Did The Pack Come Up?

Was I supposed to post about the pack, or did I do that already?

Long ago, before Bernie, before Mesquite Road and the Little Detective Agency, I ran with a pack. This was after I escaped from the crack house, way past the other side of the towers from where we are now, in the nastiest part of town. I met up with this pack, a wild kind of pack, like some I saw later when we were working a case Mexico, me and Bernie. In pack life, who’s who gets sorted out first thing. I was pretty much still a pup, so I got sorted out near the bottom. I learned a lot back then, like how to knock over trash cans, and how to run for my life. I got bigger and stronger, and then one day tried to nose in on the same trash can as the leader, this enormous dude who had something wrong with his mouth so his teeth showed all the time. A bad idea, it turned out – but right now Bernie’s tucking the .38 Special in his belt, meaning we’re out of here.

More on this tomorrow. I won’t forget.


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3 Responses to “Did The Pack Come Up?”

  1. Diane Brodson
    8:04 am on March 18th, 2009

    We hope you won’t forget. We also want to know about the Police-Dog Academy. How did that happen? And how did you and Bernie got together….

    Did it involve ribs?

    I’m sure I speak for all on your blogosphere…we can’t wait for the next book on catching perps. But we want back-story!

  2. Rebecca Rice
    11:13 pm on March 19th, 2009

    And more ribs! I wish I could have ribs– I’m on a diet right now. Not one of those weirdo crash diets where the whole thing’s done in a week, but a real, for-the-rest-of-my-life sort of plan.

    See, I have bad feet. That’s one of the three reasons I can’t adopt one of your tribe. I’m hoping that at some point, being less heavy will mean my feet get better. Then I’d only have two reasons for not having a citizen of the nation within the nation in my immediate family. And two is a number I can deal with.

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    1:15 pm on October 18th, 2013

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