

    AC…I’m all for it…whenever needed. Except for those years we can expect a summer heat wave (it has happened) it’s needed here only a few days in July and August.
    Melanie: Same temp here this am – 60.
    Rose: When are you and the Prof leaving for your trip?
    Well…it’s Monday again…time to get back to business. Mom is still playing catchup after the iPaw fiasco of last week.

  12. Barb & Maggie
    10:40 am on July 2nd, 2012

    Good morning all. Meeting with the home inspection company and the new buyer later this morning. Tomorrow have to pack for the family get-together the rest of the week. Busy, busy!

    Love those pictures. That is a lot of Newfies! Kat looks very comfy. Later…..

  13. Snowhook Bella
    10:48 am on July 2nd, 2012

    I did get several Kat kisses for my troubles. That little girl is a love.

  14. Mollypop's Mom
    10:50 am on July 2nd, 2012

    Kat – great picture of you and showing Rebecca’s beautiful curls.

    I’ll be leaving Sam’s this afternoon and will be in ski country where my computer is. Then I can load my pictures from the trip and the one of Sammie’s (cat) collar.

  15. B.Stover
    10:58 am on July 2nd, 2012

    I enjoyed Endeavour last night. I hope they show the rest of the series.

  16. OleyHowlers
    11:08 am on July 2nd, 2012

    Masquers, what iPaw fiasco? We must have missed it thru our crazy-busy week last week.
    Mom says that both Melanie and MollysMom will have much better photos of the rest of the goings-on, so she will wait to see what they post.
    It was gorgeous here this morning, but is now getting warmer. Guess what? We all got brand new beds today. Sasha’s bed is extra special sofa type, with back and sides to hold her in, all nice and snuggly. We think these beds must be birthday presents for Kat, who was previously using a worn-out hand-me-down. Mom is sweating from putting Sasha’s together.
    Sam, Kat is still sleeping every chance she gets. She is blaming her Aunt MollysMom for keeping her awake into the wee hours Saturday morning.

  17. Snowhook Bella
    11:09 am on July 2nd, 2012

    Drive safe, MPM. If your handbag is a bit wiggly, I suggest you check it for a certain stowaway.

  18. Siber-H
    11:13 am on July 2nd, 2012

    Good Morning Everyone!

    My folks have always left the ac on for their dogs.

  19. Rose
    11:23 am on July 2nd, 2012

    Wookie, sounds like a plan. Please pass it on to Bear when you are done. My only request would be that youse guys pawtograph and/or write a little something in the book when you are done.

  20. Rose
    11:25 am on July 2nd, 2012

    Masquers, unfortunately, my work schedule has mandated that I postpone our trip. In retrospect, that might be a very good thing, since neither the Prof or I want to walk around Philadelphia in this terrible heat.

  21. Rose
    11:27 am on July 2nd, 2012

    Wookie, do you have my SDD?

  22. Masquers
    11:50 am on July 2nd, 2012

    B: Since we have to wait one day to watch online will be catching up on the PBS show Wookie recommended this evening.
    Howlers: We were out of town for 3 days last week, during which time the dam iPaw failed at a most crucial moment. It did not recover until returning home late Thursday evening. We were able to get a brief message out to Melanie to advise of the situation before it lost power completely. Time for a update we think.
    Rose: I was aware your trip to Philly was postponed because of work at the busy place, but didn’t realize it had been put on hold indefinitely. As you say, probably a good thing because of the heat. Let WeatherKat know when to post forecast info and I will be on it.

  23. B.Stover
    11:59 am on July 2nd, 2012

    Masquers: Let me know what you think of it.

  24. BearSpiritDog
    1:01 pm on July 2nd, 2012

    Does anyone know how to connect to Rebecca’s Friday morning interview in Florence? We have the link Melanie provided at:
    but have not been able to find it.

  25. Snowhook Bella
    1:26 pm on July 2nd, 2012

    Rio: Now that the hub-bub of last week is settling, do you think it is a good time to remind everyone about the (p)auction that opens this Friday and closes on Sunday?

  26. BearSpiritDog
    1:32 pm on July 2nd, 2012

    Auction! How quickly time flies.

  27. Siber-H
    1:34 pm on July 2nd, 2012


    I’m not Rio, but I think now is a good time.
    We should have a reminder every day until the auction begins.

  28. Snowhook Bella
    1:41 pm on July 2nd, 2012

    It is probably a good time to remind folks who are submitting items into the auction to send the descriptions and photos to me as soon as possible—shall we say, by Wednesday at the very latest?

    We have some great items, yes we do.

  29. BearSpiritDog
    1:56 pm on July 2nd, 2012

    Good to hear some of youse are on the ball.

    Tupper&Gilly: Tell your mama to check her SDD.

  30. BearSpiritDog
    1:59 pm on July 2nd, 2012

    SnowBella: What was the time and name of the radio show you were on last Friday? Still hoping to hear it.

  31. OleyHowlers
    2:00 pm on July 2nd, 2012

    What time does the auction close? Mom and Pop won’t be home most of Saturday or Sunday! Gah!

  32. Snowhook Bella
    2:05 pm on July 2nd, 2012

    BSD: I was on at 7am, but don’t know the name of the show. I believe it was on AM, not FM.

    Howlers: The auction will open and close at noon (AK time), so it will close at 4pm your time on Sunday.

  33. Riö – The Evil Pug
    2:22 pm on July 2nd, 2012

    Pawction!… The Auction will officially open THIS Friday at Noon Alaskan Time. 2:00pm mountain time, 3:00pm Central time, and 4:00pm eastern time. Not sure about West coast time…grunt! …The link will be made available right at High Noon (alaskan time)…sniff!…The last bids will be taken at High Noon (alaskan time) on Sunday….snort!…The time-stamp on the bids will be the deciding factor after the smoke clears…heh!

    Proxy!…If you are not going to be available to the bitter end but want to bid on an item, you may have a Proxy stand in for youse. But please let Wookie or myself know who this proxy is and what their email is etc. We don’t want any confusion about who is bidding for whom on what…grunt!…Your Proxy should know how much money they are allowed to bid and they should not go over the limit set by the one they are bidding for…sneeze!…Auction Central cannot and will not be responsible for this sort of thing (over-bidding)…heh!…Any questions?

  34. Riö – The Evil Pug
    2:26 pm on July 2nd, 2012

    Amazing!…I just caught a glimpse of one of the Items and Zow! Zow! Zow! it is simply amazing…snort!…Jaw dropping to say the least…gasp!

  35. Siber-H
    2:48 pm on July 2nd, 2012

    Do we have to wait until the auction officialy opens to see the items we will bid on?

  36. Siber-H
    2:56 pm on July 2nd, 2012

    Bear, I can’t find that interview with Rebecca either on the radio station’s website.

  37. Riö – The Evil Pug
    2:58 pm on July 2nd, 2012


  38. Siber-H
    3:06 pm on July 2nd, 2012

    The suspense is killing me.

  39. Riö – The Evil Pug
    3:24 pm on July 2nd, 2012

    SiberH!…You just figure out how to break into your Maw’s bank account, because you are gonna want quite a few of these incredibley amazing Items….wheeze!

  40. Staff
    4:29 pm on July 2nd, 2012

    BTW, what happened to Quito’s pic? He should be up in the FOM space but Babe is still there.

  41. Melanie
    4:37 pm on July 2nd, 2012

    Riö, I think we must have seen the same thing. I showed it to Zoë and she was in awe!

    I am zonked. Was GOING to spend the afternoon in the pool. That didn’t happen. Had to go down the hills one way this morning. Then work on getting Dan a TV working in the upstairs of the West Wing. Still working on that. Then down the hills in the other direction to the bank, dog food store and such.

    Time for a nonalcoholic glass of wine and lightly salted potato ships.

    Dan was determined NOT to take the one medication that he needs. We have learned to speak the truth, not humor him. He didn’t like the truth, but took the medication. Later while I was gone he untangled a huge bass of TV cable that I had to do in order to make his TV upstairs work. I thanked him a great deal.

    Going to be on a heating pad.

  42. Melanie
    4:39 pm on July 2nd, 2012

    Whoops, one more thing. YSAS have been playing phone tag so I could find out about the shoot yesterday. He said he’d call around 8 tonight. Sure hope I’m still up.

    On Facebook people have been very happy with the shoot. I loved the one where the make up guy asked one of the zombies if his mouth stayed on. Snort!

  43. Riö – The Evil Pug
    5:13 pm on July 2nd, 2012


  44. Barb & Maggie
    5:43 pm on July 2nd, 2012

    Barb will be gone from Wed. morning till Sunday night. That is going to make it difficult for her for the auction. They do not have wifi at the lake house! Drat!

    She will be driving down fom Wisconsin Thurs. morning to look at 5 houses. Packing will start when she returns home.

  45. Mollypop's Mom
    5:56 pm on July 2nd, 2012

    I’m back in ski country but too exhausted to post much. Fibromyalgia takes a toll, but fortunately afterwards. My trip was great and now I have to rest.

    The bottom line on this trip is that those of us on the trip need to spend more time with each other. Everything was too short. If more of you could have come it would have been the same thing.

  46. Melanie
    6:29 pm on July 2nd, 2012

    I totally agree MM. Very tired, but very happy.

    Here is YSAS and his Zombie Hoard. The guy with YSAS NOT in makeup is his special effects dude and zombie hoard coordinator. Snicker

  47. Melanie
    6:38 pm on July 2nd, 2012

    Trying to find out what is special about tomorrow (Chet the Dog Facebook).

    I did notice . . . Spencer Quinn will be at Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale, AZ on September 15th.

    Also there is a new ebook “A collection of Excerpts from the Chet and Bernie Mystery Series” that is 320 pages called The Spencer Quinn Reader’s Companion available for immediate download. And it’s FREE!

    I wonder if that is what is special. Did I ruin his surprise? Have no idea but I’m getting it Wait, just ordered it from Amazon and it said June 19th.

    Hmmm. Guess I’ll have to wait until tomorrow.

  48. Mollypop's Mom
    6:48 pm on July 2nd, 2012

    I have to say one more thing before I crash. Having my niece Kat walking on me and kissing me while I’m sleeping is one of the joys in life. It’s something that I greatly miss. Now her timing wasn’t great since we had been up until all hours solving the world’s problems, but you all know we did that and you can sleep better tonight.

  49. Melanie
    7:04 pm on July 2nd, 2012

    MM, Wöökie and OleyHowlers, please check SDD.

  50. Rose
    7:57 pm on July 2nd, 2012

    The lovely puppy Kat up top!

  51. Rose
    8:03 pm on July 2nd, 2012

    Melanie, thanks for the heads-up. I just downloaded it to my nook. Interesting that it is Spence and Audrey on the cover, not Chet and Bernie.

  52. BearSpiritDog
    8:05 pm on July 2nd, 2012

    Hey! Thanks, Melanie. Just got back from the Kindle Store and we are digging into the first chapter of FOC as we speak.
    As for the photo – looks like YSAS and Company are having too much fun!

    Barb&Magpie: You have some very busy days ahead with a bit of fun sandwiched in.

    MollyPop’s Mom – Sounding tiring but happy.

    Off the air until tomorrow – Bear

  53. BearSpiritDog
    8:06 pm on July 2nd, 2012

    Gah! Tired, but happy.

  54. Tupper and Gilly
    8:19 pm on July 2nd, 2012

    We have Quito up top. And Sage the Wrotten Kat right under, along with a Howler!

    MAma is STILL thinking of all the things she wanted to share with all the visitors. There just wasn’t enough time in two short days. Guess she will just have to make another visit happen sometime, somehow.

    Ummm – we are not trying to cause any problems, but does anyone else think that maybe the auction is happening at an inconvenient time? Rebecca is in Utah, Wookie is in a hotel room, Barb is away, Rose is away, and we are pretty sure we heard that other people aren’t going to be able to attend.
    Is it worth considering postponing?

  55. Staff
    8:30 pm on July 2nd, 2012

    Staff is away….sniff

  56. Melanie
    8:39 pm on July 2nd, 2012

    I will consider things tomorrow. My brain is fried.

    is there such a thing as having too much fun?

    Time to sleep. Saw a couple of fireflies while watering the garden. When I was a kid there used to be hundreds in a field. Hmmm, maybe I shouldn’t have caught so many . .


  57. Riö –The Evil Pug
    9:12 pm on July 2nd, 2012

    Fun!…Whats that? We never have any fun around here…snort!…Today we had company all day long. Her brother is here and he worked his ass off putting in new fence posts…sniff!…Tomorrow he is going to do a lot of other stuff that really needs done. They had Steak on the grill tonight and it was mouth-watering wonderful!…snort!snort!

  58. Riö –The Evil Pug
    9:13 pm on July 2nd, 2012

    Game!…Now me and her are downstairs watching the game, her mother is in bed, and her brother is upstairs with Beau watching something else…grunt!…He says he is a “fair-weather” fan and doesn’t like watching the Rockies lose…heh!heh!

  59. Riö –The Evil Pug
    9:15 pm on July 2nd, 2012

    Vacation!…My friends vacation starts tomorrow!….Wooooo!…She is not real thrilled about spending yet another vacation sitting around here being a slave for her mother…grunt!…I’m looking forward to it though…heh!Wooooo!

  60. OleyHowlers
    10:21 pm on July 2nd, 2012

    Melanie, got the SDD.
    Rebecca, pleasecheck your SDD.
    MollysMom, from Kat: Awwwwww thanks.

  61. Riö –The Evil Pug
    10:39 pm on July 2nd, 2012

    Gah!…We’ve been on our walk and its still very hot outside…gasp!…The good news is the Rockies could win this thing, they are only 4 runs behind right now…Woooo!

  62. Riö –The Evil Pug
    10:49 pm on July 2nd, 2012

    Alone!…With Zombies!…heh!….That is a great photo of Clarkson and all his Zombies…snorkel!

    Sleeping!…Is everybody all snicker-doodled out?…grunt!…I sure hope you are resting up for the After-The-Fourth-Fire-Kracker-Blowout-Auction….heh!…I know I am excited about it big time…sneeze!

  63. Riö –The Evil Pug
    10:52 pm on July 2nd, 2012

    Runs!…Now the Rockies are only 7 runs away from winning this game…heh!heh!

  64. Riö –The Evil Pug
    11:00 pm on July 2nd, 2012

    C.Hobbit!…I wonder how she is doing transporting her pregnant Husky home…sniff!…I sure think she is a wonderful little big hearted person for doing this thing….wheeze!…I have to believe that if my friend could adopt more misbegotten pugs she definitely would. But Me and her Mother put all our paws down on this because Beau is quite enough, thank you very much…huffle!puffle!…He sure likes her brother. Beau followed him around outside all day long. And Beau does not like being out in the hot, ever!…grunt!

  65. Riö –The Evil Pug
    11:09 pm on July 2nd, 2012

    Tupper!…For some reason I skipped-over missed your post about Post-Poning the Auction….((((sigh))))…sniff!…Is this something everyone wants to do? There is the Proxy option for those who are MIA during this coming weekend…grunt!

  66. Riö –The Evil Pug
    11:17 pm on July 2nd, 2012

    Postponing!…If we postpone the Auction we here at Auction Central will need at least one volunteer to come forth to learn how to be a real on-line Auctioneer….grunt!..My friend is off this week starting tomorrow, so she was going to help me with the Excel Spreadsheet that goes along with recording all the bids..sniff!…I answer the emails and she records the bids and then she updates the Snowhook blog…grunt!

    So!…If we postpone, we will need a volunteer to do a full Friday of answering bid emails, and recording bids on the spreadsheet and then updating the blog in a VERY timely manner…wheeze!…Meaning your whole day is spent checking the bid email account and so forth…gruffle!

  67. Snowhook Bella
    1:09 am on July 3rd, 2012

    Bridger will cross the bridge tomorrow.

    Creator, please bless and keep his spirit.
    Please bless he will know that he is loved.
    Please bless we didn’t fail him.
    Please bless and calm him.

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