Dental Fun

“Here’s something nice from Lois,” Spence says. “She’s a dental hygienist who’s listed all the dental references in Dog On It for her newsletter. Should we post it or get back to Astrid?”

“Post,” says Admin. “I need one more day with Robbie.”

Robbie – there’s lots of talk about Robbie these days, something Admin’s working on. I wish he’d finish! Sometimes humans forget about having fun. But I’ve liked just about every one I’ve ever met, including lots of perps and gangbangers. Although not Mr. Gulagov (now breaking rocks in the hot sun).

From Lois in Beverly Hills:

On p. 261 you write, “Dentists.’ Said Albie. ‘I love dentists. They make good money, look around for investments, always pick wrong, get buried.” Why the dentist part?

On p. 266 you write -“Not a big fan of popcorn myself; mostly air, except for those unpopped kernels that get stuck between my teeth, sometimes for days. Even now I could feel a little something caught back there. When was my next appointment with the groomer? She always brushed my teeth, one of my favorite things in the whole world.” P. 269 -“I couldn’t wait for the toothbrush.” Why mention Janie always brushed Chet’s teeth and have toothbrushing as one of Chet’s favorite things? 269-“I couldn’t wait for the toothbrush.”

On p.270 you continue the toothbrush theme with “And then, finally, the toothbrush. Janie always sang a song while she brushed my teeth, ‘Brush your teeth with Colgate, Colgate dental cream, It cleans your breath, What a toothpaste, while it cleans your teeth.” Is this the old jingle from years ago? Why include the song? I loved it.

For your own information the dental tidbits for DOG ON IT are. p.1 “Need to go out?…Just because my back teeth are floating.” 11 “He had lots of different smiles. This particular on I thought of as just showing teeth. I did the same. Bernie has nice teeth for a human, but I’m only being realistic when I say they’re nothing compared to mine.” 4. –“I crushed the ice cubes. Made my teeth feel great.” 46.-“teeth bared,” “my own teeth bared,” “and sank my teeth into his leg,”  53 “A wax ball would probably be kind of soft, unlike our lacrosse ball, say which made my teeth feel great every time I gave it a good hard squeeze.” 66. ”Denim scraps hung from my mouth, snagged on my teeth.” 68-“My lips curled back from my teeth all by themselves.”  87 ”He had huge teeth for a human, and bright, the brightest I’d ever seen.” 88-“Saliva started leaking out of my mouth,” 92-gritting those huge teeth of his,” 93-“He smiled, smiled right at me with those big bright teeth.” 102-“Behind those huge teeth, at the back of her throat.” 134-“had to be careful about the toothpicks,” 143_”..and lots of movies, too—check out White Fangs’’ fight with Cherokee!..” 154-“…and smiled.  A real big smile but not teeth. No teeth? How did that happen?” 155-“huge fangs exposed” 180-“Dylan smiled-he had nice teeth for a human, bug and bright, had to give him that—“ 221-“my lip got hooked over one of my eyeteeth.” 225-“get my teeth on a pant leg or two,” 235-“but it was caught between my teeth.” 256-“It smelled like Bernie’s breath in the morning, if he’d been smoking the night before and hadn’t brushed his teeth yet,..” 257 “Spike faced me, showed his teeth, all yellow and brown now, and growled. I showed my teeth and growled back.” 271-“-an ugly brute, with an overbite and no chin.” 16. 296-“Have I mentioned the size of my teeth? Like daggers, and not much smaller.” “I dug a tooth deep into what was left, pulled back with a side-to-side motion that always-“ 298-“opening wide and sinking my teeth into Harold’s wrist.”

Hat tip to Lois.


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108 Responses to “Dental Fun”

  1. Riö - The Evil
    5:02 am on August 24th, 2010

    Teeth!… I think that Lois is a bit obsessed….snort!…This was about as interesting as watching grass grow or Tin Futures evaporate….grunt! …Thanks Lois! Thanks for nothing!…growl!

  2. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    5:04 am on August 24th, 2010

    You guys are not going to believe this, but Dad broke one of his fake teeth at football practice yesterday!!!! One of those ones right up front, broken right in half. For some reason, Mom was upset. She said something about having to mortgage the house or something. I don't know what that means.

    My teeth are perfect, by the way. Just like the rest of me. Heres a piece of trivia for you…..did you know that the hardest part of refining the art of blurring was get the teeth part down? Sometimes everything blurred but the teeth. And there was that one time when my teeth blurred all by themselves.

    That was when I was learning how to transport myself through time and distance via AoB. (Art of Blurring)

  3. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    5:05 am on August 24th, 2010

    Melanie – how is Dan?

    Wow, I can't wait to meet Robbie!!! He sounds cool!!

  4. Riö - The Evil
    5:06 am on August 24th, 2010

    Oh Brother!…grunt!

  5. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    5:08 am on August 24th, 2010

    Hey, maybe we can get Lois to join our blog! We need an expert to tell us what the significance of Ray and CB (and now Dad) both having chipped front teeth!!

  6. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    5:09 am on August 24th, 2010

    Rio – you should be happy today! The Rockies won at home!!

    Whoo hoo!!

  7. BStover
    5:11 am on August 24th, 2010

    I agree with Rio. What is Lois' point?

  8. Mollypop
    5:24 am on August 24th, 2010

    Wolfie – My Mom is still having a problem getting a tooth on her Magical Tooth Screw. She feels sorry about your Dad's broken tooth. Mom thought she was getting her tooth before the NYC trip but the stupid dentist did something to the impression (that caused all this infection problem) and now it has to be done again.

    But Mom keeps her sense of humor about this. Yesterday when we were walking in town, Mom spotted a charm bead that is a tooth in a store window. We're going back today to buy it for her charm bracelet!

    Mom said that's one way to get a !@#$% tooth.

  9. Mollypop
    5:26 am on August 24th, 2010

    Oh, and Mom's tooth is like Wolfie's Dad's – right up front on the top. Like Bucky Beaver.

  10. Riö - The Evil
    5:40 am on August 24th, 2010

    Stover!… You and I should just take off and go to the movies or a book store or something….grunt!…Molly should come with us…snort!

  11. dawson
    5:53 am on August 24th, 2010

    Man oh Man.

    I hope this chipped tooth thing isn't contagious.

  12. Barb & Maggie
    5:55 am on August 24th, 2010

    Whasup with the tooth post? Of course Chet mentions his teeth quite often. And why shouldn't he? And who is Robbie?

    Can we see the quilt soon?

  13. Barb & Maggie
    5:57 am on August 24th, 2010

    There was a reference to a chipped tooth in one of PA's books, too.

  14. Riö - The Evil
    5:58 am on August 24th, 2010

    Yippee!…My friend just emailed me and said she WON A ROCKIES TICKET!….whoooo!… So tomorrow she will only work a half day at the busy place and then her and the other winners will be driven downtown to Coors Field!….snort! heh! snort!

  15. B. Stover
    6:06 am on August 24th, 2010

    Congratulations Rio's friend. Have fun tomorrow at Coors Field.

    I hope all of the teeth problems work out. I just finished paying the outrageous bill my dentist sent for two crowns…my dental insurance covered only one-fourth of the amount. Let's see, could my dentist have been overcharging?

    Who is Robbie? If he's a character in the young adult novel, I thought PA had finished that?

  16. dawson
    6:06 am on August 24th, 2010

    Great News Rio: Congratulations and tell her to be careful when she's eating those hot dogs.

    Mollypop.I think it's great that while you shop at Sak's someone will walk your dog in Central Park. I know where I can borrow a dog but I'm still trying to borrow someone's credit card.

    Wolfie: Isn't your dad the coach? Did somebody tackle him?

    Melanie: Love the newfie's in a boat yesterday. Now I want a brown one. Did Dan's procedure work? Fingers and toes crossed.

    Staff: Report please.

    Must go floss my teeth. Very, very carefully

  17. Riö - The Evil
    6:08 am on August 24th, 2010

    Stover!… You know how slow he types, Tip–Tap–Tip–Tap—–tip——–tap—-… It’s a wonder he ever finishes at all….grunt!

  18. B. Stover
    6:34 am on August 24th, 2010

    Dental Fun is an oxymoron.

  19. Sam
    6:40 am on August 24th, 2010

    Rio, congratulations to your friend on winning those prized tickets. Maybe she can bring the same good luck to the team that she did last time.

    Will she take you to the game? In a bag like I travel in? I could loan you my pretty pink bag with the polka dots.

  20. Riö - The Evil
    6:51 am on August 24th, 2010

    Sammie!… Nope! I’ve already begged and begged and begged… grunt!….She says they would frown on me going with them….sniff!… She also said it will be refreshing to enjoy one game without having to breath my gas….snort!… As if!

  21. dawson
    6:54 am on August 24th, 2010

    A word for the day:


  22. Sam
    6:57 am on August 24th, 2010

    Rio, will your friend leave the tv with the game on for you?

    My family leaves the Weather Channel on for me. How dumb. I can't watch Animal Planet unless I have adult supervision.

  23. B. Stover
    7:07 am on August 24th, 2010

    I'm laughing at Dawson's word of the day which I had to look up. It has an interesting derivation.

  24. Siberian Husky
    7:13 am on August 24th, 2010

    I fell asleep while reading today's post. All this stuff is interesting and funny when reading it in Chet's books. Could it be that Lois needs to get a life, or could it be that Spence is just trying to get us going like with tin futures.

  25. B. Stover
    7:21 am on August 24th, 2010

    SH: I'm rolling on the floor laughing–or whatever that saying is–about your falling asleep. I think Spence is just trying to

    annoy us.

  26. Riö - The Evil
    7:25 am on August 24th, 2010

    Rockies!… Here is where the winning seats will be!…snort!…. “Infield box, 3rd base side between 3rd and home, row 23. Should be really good seats. I believe they are above the Braves dug-out.“ ….So if any of you are watching you will probably see their little group!…heh!… There were only ten winners!… Woooo!

  27. Siberian Husky
    7:26 am on August 24th, 2010

    Yippie!! Rio's friend is going to a Rockies game! She can tell Rio about it and then he can tell us. I wonder who will be pitching tomorrow.

    p.s. Rio, tell your friend not to be concerned about you and I stuck at home during the game with no hot dogs. Sincerely, we want her to have a very good time and for the Rockies to win!

  28. Mollypop
    7:27 am on August 24th, 2010

    Dawson – Good one!

  29. Melanie
    7:39 am on August 24th, 2010

    I think Lois had a Kindle and then looked up the words that dealt with dental and teeth. Otherwise, she'd have to go page by page. . .

    Dental stories . . . Last dentist I went to kept trying to get me to get a crown. And I kept saying No, I can't afford it. Just watch the tooth. This went on. Then she said, well I could poke around in there and "try" to get the old filling out and then try to put another in. I said, "What do you mean by try?" Well, I might fracture the tooth. Then what? I replied. You'd have to have a crown. I can't afford the crown.

    Then she said, Well, I'll just make an appointment with an oral surgeon to take off that melanoma off your lip. Silence from me. Now I'm not one to burst into to tears, but it's been a difficult summer and I burst into tears.

    She THEN says, well it might not be a melanoma, it could be several things and that tooth might last for 20 years.

    I said I'm out of here. I'll talk with my medical doc.

    Made the appointment with my medical doc, was still very angry went to the health center's website and got the head of the dentists email off the site and wrote.

    I get a phone call. It is a made up phone call. This woman asks me who was my hygienist. I said, I don't remember, look at the record. Then she said that the dentist had said, "A teaching moment can be taken the wrong way." And I said, "Saying, I'll make an appointment with the oral surgeon to take off the melanoma off your lip is not a teaching moment."

    Then the real reason for the phone call. In a very strange voice she says, "How did you get that email address?"

    I paused. Wow, she thinks I'm a hacker. But I finally just told her, "It's on your web site." It is? she said. And I told her where. It's not there anymore.

    I have had dentists I like, but this wasn't one of them.

  30. Riö - The Evil
    7:48 am on August 24th, 2010

    Wow!… That sound s like a horrible sneaky money scrounging dentist …shudder!… Don’t go back there Melanie!…gulp!

  31. Barb & Maggie
    7:49 am on August 24th, 2010

    Wow, Melanie, that is quite a dental story. Much more interesting than Lois's was. Hope Dan is doing ok.

    Rio, Tell your friend we will all (or maybe not ALL) be rooting for the Rockies.

  32. Riö - The Evil
    7:55 am on August 24th, 2010

    Awesome!…The weather forecast for tomorrow is, “Partly cloudy and seasonal. Morning lows will be from 51 to 57 degrees, afternoon highs from 83 to 88 degrees.”….snort!snort!…. Perfect baseball weather!… sniff!… I am so damn jealous of her!…grunt!

  33. Melanie
    8:27 am on August 24th, 2010

    Huh, I thought I'd added something about Dan. Must have gone off the site before I hit Submit!

    Dan is having to continue the procedure for several days. The doc wants to gently unkink his intestine instead of operate. So he continues to Plunder on.

    Dawson, love the word for the day. I believe Riö needs it when he has some of his friend's very HOT chili!

  34. Barb & Maggie
    9:01 am on August 24th, 2010

    Dawson's word of the day is in Rio's honor!

  35. Wölfie Wigglebu
    9:02 am on August 24th, 2010

    I wonder if Robbie belongs to the PA's new book which is coming out on Opening Day next year. Something about a cartoon duck or something? I don't remember exactly.

    Dad is a coach, but he broke his tooth tearing some tape during practice! He looks silly!

  36. Riö - The Evil
    9:16 am on August 24th, 2010

    Memory!….You guys have the worst memories…geeze!… You don’t remember Robbie and Tut Tut being mentioned by Admin when we were having trouble with the Blog Bug!??…Seriously!… That was the day our motto came into being I believe!….grunt!

  37. Riö - The Evil
    9:23 am on August 24th, 2010

    Wolfie!….Quacky Baseball is a picture book for small children….snort!… It is NOT the book that Admin thinks he is finally going to Tap-Tap-Tap finish today… grunt!… This latest book is for middle graders and will have Robbie instead of Ingrid as one of the characters, not sure if he is the Main Character or not, but it sort of seems that way.…snort!… Does no one pay attention on this here blog???…grumble!

  38. B. Stover
    9:41 am on August 24th, 2010

    We got our motto on the July 2 post, "Pop Quiz Dessert" which does not mention Robbie or Tut Tut.

  39. Riö - The Evil
    9:42 am on August 24th, 2010

    Aha!… Found it!…July 1st – the day Wookie won the ARC!..sob!sob!sob!

    Chet said, “Something highly technical is going on. Patience, please. Meanwhile Robbie and Tut-Tut are in Tut-Tut’s place in the projects, a scene Admin was enjoying but now can’t remember the point of which. Is there a point where life becomes too high tech? And then what?”

    Stover said, “Life became too high tech about five years ago. One just plunders on. Who are Robbie and Tut-Tut?”….

    Snort!.. And she is STILL asking who these characters are today! …wheeze!…But she never really gets a good answer…heh!

  40. B. Stover
    9:53 am on August 24th, 2010

    I just found that reference also Rio. You're right, I never have received an answer. However, that's only fair I guess. We have to wait for the book to come out. But wasn't there some post about PA finishing that book? I hope he's not over-thinking the novel…..When a painting or novel, etc. is done, it's done; leave it and go on to the next project.

  41. Riö - The Evil
    10:01 am on August 24th, 2010

    AssUme!… I think you and I assumed he had finished the day he took off and went sailing…snort!…Obviously, we were quite wrong and he just needed a break… heh!

  42. B. Stover
    10:28 am on August 24th, 2010

    It was on Facebook: Question of July 20 about when current PA book would be finished and work on next book would begin. Answer from Spence July 21 that PA was still working on the young adult book and that work on the fourth C&B book would begin in September. So I was wrong; PA did not yet finish the Robbie and Tut Tut novel.

  43. B. Stover
    10:53 am on August 24th, 2010

    After reading Melanie's post about her experience with her dentist, I'm wondering if all dentists (and perhaps doctors as well) are feeling the "pinch" in these economic times. My dentist did something similar: He claims that I have three other teeth that need crowns; that he'd try to get the old fillings out but might fracture the tooth in the process. I told him that I can't afford any more dental work this year. And then there's the allergist and the perscription medicine……

  44. Wookie of Chevy Chas
    10:57 am on August 24th, 2010

    There is actually a commercial product called BEANO, which may be a good example of Dawson's word of the day. Never tried it, but have always had a chuckle about the name. The company's web page is a bit of a gas too (oops, sorry about that). And there was that infamous television commercial in which someone wanted to know if it was okay for their dog to eat bean dip; sounds yummy to me, but probably not so good coming out!

    I think Rio and Stover have pretty well sussed out PA's current predicament; Robbie is probably taking precedence over Astrid as well. On the tooth thing, there was actually a lot of talk yesterday on the blog about chipped teeth, and I thought the post today may have picked up on that, although how Lois ties into that is a bit of mystery. Wookie

  45. Melanie
    11:17 am on August 24th, 2010

    Beano (snicker) Reminds me of the time that two of our rescues (now at the Rainbow Bridge) went camping in the 5th wheeler with Dan and Zoë.

    Their bed, which the dogs loved to share with them was in the overhead area where the trailer connected to the bed of the truck.

    Think airless and hot. Think they had Chinese food for dinner and the dogs got the leftovers.

    They needed the Beano. The two footed finally left the four footed to the bed and changed the table into a full and slept down there.

    Think, Boy was Melanie glad she wasn't there!

  46. Melanie
    11:18 am on August 24th, 2010

    I think you're on to something there, B. Stover!

  47. Siberian Husky
    11:42 am on August 24th, 2010

    Mom agrees with you, Stover, about the dentists and doctors. Surveys have been done, and people have a higher opinion of their veterinarian than their doctors. Dentists would probably score lower than doctors.

  48. Melanie
    11:51 am on August 24th, 2010

    Siber-H, Zoë and I had decided that the next time anything goes wrong with Dan we're taking him to the vet. We like him.

  49. Siberian Husky
    12:32 pm on August 24th, 2010

    I agree, Melanie. My dad's office used to be right next door to my mom's vet clinic. My dad was always trying to get the vet to pull his tooth or stitch up his hand. It had nothing to do with cost, my dad just thought the vet was better at what he did than the people doctors and dentists.

  50. dawson
    1:36 pm on August 24th, 2010

    I had a great dentist when I lived in Montana but Northeast British Columbia is where they send all the dentists who should've flunked out of dental school but got passed along. They are utterly incompetent up here. The only good thing is they don't stay long.

  51. Sam
    1:50 pm on August 24th, 2010

    Oh boy, except for what I've learned on this blog about the NYC trip, nothing has been said by my family. I did hear Molly is coming tomorrow to visit. I already know what's going on but they don't know that I know. I need to milk this for all It's worth. hee hee.

  52. dawson
    3:04 pm on August 24th, 2010

    Sam: What is being left alone like that gonna be worth?

  53. Kirby T. Penworthy
    3:11 pm on August 24th, 2010

    Hey everybody! I was interested in the timing of the tooth thing today, since we've been discussing chipped teeth lately. Lois must not have searched for "tooth," because she missed the reference to Bernie's tooth — the chipped one! — in the mine. Gas and teeth — where else would you find two such disparate subjects in one place?!

  54. dawson
    3:12 pm on August 24th, 2010

    WWWWW: Do they still make Chiclets? Your dad could stick a Chiclet on his broken tooth – good as new, almost. 🙂

  55. dawson
    3:15 pm on August 24th, 2010

    Rio: Those sound like awesome seats. I wish I got the game and could see your friend jumping up and down when the Rockies get a home run. Tell her she is sooooo lucky and to enjoy the heck out of it. Sure beats working.

  56. Wölfie Wigglebu
    3:18 pm on August 24th, 2010

    Don't get mom started about doctors…..she was having trouble seeing and decided to look into LASIK surgery. The doctor told her that she had cataracts and needed surgery asap. Then they wanted to her buy the fancy lenses for $4600 (plus the cost of the procedure, which was covered by insurance.) She decided to get a second opinion. And then a third. Bottom line: she does not need surgery. The reason that she couldn't see was because her glasses were bent and she was looking through the wrong part of the lenses.


  57. staff
    3:22 pm on August 24th, 2010

    Hi again, I just had supper and before that I had a nap, and before that I had the 'procedure' which was a piece of cake. Not that I didn't worry myself sick about it anyway.

    Boy the dental post is amazingly boring.

    I am going back to read the rest of todays post. I have spent several hours catching up with the last 4 days. Goodness that took a lot of time.


  58. B. Stover
    3:22 pm on August 24th, 2010

    My take on a question from last night: Bernie and Col. Bob are not brothers, or related. We would have been give that info when we were first introduced to Col. Bob. Chipped teeth are not genetic.

  59. Melanie
    3:25 pm on August 24th, 2010

    Dawson, whatever happened to Chiclets? Or Good'n Plenty? Though those would look weird as a tooth.

    Maybe one of the wax lips? Then he wouldn't have to open his mouth. . .

    Going into the 5 and dime and hitting the candy. My guys just look at me and say, What?

  60. Riö - The Evil
    3:28 pm on August 24th, 2010

    Sniff!…Did I bring up the idea that Bernie and Bob were brothers?….Golly!… I must have been reaching for the stars!…heh!

  61. staff
    3:34 pm on August 24th, 2010

    I finally got all caught up with the blog. Now I shall go have a nap. Maybe AbbietheKitty will nap with me. I will resume work on the quilt tomorrow.



  62. dawson
    3:38 pm on August 24th, 2010

    I saw some Good 'n Plenty not too long ago…somewhere. I remember "penny candy".

    Sorry Lois but I agree the post this morning was…well, I didn't even read the whole thing. That has never happened before.

    Chipped teeth are not genetic, however there is a genetic component to having "bad teeth" and that could possibly cause one's teeth to be more prone to chipping. Let's ask Lois. Or not.

  63. wookie of chevy chas
    3:58 pm on August 24th, 2010

    I just couldn't sink my teeth into the post today. Sorry Rio for the bad pun. Wookie

  64. B. Stover
    4:03 pm on August 24th, 2010

    I remember the 5 and dime and red wax lips and buck teeth and…what else? Warehouse 13 is on.

  65. Riö - The Evil
    4:17 pm on August 24th, 2010

    Wookie!… Hey Special Agent! Don’t apologize to me for the Bad Boring Post today…snort!…That was a decision by Admin so he could dawdle around on the ending of his next Edgar Nominated story!…grunt! …What the Hell!?… By the Way Wookie, I love how you know when to spit our your pills!…heh!

  66. Kirby T. Penworthy
    4:18 pm on August 24th, 2010

    So, Mom's reading Behind the Curtain and ran across something that seemed particularly appropriate today. I think she mentioned that this is amnesty week at the library — all fines are being waived — so was a little busy yesterday and today. And yesterday and today the same two boys have met at the library to run around and play while their mothers either ignore them or ineffectively say, "Be quiet in the library." And then Mom reads this about Ingrid reading The Complete Sherlock Holmes.

    Holmes: "I have frequently gained my first real insight into the character of parents by studying their children."

    Perfect. Simply perfect!

  67. Riö - The Evil
    4:21 pm on August 24th, 2010

    Sigh!…Taking a break from packing and washing clothes!… snort!…Rockies are ahead by 1 whole run in the top of the 3rd…snort! …I wish I could be there tomorrow. It is such a Beautiful ball park! …sniff!… Oh! My! So exciting! …sniffle… But not for me, alas…sob!.

  68. Riö - The Evil
    4:27 pm on August 24th, 2010

    Kirby!…We are just this close to finishing Behind the Curtain!… snort!… It is so very good. We especially love the time Ingrid spends with Grampy!…heh!… What a guy!

  69. Kirby T. Penworthy
    4:33 pm on August 24th, 2010

    Rio: Mom just started it today, and only got to read it during lunch and breaks, but you're right. She's really enjoying Grampy. Feisty ol' bugger!

    By the way, congratulations to your friend on her win. I don't know what's better — a beautiful afternoon watching baseball, or an afternoon off work. Better still, both together!

  70. Riö - The Evil
    4:45 pm on August 24th, 2010

    Kirby!… Are you really reconsidering your trip to meet the Charming Mr. Abrahams??…snort!… I have no idea how far you all will need to travel, but I was really looking forward to your scouting report – maybe as an initialization into the Secret Agent-Hood that resides within the Plunderers gang…heh! snort!

  71. Kirby T. Penworthy
    4:50 pm on August 24th, 2010

    Rio: With that kind of incentive, how can I resist?! Actually, I was just giving PA/SQ a hard time. Really now, not being a target for projectiles isn't much of a goal, is it? I think Mom is still planning to go — she already took the day off work for it. I'm thinking we just may take a box of dog biscuits with us. If it comes down to throwing something, we might as well be practical and give him something he can feed to Audrey!

  72. staff
    4:56 pm on August 24th, 2010

    I have napped. Now I shall go and attack the email backlist. (((sigh)))

    AbbietheKitty did not sleep with me.

    Here is the almost final quilt that I showed Rio. Two more exchanges of blocks were made but you will have to guess which four were switched. When I get the top sewed together, tomorrow, I will give you another picture post.


    [img ] final quilt.jpg[/img]

  73. Siberian Husky
    4:57 pm on August 24th, 2010

    We just finished Behind the Curtain …loved it. Mom is just as impressed as Kirby's mom with the quote from Holmes about parents and children. So true. I think you could say the same about dogs and their owners.

    We are now starting Into the Dark. It is a perfect book to read on a hot summer day because of the winter scenes in it…beautiful descriptions of snow and cold.

    Oh Gawd…you don't suppose Lois will be back tomorrow, do you?

  74. Sam
    4:57 pm on August 24th, 2010

    Dawson, I am a Princess, for crying out loud. And dog abandonment is probably a felony.

    I want lots of attention and new toys, but mostly, "Food me, food me!"

  75. Riö - The Evil
    4:59 pm on August 24th, 2010

    Oh!…heh!… I am so glad to hear that!… snort!… I truly thought your interest was waning and I would have to rely on Puss N’ Boots to ask the Big Question that I most desperately need someone to ask for me in person (facial expressions will be important!)…grunt! …Oh and Photos too of course! …snorkel!

    Kirby!…As the time grows near, be sure to ask Staff or Alice for an Official Badge!…snort!.. The kind she made for the Kats!..heh!

  76. Siberian Husky
    5:00 pm on August 24th, 2010

    WOW!!! I just hit submit and there is the quilt! Staff, we think it is beautiful! THANK YOU!

  77. Siberian Husky
    5:03 pm on August 24th, 2010

    Sam, I wish dog abandonment was a felony, but it isn't, at least where I live.

  78. BStover
    5:03 pm on August 24th, 2010

    Staff: I really like the quilt. The "Chet the Jet" in the top row is perfect placement.

  79. Siberian Husky
    5:06 pm on August 24th, 2010

    Me too…I love the Chet The Jet, and it is placed perfectly.

  80. Riö - The Evil
    5:08 pm on August 24th, 2010

    Kirby!…My last post was meant for you pal!…grunt!… I had no idea that everyone had woken up at the same time to post in-between us…heh!… How about that Gorgeous Quilt!…Woooo!

  81. Barb & Maggie
    5:20 pm on August 24th, 2010

    Staff, Beautiful, just beautiful! And we agree, Chet the Jet centered at the top is perfect.

  82. Siberian Husky
    5:23 pm on August 24th, 2010

    Stover's squares are also perfectly placed. Mom says she wouldn't have wanted to figure out where all the squares were going to go.

    p.s. Staff, I also like where you put me and Rio.

  83. FattyKitty
    5:26 pm on August 24th, 2010

    Animals and people often win things on this blog. I hope to win something too. A can of tuna would suffice. Did no one else notice that Rio's friend is washing her underware? Sounds like an appliance.

    The sailor has a front chipped tooth. Does he think it makes him look roguish, or perhaps like a pirate? This thought makes me chortle. However, he made such a nice bed for me that I forgive him his silliness.

    The quilt looks like…it could be mine. Are you all sure you want to send it to Chet? Oh all right, send it away. I will settle for a postcard of the Patron Pug of the Rockies. I think those would sell like hotcakes doggie treats.

  84. dawson
    5:31 pm on August 24th, 2010

    Staff: Thank you. The quilt is fabulous. I had no doubts.

  85. staff
    5:32 pm on August 24th, 2010

    Debbie-LM solved the mystery of where to place the embroidered blocks. I had to call her on the phone after sending her a photo and we discussed it while I moved blocks around.

    Mr Husky, I put you and Rio together on top because I had to move the bottom row. Again Debbie-LM suggested you both on top, since we knew you wanted to be 'together'.

    I was not sure all the Rockies fans should get top billing, ahem, but I did like the way it looked.


  86. dawson
    5:36 pm on August 24th, 2010

    Thank you Debbie LM: The re-placement of the blocks has improved the visual look of the quilt immensely IMHO.

    I am very sore in shoulders from painting the ceiling. Well, most of the ceiling. Luckily, I ran out of paint just after I ran out of oomph.

  87. Siberian Husky
    5:36 pm on August 24th, 2010

    Thank you Staff and Wookie's mom!

  88. Kirby T. Penworthy
    5:42 pm on August 24th, 2010

    Rio: I will probably have to ask Staff. I'm a little afraid of Alice!

    Staff: I join everyone else in applauding the almost-perfect quilt. I'm not sure which four squares will be moved for the perfect version. I like where you have Buford and me right now, but if you had to move one or both of us to improve things, we defer to your good judgment!

  89. Kirby T. Penworthy
    5:43 pm on August 24th, 2010

    DebbieLM: Oops! I should have included you the my note to Staff. Much applause for all your hard work!

  90. Macy the Min-Pin
    5:44 pm on August 24th, 2010

    Hi y'all,

    The fam is back from New Mexico, and all is right with the world. Where on EARTH or elsewhere did this Lois woman come from. And where did she post this. Perhaps we should all take a topic and milk the books for it. Or not.

    Staff, the quilt is beautiful, it makes me all weepy to think that I am part of something like this. Even Dad is impressed, and nothing impresses him! Except Chet. The fam listened to "Dog on It" on their trip. Dad loved it, but he got really upset when Chet nearly got stabbed and when he nearly got sent over the rainbow. Mom was afraid that he was going to drive off a mountain. After that, they listened only in flatter lands.

    From Dad: Mr. Quinn, I really enjoyed your book and can't wait to have a chance to listen to the next one. My wife talks about Chet and the blog all the time. I don't blog, but I am really a big, new fan.


  91. Riö - The Evil
    5:46 pm on August 24th, 2010

    Staff!…I think it makes perfect sense….heh!… The Mountains looked silly elsewhere underneath things…sniff!…And yes, SiberH and I have a long history together starting with the Cold War…heh!…Way back when(i am sure he does not remember this)…sniff!…I know the moves you might be making and I think that they will only enhance the color and quality…wheeze!

    DebbieLM!… You are nothing short of a quilt genius!… wow!… Your contribution to this Work Of Art Quilt will not be forgotten!… snort!

    Staff!…You keep going on about a Label for the Quilt…sniff!…Do you think that you and DebbieLM should ‘sign’ the quilt somehow as the label??? … snort!… Or put a special square by each of you as the label?….grunt!…Just a thought and I know it is more work, but I think you guys need to take a big bunch of credit on this here project!…heh! Wow!

  92. Riö - The Evil
    5:51 pm on August 24th, 2010

    Uh oh!… Min Pin is back!… snort!…Well at least she is in a good mood and her dad likes almost everything!…heh!

  93. Kirby T. Penworthy
    5:54 pm on August 24th, 2010

    Macy: My mom tried to get my dad to listen to DOI on the way back from Iowa, but Dad came down with something and was sleeping through so much of it that it stopped making much sense to him. He did seem to enjoy the parts of it he did listen to, though. He laughed several times. But then one time he woke up and Chet was in the pound and Dad didn't know where he was or how he got there, and he'd missed so much that he kind of gave up on it. Maybe sometime when he's feeling better he'll try again!

  94. Siberian Husky
    5:56 pm on August 24th, 2010

    Welcome back to the blog Macy. I hope you guys had a good time in New Mexico. The Rangers are winning again.

    Rio, Cold War? What Cold War?

  95. staff
    6:03 pm on August 24th, 2010

    Kirby I would enjoy making you a badge for your visit to PSQA. I will need a copy of your avatar for it. The one on the blog is too little.


  96. Riö - The Evil
    6:13 pm on August 24th, 2010

    SiberH!… It was before I really knew you and I thought you were a spy from Siberia, or Russia…heh!… I was going to send Wookie up there to check you out and you confirmed your allegiance to the US of A… snort!.., So I stopped all the bothersome paperwork… sniff!… It saddens me if you do not remember all of this, our first meeting and all..sigh!

  97. Siberian Husky
    6:16 pm on August 24th, 2010

    I do remember, Rio. I remember it all now. But, never, ever, take offense at something I don't remember. You know me.

    They Rockies just have to get through this inning and they WIN!

  98. Riö - The Evil
    6:18 pm on August 24th, 2010
  99. Siberian Husky
    6:18 pm on August 24th, 2010

    HEE HEE That was quick. Rockies Won WOO WOO

  100. Riö - The Evil
    6:26 pm on August 24th, 2010

    Good Night All!… Sigh!..Things are heating up in the baseball world (sorry Stover!)…HEH! FUN TIMES AHEAD!…snort!…Starting tomorrow for Someone! FUN! FUN! FUN!….grunt!snuff!wheeze! … She told me she can’t wait to eat a $650.00 Hebrew National big Hotdog tomorrow and pay $45.00 per beer… heh!

    Welcome back Min Pin!…snicker!… Rio Out!

  101. Kirby T. Penworthy
    6:28 pm on August 24th, 2010

    Staff: I just emailed a copy of my photo to Abbie and asked her to pass it along to you. Thanks — no hurry, by the way. The book festival isn't until next month!

  102. Riö - The Evil
    6:29 pm on August 24th, 2010

    SiberH!… You are the Winner of the 100dreth post tonight!…heh!… Congratulations Pal!…snort!

  103. Kirby T. Penworthy
    6:30 pm on August 24th, 2010

    Rio: I hope your friend's $650 Hebrew National hot dog doesn't get taken out by an errant baseball! Or her $45 beer!

  104. Riö - The Evil
    6:35 pm on August 24th, 2010

    Kirby!…heh!…snort!.. No way!

    Rio Out! for sure now!… snorkel!

  105. Kirby T. Penworthy
    6:46 pm on August 24th, 2010

    Count me out, too! Mom has another day of Amnesty Week to prepare for, so she's turning off the computer. By the way, I've still got a little limp, but I can put some weight on my foot now. Mom's starting to wonder if I'm milking this for a little sympathy, but I swear it still hurts!

  106. staff
    6:55 pm on August 24th, 2010

    Kirby, Check your email this evening or tomorrow a.m.


  107. staff
    6:56 pm on August 24th, 2010

    night all.


  108. Riö - The Evil Pug
    8:39 pm on August 24th, 2010

    Zowie!… She is all in a flutter tonight after getting home…snort!… Got to get some laundry done so her special Rockies tee-shirt is clean! Got to do another load so she has clean underware! …heh!… Then she needs to pack her bag that she takes to all the games which includes small sports binoculars, camera, a fan with misty spray, extra batteries for fan, hat, sun screen, bottled water, umbrella, rain poncho, Money!, credit card just in case she gets to the ‘Rockies Store’. This has never happened before because of the game going on…sunglasses, jacket…gasp!… I’m exhausted just following her around tonight!…snuffle! wheeze!

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