DC Addendum

Admin: You left something out about last weekend?

Spence: Something big! I got to ride in the official Wookiemobile!

Admin: Behind the wheel?

Spence: Well, no. Wouldn’t have been appropriate. But I can say that the hot wings cooker in the back seat was completely refurbished.

Admin: Sounds like an alternate universe.

Spence: Always a good choice!


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61 Responses to “DC Addendum”

  1. Herd of Hounds
    8:36 am on May 3rd, 2016

    Good morning, everyone! OFA, you have made us laugh! Where can we find that mobile wings cooker for the Scooteroo?
    Have a terrific Tuesday all. Mom is toddling off to toddler Tuesday at the library.

  2. Barb, Maggie & Lucy
    9:02 am on May 3rd, 2016

    Good morning HOH and everyone.

    Sounds like Spence got the VIP treatment.

    Still waiting for delivery of ARF.

    Wonderful sunny day here. I am loving every moment of it. Going to plant beans today. YAY!

  3. BearSpiritDog
    9:28 am on May 3rd, 2016

    A Ride in the Wookiemobile! What an Honor. On both sides.

    Good Morning to the Hounds and Barb,Magpie,Lucy and All.

  4. B.Stover
    9:42 am on May 3rd, 2016


    Good morning all.

  5. Wookie's and Teddy's Dad
    9:58 am on May 3rd, 2016

    Teddy said to let everyone know that the wings were extra spicy, but went down easy when accompanied by the Vat-o-Beer also in the back seat. The beer is a very special brew (internationally renowned as Pug’s Delight).

  6. Tupper and Gilly
    10:39 am on May 3rd, 2016

    We are not surprised that OFA got the Red Carpet Treatment from Teddy RR’s family. They are the most gracious hosts. Take it from Mama and the Storyteller.
    (of course, we poor Corgis were left home. Something about not being able to get stuffed in the overhead bins….)

  7. Staff
    11:09 am on May 3rd, 2016

    the black wolf, crows and icy water

  8. Barb, Maggie & Lucy
    11:26 am on May 3rd, 2016

    Those crows are pretty nervy. Maybe they don’t know the term A Murder of Crows. I bet the black wolf would chow down on one if hungry enough!

    Just finished planting 3 types of pole beans and 2 rows of bush beans.

    Now I am practicing my Spanish while awaiting the landscapers.

    This is a busy week – Jack’s 7th birthday tomorrow, Ben’s 10th Thursday, Prom night Friday, and Maggie’s 7th b-day Saturday.

  9. dawson
    11:31 am on May 3rd, 2016

    Spence: Everyone should be so lucky as to get a ride in the Wookiemobile! A hot wings cooker and a vat-o-beer? I would expect nothing less. Methinks the aromatic Pug had a paw in designing these arrangements.

  10. BearSpiritDog
    11:38 am on May 3rd, 2016

    Ravens/Crows and Wolves have always had a very Special Relationship.
    (that black wolf looks so much like a Belgian Shepherd Groenendael

  11. Masquers
    11:55 am on May 3rd, 2016

    The Wookiemobile has seen some action! Remember the trip to the World Series with Wookie, Riõ, SiberH, and Wolfie?

  12. Wose-the small and meek
    12:00 pm on May 3rd, 2016


    What an honor to ride in the Wookiemobile!

    I wonder if this was the brand of the Vat O’ Beer…

  13. Wose-the small and meek
    12:03 pm on May 3rd, 2016

    Oh, and today’s GOOGLE doodle celebrates World Teachers’ Day!


    C.Hobbitz: I hope that your car now has a new window!

  14. BearSpiritDog
    12:08 pm on May 3rd, 2016

    Happy World Teacher’s Day to teachers everywhere and especially to those on the Blog.

    Wose: Loved today’s special Google Doodle!

  15. Barb, Maggie & Lucy
    1:04 pm on May 3rd, 2016

    I am back, had to run to the market before landscape crew shows up.

    Check out my FB page. I posted a shew that Nattie would love, but don’t know how to get it on the blog. Staff would like it too, but I am betting she wouldn’t wear them!

  16. Martha
    1:33 pm on May 3rd, 2016

    I am celebrating National Teacher’s Day by taking a sick day! Every once in a while my back tightens up over several days and then I finally go to the chiropractor because I can barely walk. That was yesterday. Today I am home, feeling much better, and writing the three papers I have due for a class I am taking. None of this is related to my knee.
    Scout is beyond delighted that I am home. I find I can type with her on my lap.

  17. Barb, Maggie & Lucy
    1:43 pm on May 3rd, 2016

    Enjoy your day at home Martha.

    I found the Alexander McQueen shews on line. The ones without the butterfly are around $4,000. Should I buy a pair? Or maybe two? I think Nattie should definitely wear them. LOL

  18. BooBear
    1:49 pm on May 3rd, 2016

    Does anyone else think that wolf may be pregnant? I would imagine most wolves in the wild don’t have rounded tummies.

  19. dawson
    1:51 pm on May 3rd, 2016

    Wose: Pug Mug is the beer Rio drinks the morning of the day after…he is not quite as “delightful” as he was the night before.

    Hooray for days off! However, they should be pain-free.

  20. dawson
    1:53 pm on May 3rd, 2016

    BooBear: I didn’t notice the rounded tummy on the wolf but its head looked a little small, like part coyote.

  21. B.Stover
    2:30 pm on May 3rd, 2016

    Barb: Who designs those shews…. Sigh! (I think those are worse than the four-inch heel, pointed toe shews that I used to wear.)

  22. BearSpiritDog
    2:32 pm on May 3rd, 2016

    B: Heh. Like Walking on Stilts!

  23. Rose-the small and meek
    2:33 pm on May 3rd, 2016

    Dawson: I thought Rio was always delightful! ;^)

    Bear: I really, really like today’s GOOGLE doodle!

  24. Wookie's and Teddy's Dad
    2:37 pm on May 3rd, 2016

    For those of you with inquiring minds, pictured below is the one and only official Wookiemobile. It is a vintage (dare I use that term) 2000 Volvo Cross Country Stationwagon, with about 113,000 miles on it. FYI, the Teddymobile is a more recent (2012) version of the same car.

  25. BearSpiritDog
    3:13 pm on May 3rd, 2016

    Wookie&Teddy’s Dad: Thanks for the Peek at the Famous Wookiemobile.
    We see it is still in Excellent Condition and with Low Mileage too!

  26. Herd of Hounds
    3:47 pm on May 3rd, 2016

    Love the Wookiemobile! It is very reminiscent of the 1981 240 Volvo mom had. Sure do miss it but have the scooeroo now.

  27. dawson
    4:37 pm on May 3rd, 2016

    Don’t go getting me in trouble!
    Now Wose, I did not say that Rio isn’t delightful at all times. I only said he may have been a little less so on the morning after the night before.

  28. Herd of Hounds
    4:46 pm on May 3rd, 2016

    Wowser, we think we hear the holes in the yard calling. We will check back in when Dawson and Wose know what is what!

  29. Barb, Maggie & Lucy
    4:49 pm on May 3rd, 2016

    Oh, Oh. Hope Rio is in a good mood when he reads that post. Dawson, you may be in a wee bit of trouble.

    T & G, I don’t think regular people wear those. Maybe just Lady Gaga or Beyoncé.

  30. Wookie's and Teddy's Dad
    4:54 pm on May 3rd, 2016

    On a lighter and more flowerly note, every year we have a single peony on one of our peony bushes that blooms about a week prior to any other of our peonies (either on that bush or on any of the other bushes). Today is bloom day for that peony, with pretty spectacular results.

  31. Herd of Hounds
    5:02 pm on May 3rd, 2016

    T&G, youse have obviously never traveled with the HOH mom. The BSD, Dawson and Barb, great travel strategies. We know some pugs, not to be named, are always traveling in a most puglike way. Nudge-nudge, wink wink.

  32. Herd of Hounds
    5:03 pm on May 3rd, 2016

    Wookie and Teddie’s dad, that flower is about the color of our peeps new great room…we love it!

  33. Masquers
    5:06 pm on May 3rd, 2016

    WTD: What a beauty!

  34. Barb, Maggie & Lucy
    5:08 pm on May 3rd, 2016

    That is a beautiful peony! I love the pink and yellow contrast. They are one of my favorites!

    I have three peonies in my yard. Two are the regular old fashioned dark pink. I am very excited about the new one I have this year. I bought it at the end of season last October, reduced from $39.95 to $3.00! It is called “Bowl of Cream” and I am anxious to see it bloom.

  35. Herd of Hounds
    5:19 pm on May 3rd, 2016

    BooBear, we think that the black wolf’s white markings make her look rounded. We do not think pups are in her immediate future.

  36. Tupper and Gilly
    7:37 pm on May 3rd, 2016

    Peonies are lovely things. Mama says the only chance of us having them here is in the paintings we have in the kitchen and dining room. (have we mentioned that her picture is on a poster on the wall of the local garden shop as “Most Wanted” plant murderer?)

    Callie had to go see the v e t today. A few months ago, she wasn’t doing so well and the doc found that she had high blood pressure and kidney disease. He put her on the right meds, and now she goes back every 30 days for a blood pressure check. Today the v e t said that she was remarkable for 12 1/2.

    Callie says she is remarkable, period.

  37. Herd of Hounds
    7:51 pm on May 3rd, 2016

    Whoo hoo, you go Callie girl, you are Gramp’s inspiration! And we know you are special 🙂

  38. Barb, Maggie & Lucy
    8:02 pm on May 3rd, 2016

    The doctor who checked my hand thinks I should check with my regular doc about high b p. Not sure if I really have it, or if it just stress from being in there. Anyone have any experience with high b p meds?

  39. Tupper and Gilly
    8:22 pm on May 3rd, 2016

    Barb – Mama has been on BP meds for many years. One of the positives to them is that they also protect the kidneys for people with diabetes or kidney disease, which is why Mama takes them.
    They are one of the easiest meds. So many different kinds, doses etc. Many people find certain BP meds give them very mild side effects, such as a dry cough. Simply switching to a different kind fixes it.
    If you go on meds, you will start with a very low dose – we recommend taking it before bedtime – less chance of any dizziness or low pressure problems.

  40. Herd of Hounds
    10:02 pm on May 3rd, 2016

    Wowser, Bowser! We just finished reading ARF. What a book! No spoilers but..
    We’ll just want to say, we loved ARF????

  41. c.hobbitz
    10:04 pm on May 3rd, 2016

    I think this is BML’s special shew

  42. Herd of Hounds
    10:19 pm on May 3rd, 2016

    Oh Hobbit, that is lovely. We just hope you don’t make Natasha the Nefarious Borzoi jealous ????

  43. Riö – The Evil Pug
    10:40 pm on May 3rd, 2016

    Start!…I do not know where to start!…snort!….Today was a busy-day x 2 x 2 for my friend…sniff!…She is soo not lovin’ this job anymore….wheeze!

    Teddy!…Driving with the awesome pointy headed Spence with Spicy hot wings cooking in the back!?? And a special Vat O’ Beer??…gasp!slobber!wheeze!…Seriously?? Did his head touch the top of the car?…heh!heh!…Just kiddin’ Spence…sort of….burp!…Did he eat all of the hot wings? And drink all of the Beer?…heh!heh!…I can see him doing that. Oh yes I can.

  44. Riö – The Evil Pug
    10:42 pm on May 3rd, 2016

    Dawson!….My paws are clean!…snort!…This is a HUGE surprise to me and a very very loving welcome one in fact…snuffle!

  45. Riö – The Evil Pug
    10:45 pm on May 3rd, 2016

    Maskers!…I remember very well the Trip To The World Series where I got free beer with all all my good friends…yeeep!…Will that ever happen again?…snort!…I hope so. Oh I hope soo!…wheeze!

  46. Riö – The Evil Pug
    11:04 pm on May 3rd, 2016

    WookieMobile!…snort!…Totally awsome! And totally out-beats the BeausMobile in looks and everything…heh!…The BeausMobil is still in the shop by the way. Old parts are hard to find these days and cost more than what Beau can begat begging on street corners…grunt!…Beau keeps praying his Ride will be fixed soon. Although, his Colorado drivers license is out of date by now. Not sure if he is aware of this. He still has his Tennessee licence when he first started driving – also out of date…chorkel!

  47. Thieves!
    11:07 pm on May 3rd, 2016

    Beau: We can fix your license, no problem. Do you want us to change your age or weight while we are at it?

  48. Beau - The Black Pug
    11:13 pm on May 3rd, 2016

    Sneeze!….Thieves! Only if dis activities of yours is legal…cough!..If dis is a possible thing to do, I would be very much in your appreciation…snorkel!…My age and weight are good as I have no idea what dey really are…eh!heh!heh!

  49. Staff
    11:14 pm on May 3rd, 2016

    Barb, I take BP meds too. They had to change them for me once I got the transplant. Let me tell you that there are 4 different types of BP meds and I have issues with 3 of the types. But they did find one in the 4th group that I can tolerate and that the Doctors accepted.

    If you have any side effects let the docs know within a week. I give them a week, except for the one that gave me a rash on the legs. That one went away fast. One made me so tired that I couldn’t go upstairs without resting halfway. One made my legs swell up so much I couldn’t bend them to go downstairs. And one gave me the rash… Such drama.

    My advice. Don’t get a 90 day supply of them until you know you can tolerate them. That is my advice for any medication!

    I take mine both in the morning and at night.

    My other advice. Do it. Don’t wait. There are some people out there who think taking meds is a sign of weakness. To me it is a sign of smartness. So be smart, and be careful, and take care of yourself. Hugs, Nancy

  50. Beau - The Black Pug
    11:17 pm on May 3rd, 2016

    Barb!…I take da Meds everydayz…sneeze!…I do not know what dey are but I know when my friend gives dem to me I feel really better….Sneeze

  51. Thieves!
    11:21 pm on May 3rd, 2016

    Beau: Legal? Uh…yup! We are putting your age down as 2. And under weight, we will put ‘it’s not polite to ask.’

    Staff: We wouldn’t say no to a hug from youse.

  52. Thieves!
    11:22 pm on May 3rd, 2016

    Looks like we are in for a kiss, too. Heh. Rio, not to worry. Our Lady called dibs on the slurpy pug kiss.

  53. Rio - The Evil Pug
    11:27 pm on May 3rd, 2016

    Ears!…I’m diving in for the ears and then taking the earrings out…snort!….SLLLUUUUUUURRRRRRP!..got the left one!….SLLLOBBBBERRRRR….got the right one!..heh!heh!…Kiss up the nose for good pug-luck…heh!heh!

  54. Rio - The Evil Pug
    11:29 pm on May 3rd, 2016

    Cough! Cough!…gag!…I almost swallowed the earrings….gah!…These will make a nice gift for someone my friend knows….heh!heh!

  55. Rio - The Evil Pug
    11:39 pm on May 3rd, 2016

    DC Addendum!…Warmed my pug heart more than youse guys who are involved knows….snort!….I want to thank you and acknowledge how much I love you very much…sniffle!

  56. Thieves!
    11:51 pm on May 3rd, 2016

    Rio: Our Lady says she will never be the same. The earrings were a gift from the Giant. We are sure this makes them taste like ice cream and bacon.

    More to Rio: Do you love them enough to take their earrings? Put you snort where you burp is.

  57. Rio - The Evil Pug
    12:09 am on May 4th, 2016

    Snort!Sort!…Gift!..Puke!Puke!….here are yer earrings…gasp!Wheeze!…Take them quickly before I eat them again …roar!

  58. Staff
    12:11 am on May 4th, 2016

    Thank Dog I only do hugs….LOL

    nighty noodle y’all.

  59. ML
    4:39 am on May 4th, 2016

    Why am I awake at this undogly hour you ask? Earlier, Belle stole Macy’s dinner. I tried to move her ith my foot. She chomped down on my foot just below the big toe on the top of the ball of my foot. So… I am having a snack of pain pills and crackers.and I seem to remember something about diabetics and foot wounds grrrrrr

  60. Barb, Maggie & Lucy
    6:47 am on May 4th, 2016

    Oh my, ML. That was not at all nice. Hope you are feeling no pain by now.

    Thank you Hobbit for posting my shew. That is indeed the one. Beautiful, but definitely not wearable.

    Thank you for the advice on BP meds. I am going to check into it, and will make a dr. apt soon. I don’t tolerate drugs very well, so I am concerned about the side effects that Staff mentioned. Swelling and tiredness and rashes, not very pleasant. The doc said my bp was not high enough to cause a stroke, but could lead to heart problems.

  61. csgo skins ez
    12:42 am on May 10th, 2016

    Love the website– very individual friendly and whole lots to see!

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