Crescent City

“Jazz Fest turns out to be fun,” says Spence, “even for, let’s face it, a non-fun-lover like you.”

“I wouldn’t go so far as fun,” Admin says. “But at least I’m not complaining.”

“You liked Lucinda Williams, right?”

“Yeah. Especially that song about You Took My Joy. She was great on that. And we should also point out we’ve got a balky laptop and an iffy wifi connection, so we’d better thank the Plunderers for all their SEAL dog work yesterday, before anything goes wr

Welcome LaLa and Case Closers.


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92 Responses to “Crescent City”

  1. BearSpiritDog
    9:25 am on May 6th, 2011

    Good Morning All!

  2. Volfie Vigglebutt
    9:32 am on May 6th, 2011

    Good morning, all. I happen to be a Lucinda Williams fan myself.

  3. Melanie
    9:48 am on May 6th, 2011

    Good Morning Völfie and BSD! I am slightly better this morning but not sure how long this is going to last.

    Zoë is better and Dan is okay.

    The Pack is fine. They have found some bones they left around and are having a grand time chewing in front of those members who don’t have bones.

    No Eaglet pic yet. There is something on the lens and a Parental unit is in front.

  4. BearSpiritDog
    9:49 am on May 6th, 2011

    Volfie! Your picture is showing over at Chet’s Friends this morning.
    Don’t you think Admin sounds a wee bit cranky this am? Late night perhaps.
    Kirby: Like that video from last night. That dog wasn’t very happy though and told us so in no uncertain terms.
    Melanie: Good article on the war dogs. Hope everyone at your house is feeling better. Thank you for the info yesterday. It is filed away in a safe place.
    Alice: Ending the day with your photo/post was purrrrfect!
    I’ll be gone for most of the morning. Mom has appointments and says to stay off the computer until she gets home.

  5. Sam
    9:57 am on May 6th, 2011

    Melanie, we are glad to hear you and your family are feeling better. What about the Newfs that don’t have bones? I don’t like it when Molly or one of my doggie day care friends has something and I don’t.

  6. B.Stover
    10:12 am on May 6th, 2011

    Where is Crescent City? At least they’re having “fun.”

    Good morning all. (You do realize that they’re having fun without us.)

  7. Riö - The Evil Pug
    10:15 am on May 6th, 2011

    Alice!… grump!


    Snowhook!…. It is so much fun having Rebecca join us here. I don’t know about you guys, but I think she is a Plunderer through and through!…heh!

    Wookie!….Where is my BFF?…snort!… I hope he is feeling tip-top and just busy gathering the much needed data from the east coast ….heh!

  8. Riö - The Evil Pug
    10:19 am on May 6th, 2011

    Stover!….. Crescent City!…snort!…No wonder Admin is not having any fun!…heh!

  9. Buddy.
    10:20 am on May 6th, 2011

    Hey Plunderers!!!!!
    Did you see my picture made it to Friends of Chet??? I’m a friend!!! Yowser! Does that mean I can become a Plunderer?

    So. Chet is in The Big Easy? I think I would be great fun at a Jazz Fest.

    Melanie, that link you found all about War Dogs was very good. I still think Sibes would make great war dogs. My Sibes are very brave and loyal. Just maybe they would go exploring on their own a bit too much once they landed. I on the other hand never leave my Mom’s side.

    Kirby, that video was good and we thought the ending was very happy.

    Alice, you are purrrrfectly beautiful. We can be great friends. But you should know that I am already spoken for. T.C. is my catwoman. But she just does not like her picture taken. One of these days I’ll sneak up on her and get her picture added as a Chet-Friend.

  10. B.Stover
    10:33 am on May 6th, 2011

    Thank you Rio. They have lovely food in New Orleans.

    Dawson: I had pink eye once. If you haven’t already, you need to get antibiotics. It’s my understanding that it is very contagious.

    Melanie: Hope you start feeling better.

  11. Riö - The Evil Pug
    10:49 am on May 6th, 2011

    Dawson!…Rub your pink eye and then go pet Alice on the head….heh! snort!

  12. Melanie
    10:51 am on May 6th, 2011

    I am feeling a bit better. I dreamed all night that I kept fainting. Then I’d wake up, go back to sleep and dream I fainted again.

    Weird, I’m still a bit dizzy, but don’t feel at all like fainting.

    NEW ORLEENS (said to be the way people are supposed to pronounce it) is beautiful. Wish I was there!

    Eaglets are awake!

  13. dawson
    11:29 am on May 6th, 2011

    I.. wish I was in New Orleans…
    The first night I slept here I woke up in the middle of the night and I couldn’t open my left eye as it was glued together with a discharge. Then in the morning it the white turned pink and I went to the doctor that afternoon for some antibiotic drops. So the pink didn’t last long…but it itches a bit and my hands are raw from being washed so much. This is contagious. The drops are every 6 hours. Interferes with my sleep. I feel a little bit weak, a little bit headachy, a little bit dizzy and just not very energetic. I don’t think it is the eye but perhaps a bit of a cold or ?…So all I can do is lay around and read. Except now Staff is leaving (she does deserve a break) I will be the chief cook and bottle washer around here. That spoiled Abigail better cut me some slack.
    Hope Melanie and Co. are feeling better.
    Snowhook Bella: Sorry to hear about the transmission going out on your truck.
    Wookie: Hope you are enjoying a wonderful springtime day.

  14. Riö - The Evil Pug
    11:31 am on May 6th, 2011

    Eaglets!….Is that all those guys do every day?…snort!…Eat, look around, poop, and sleep?? What a life! Food brought in for them each day. No responsibilities, no hunting, no gathering…grunt! …I wish my life were that easy…sniff! … Oh, wait……heh!

  15. Riö - The Evil Pug
    11:40 am on May 6th, 2011

    Transmission!…. Oh no! I just read about Snowhooks truck breaking down and the transmission being shot…grump!… If those guys don’t stop breaking their equipment we will have to have several auctions just to keep them afloat….snort! …Speaking of the auction, once my friend sorts out our computer problems, she will get to work on the rules and regulations for mass Plunderer approval…snorkel!

  16. Melanie
    11:40 am on May 6th, 2011

    Snickering here Riö, I was thinking maybe that sounded familiar, and then you figured it out! Smart Pug!

    Dawson, feel better, and I’ll feel better and the OleyHowlers’ Dad feel better and C. Harris’s Dad feel better, and . . . well, you guys get the picture.

  17. Wookie of Chevy Chase
    11:52 am on May 6th, 2011

    Rio – -Thanks, I am feeling really good today. The second week in the chemo cycle is the roughest for some reason (this is the one with the pills in the meatball, but the vet does not use hanger steak, so it is a pretty crummy meatball). It does take a little bit out of me, but after a day or two, I’m feeling tip-top again.

    Also, I’m pleased to report that data gathering for the next issionmay is nearly complete.

    I thought the photo yesterday of the dog involved in the Osama mission was really neat. He looked a little familiar; I may have encountered him in one of my secret agent training sessions.


  18. Riö - The Evil Pug
    12:00 pm on May 6th, 2011

    Wookie!… Glad to hear all is well and ataday atheringgay is coming along plendidlysay…snort!

    Waiting!…. Well, someone is at the busy place waiting to hear if my computer is worth salvaging….grunt!…She dropped it off yesterday at the computer doctor. She said she felt like she was leaving an old friend behind….sniffle!… They are supposed to call and let her know how extensive the damage is and how much it will cost to repair…snuffle! … If she decides to have it repaired, she said the money is coming out of my food-treat-toy budget because I am the one who broke it in the first place…grump! ….It’s never been the same since that damned Quilt…gruffle!

  19. Barb & Maggie
    12:06 pm on May 6th, 2011

    A quick hi-bye here. Barb has to work all day for Crazy Lady II. When she told her she was coming home for an hour to check on the goat-in-waiting, she made a big puckery face. The other office person came in to cover, so it wasn’t like the front desk was unattended (Dog forbid!) No babies yet, but she is pawing the straw and making a nest, so it should be today. More later. Hope you are all having a good day, and soon to be feeling tip top.

  20. Rose
    12:08 pm on May 6th, 2011

    Greetings Everyone and happy Friday!

    To all those that are feeling under the weather, I wish you all speedy recoveries!

  21. Siber-H
    12:40 pm on May 6th, 2011

    I agree with, Rio. Rebecca is a plunderer and, without a doubt, Whitey-Lance is. I’m sorry to hear about the transmission on the dog truck; please keep us posted, Rebecca.

    Melanie, feeling can dizzy can be part of a virus…mom has experienced the same thing with a virus. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

    Dawson, try to take it as easy as possible. If the doctor doesn’t cure the pink eye, go see a vet. I didn’t have to have eye drops as often as every 6 hours. Since I had pink eye, I do have to have eye drops at bedtime. That is mostly because of this dry climate.

    Hi Wookie! Glad you are feeling good!

  22. Riö - The Evil Pug
    12:53 pm on May 6th, 2011

    SiberH!…Did you stay up for that game last night?….grunt!… After our pitcher threw an excellent game, Houston Street came in and blew it…grump! ….

  23. Siber-H
    1:01 pm on May 6th, 2011

    Howlers, When you have time, could you please explain to me how the three of you can live successfully with two cats?
    Niney nine percent of the dogs that our Husky Rescue adopts out cannot go into a home that has cats.

    One story: A couple applied to adopt a Husky from us but they negelected to say on the application that they had a cat. The Husky was driven to their home for a meet and greet. The cat was saved by the humans and the dog was finally restrained, but some window blinds were destroyed in the ruckus.

    Hope your dad is recovering okay.

  24. Siber-H
    1:07 pm on May 6th, 2011

    I didn’t stay up for the game. It went on so late that the recap didn’t even appear in my morning newspaper. I had to look it up on the internet. It is not like Houston Street to blow a game like that. The game starts even later tonight and Ubaldo is pitching.

  25. Riö - The Evil Pug
    1:10 pm on May 6th, 2011

    Ubaldo!….Thank dog its Friday night!…heh!…Her mother tries to watch some of the games with us, but the batters and pitchers fidgeting bugs the hell outta her…snort!…So she doesn’t last long and we are left to watch the game in peace without a constant narrative going on about something else….grunt!

  26. Siber-H
    1:17 pm on May 6th, 2011

    We won’t make it till the end of the game tonight. It may be Friday night, but mom still has to get up and drive me to the dog park, and the hotter the weather gets, the earlier she has to get me there. Since we are getting the Rockies games on tv this season, Dad is even watching some of them with us, but he is very quiet, thank dog.

  27. Melanie
    1:28 pm on May 6th, 2011

    Okay THE NEWS!

    YSAS has done the Acting Hat Trick, he has done the Royal Crown!

    He is now (as of noon today) AFTRA, AEA and SAG!!!

    WOO! WOO! Everyone howl!

  28. Siber-H
    1:31 pm on May 6th, 2011

    WOO WOO Woo HOoooo This calls for a big howl! WOO WOO

    Melanie, please tell him congratulations from us. Rio, is going to be sooo proud and happy!!

  29. Riö - The Evil Pug
    1:35 pm on May 6th, 2011

    OMG!OMG!….Clarkson had done it!…WOOOOOOOOOOOOOWHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!…OW! OW! OW! OW! OW!…yeep!yeep! ….snort! …Please tell him I am so thrilled for him! Tell him I am skipping and throwing rose petals in the air!….WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! WOOOOOOOOOOOO!…yark!yark!

  30. Mollypop
    1:38 pm on May 6th, 2011

    Melanie – Does that mean YSAS gets paid?

    Mom took some pictures of what she is putting in the auction. The first is a framed picture followed by a close up. It is a dog with a crown and says “Every dog has its day.”

  31. Mollypop
    1:39 pm on May 6th, 2011

    Close up:

  32. Riö - The Evil Pug
    1:40 pm on May 6th, 2011

    Skipping!….I’m skipping, I’m skipping!…huffle!…I’m twirling, I’m twirling!…chuffle!… I can only imagine all the hard work it has taken him to get all three cards….snort!snort!… I’m rolling, I’m rolling!…wheeze!

  33. Mollypop
    1:47 pm on May 6th, 2011

    The second item is a needlepoint kit. It’s a spiral-bound book of instructions and includes all of the cotton threads to make the design. This is called Nova by Genny Morrow. Here’s the description:

    Fascinating hours of stitchery await the creators of NOVA. Colors blend and contract. Values change from dark shades to light tints to the burst of brilliance that is NOVA, gradually drifting off into ” nothings”. The color spectrum is stitched with three types of six strand cotton. Each canvas quilt block is different. Restful areas of delicate prints contrast with colorful calicoes, stripes and plaids.

    Here’s the crummy picture that Mom took that doesn’t do it justice.

  34. BearSpiritDog
    2:12 pm on May 6th, 2011

    Melanie! Happy Howls from Bear for YSAS! WOOO WOOO!!! Tell us more!
    SnowBella: Sorry to hear about the tranny on the truck. Mechanical problems are the worst! Don’t worry the pack has your back! The auction is coming up soon and will bring in extra funds.
    Wookie: Mission Control has acknowleged your sign-in. You are our hero for your week to week bravery and at the same time handling all mission assignments.
    Crescent City! Hmmmm…First thought here was Northern California, but had never heard of a jazz festival there – New Orleans makes more sense.
    Buddy: Happy to see you yesterday as a friend of Chet. You are a cool cat! And, getting along so well with your Sibers is quite an accomplishment – as Siber-H & Chet will attest to. Although, Masquers and I have been friends since I was less than 2 years old and she a few weeks – we know that Kats and Dogs are not always seen in mixed company.

  35. B.Stover
    2:23 pm on May 6th, 2011

    I join in the celebration for YSAS without knowing what AFTRA, AEA and SAG mean.

    Mollypop: I love that NOVA design. I wonder how similar needlepoint is to embroidery….

  36. BearSpiritDog
    2:36 pm on May 6th, 2011

    B! We didn’t want to show our ignorance, but we are clueless here too as to what AFTRA, AEA & SAG stand for. Melanie?

    MollyPop: Both designs are very nice! Is the NOVA something a novice can do?

  37. Melanie
    2:45 pm on May 6th, 2011

    All there are Unions
    AFTRA: American Federation of Television and Radio Artists
    AEA: Actors’ Equity Association (stage)
    SAG: Screen Actors Guild

    WOO HOO!!

    MollyPop: I was working on your pictures to clear them up, but had to take Jesse home, and then the downstairs computer was grabbed!

    I’ll put them up later.

  38. Melanie
    2:45 pm on May 6th, 2011

    Hmmm. That should read “All three are Unions”

  39. Riö - The Evil Pug
    2:49 pm on May 6th, 2011

    SAG!….Screen Actors Guild!…snort!
    AFTRA!….The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists!!…snort!snort!
    AEA!…Actors’ Equity Association!!….snort!snort!snort!

    Excited!…I just had to mention them again after Melanie did!..heh!heh! …WOOOOOOOOOO!!…Now he is all set to do Movies, TV, Radio and Theater!…snort!

  40. Riö - The Evil Pug
    2:59 pm on May 6th, 2011

    More!…This day just gets better and better!…sneeze!… My friend received a call from the computer doctor place and they said her hard-drive is fine, but she needs more RAM….snort!….And a “Clean-Out”. huh?… Anyways, they want to charge her 170.00 for this and she is going to say “no thanks”. …heh!… All she needs to do is copy all her photos, files and such onto back up CD’s (which she bought a few weeks ago mind you) …grunt!… This will take care of the memory problem. Then if the computer is still booting slowly, she will take it to Best Buy tomorrow morning and have them do a clean-up thing on it for 100.00….wheeze! ….Tonight she might have time to deal with the Qwest Tech Service again because the game starts later. We now know that my computer does indeed work with wireless. So it is the Qwest set-up that is WRONG!…dammit-to-hell!

  41. Riö - The Evil Pug
    3:26 pm on May 6th, 2011

    Das Boot!….I think she should tell Qwest to take a hike and just order Comcast….snort!…That way we could get a guy to come out and update her mother’s TV situation too…heh!…No one ever listens to me though..sniff!

  42. OleyHowlers
    3:29 pm on May 6th, 2011

    Hello everybody,
    Thanks for all of your kind wishes for our pop. He is doing fine…getting waited on hand and foot now and Mom has to do all the farm work. He has to use crutches, so he makes a lot of noise when he moves thru the house, and stairs are particularly difficult. But he is fairly comfortable and taking pain pills so he is sleeping a lot.
    Melanie! wow such big news! Tell YSAS Congrats from us.
    Molly: great auction items. We wish we were so creative, but we have some cool stuff ready here as well.
    Wookie: we think you are mighty brave and we know you will be tip-top very soon.
    Siber: we have committed great crimes where cats are concerned. We just don’t seem to realize they are cats when they are trespassing on our farm. But once they are inside, we have learned that they are honored members of the family so we have learned to tolerate them. Truthfully, the only reason Buddy is here is because we took out his mate when he was a barn cat. So Mom brought him inside and told us to treat him like royalty. We never really had a choice since he has always considered himself to be one of us and shares our bed, and our water bowls, as if he were an equal. as if. He also licks us all the time, and snuggles us too. That other cat though, she is a real Prima Donna. Considers herself too good for us. But if we even look crosswise at her, Mom yells at us.
    When each of us arrived here from the shelter, we were kept on a leash in the house, and we had a collar on that gave us a little shock if we went near a cat. It became apparent very soon that this was a great place to live, and that cats were to be respected if we wanted to stay. Buddy says he wants to come outside with us but Mom won’t let him. Not sure why…

  43. Mollypop
    3:47 pm on May 6th, 2011

    B and Bear – Needlepoint is very easy. Go here and page down a bit to the picture of the half cross stitch.

    It’s like embroidery except that it’s done on a canvas. The needle goes up one hole, crosses over the ‘+’ where the canvas threads cross, and goes down that hole.

  44. Mollypop
    3:51 pm on May 6th, 2011

    Melanie – Mom was going to email you the big pictures for the auction. She just wanted to show what she was auctioning off. I’ll have Mom email you now so you don’t waste your time on those other pics.

  45. BearSpiritDog
    3:52 pm on May 6th, 2011

    Melanie: We actually knew what SAG meant, but the rest no, so thanks for the update!

  46. OleyHowlers
    3:57 pm on May 6th, 2011
  47. BearSpiritDog
    3:58 pm on May 6th, 2011

    MollyPop: Thank you for the info on MOVA!

    Rio: Das Boot! Love it! By the way, did you ever see that German movie of the same name? One of our favorites.

  48. BearSpiritDog
    4:07 pm on May 6th, 2011

    Our breed, Belgian Malinois, is so proud to have assited in this Special Mission!

  49. Melanie
    4:07 pm on May 6th, 2011

    MollyPop: All ready did it before I saw your comment. Are these okay?

  50. Melanie
    4:08 pm on May 6th, 2011


  51. OleyHowlers
    4:13 pm on May 6th, 2011

    Bear: we think our Police Dog friend Jack is the same breed as you.

  52. Melanie
    4:17 pm on May 6th, 2011

    Last: (not sure I got the colors right)

  53. Mollypop
    4:20 pm on May 6th, 2011

    Melanie – They’re beautiful and those are the right colors!

  54. Riö - The Evil Pug
    4:21 pm on May 6th, 2011

    Teeth!… SEAL dogs come equipped with “titanium fangs” at a cost of 2,000.00 a piece!… Holy crap!… snort!snort!

  55. B.Stover
    4:25 pm on May 6th, 2011

    Mollypop: It seems as though there is a greater variety of stitches in embroidery and the thread is thicker in needlepoint. It looks like fun. I’ve used both cotton and silk thread in embroidery. NOVA looks like a quilt…beautiful.

    I’m so happy for YSAS.

    Hope you get your computer/internet situation solved Rio.

  56. BearSpiritDog
    4:25 pm on May 6th, 2011

    O.Howlers: Cool! We are in good company!

  57. Riö - The Evil Pug
    4:49 pm on May 6th, 2011

    Auction!…. Here are the items that I remember are going to be auctioned…heh!

    Puss N’ Boots!…. Beautiful country-style jacket.

    Wookie!…. One of Debbie LM’s gorgeous Quilts.

    Bear!…. Basket of Goodies… (I forget the details, please fill me in again)

    Molly!… Framed photo – Every Dog has His Day.
    Molly!… Needlepoint kit.

    Rio!….One, maybe two of his friends projects.

    Melanie!…One signed photograph of Clarkson!…snort!
    Melanie!…One framed photo of the River Bear Newfoundlands.

    Snowhook!…. Whitey and gangs dog tags from the Big Race!…snort!
    Snowhook!…. The Teams booties worn in the actual race!…snort!

    Sammie!….Bag O’ White fluffy hair…heh!

    Rocky The Undercover Squirrel!…. One Bed Bug diagnosis!

    Chet!… Signed copy of the Chet and Bernie series!!! …snort!
    snort! … Wish-list item

    Admin!….One of his tennis racquets….snort!…Wish-list item

    Spencer!… Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) of The Dog Who Knew Too Much…snort!… Wish-list item

    Others!….Please let me know what I am missing or if you have decided on something…snort!

  58. OleyHowlers
    4:55 pm on May 6th, 2011

    We are auctioning off a “Got Snow” t-shirt, a cool sled dog bumper sticker from siberescue, and 2 stuffed sibes. (no not 2 of us)
    We think these should be auctioned off as a group, be we are not sure if we should put them all in a basket (but then how to ship?)

  59. Wölfie
    4:57 pm on May 6th, 2011

    Woot woot for YSAS! But Melanie, shouldn’t his name be changed to YMSAS? (Younger Moderately Successful Actor Son)

    Rebecca, sorry to hear about the transmission. Car repair bills have taken a bite out of our budget. The Prius is still in the shop and my policy doesn’t cover a rental and there are “coverage issues” with the perps policy. He is out on bail and there will be a hearing on May 30. At any rate, mom and dad are joined at the hip, so to speak. Which isnt’ too bad because they work the same hours for the same place.

  60. Wölfie
    4:58 pm on May 6th, 2011

    Rio – don’t forget about Wolfie’s toffee!!

  61. Riö - The Evil Pug
    5:03 pm on May 6th, 2011

    List!…I will put up an updated list after I hear from everyone…grunt!

  62. B.Stover
    5:14 pm on May 6th, 2011

    Rio: I have a short story which I actually call a sketch, titled “Deserter” about a young soldier during the American Civil War. (Only thing I can think of to auction.)

  63. Mollypop
    6:24 pm on May 6th, 2011

    Rio – The Every Dog Has Its Day is actually from Sam. Her Mom appointed me to handle this. I get assignments all the time from her. Like I’m not really busy right now. Sheesh!

  64. Siber-H
    6:38 pm on May 6th, 2011

    Rio, mom said she would auction a necklace, made in NM by Native Americans.

    Howlers, thanks for your answer. Mom is going to tell your solution to Husky Rescue. Mom has never used one of those e-collars, but she has had one on her arm turned up to high and it did not hurt. Husky Rescue would have adopted out more dogs if it weren’t for cats already living in the home. It is difficult to get some dog lovers to understand that they have to be totally in charge of the situation., which your folks are.

    BSD, Das Boat is a great movie!

  65. Melanie
    6:51 pm on May 6th, 2011

    Riö: Dan has three to be inscribed books.

    White Wings, Second Chance, For The Love of Puppies

  66. BearSpiritDog
    7:11 pm on May 6th, 2011

    Rio! Bear is digging for a bone, err auction item, that is very nice. Will have full details in the coming week.

  67. dawson
    7:59 pm on May 6th, 2011

    If we had the auction this week, I have a cat I could donate. Just kidding, if Staff is watching.

  68. dawson
    8:04 pm on May 6th, 2011

    That autographed picture of McKey just got a whole lot more valuable now that he is on the very brink of stardom…nay…superstardom! Congratulations McKey.

  69. B.Stover
    8:21 pm on May 6th, 2011

    Dawson: Which cat? LOL!

  70. BearSpiritDog
    8:24 pm on May 6th, 2011

    Tis time to call it a day.
    Talk to y/all tomorrow!
    Good Night.

  71. Melanie
    8:34 pm on May 6th, 2011

    I am also headed to bed. I hope I will be more in tuned with the world tomorrow.
    I also hope I don’t keep dreaming that I’ve fainted.


  72. dawson
    8:49 pm on May 6th, 2011

    AbbyKat has been vacal all day owing to the fact that Alice has been hogging the new easy chair, sleeping all day in it as if it was just for her, never once getting out of it so Abby could have a try. Then, after dad and I went grocery shopping he propped the doors open so I could haul the bags in. The first load had some frozen items so I decided to put them away at once when I heard mom yell, “Hey! The cat is getting out.” When dad and I approached her she scampered back in with a satisfied grin.

  73. Staff
    9:12 pm on May 6th, 2011

    Hey! I leave the cats with you for a few hours and you are already trying to pitch them out of the house.


    Speaking of pitching the Twins are 9 to 2 over the Red Sox in the 7th inning. May is being good to the Twins. Sorry Admin and Spence. Maybe it is a good thing you are out of town.

    Heh heh heh

  74. B.Stover
    9:13 pm on May 6th, 2011

    Can’t Abby and Alice share the easy chair?

  75. Staff
    9:45 pm on May 6th, 2011

    I can answer that one, B.Stover. No, they can’t. If one has a spot the other cannot join her without a little spat. Alice is the alpha cat but Abbie weighs twice as much so it is pretty much a draw. Whoever gets their first has the upper hand.

    I have seen them together on the bed, but only when they are upset, and they don’t ever cuddle.

    Alice is a little bossy and Abbie has been a quiet shy little thing until the last year. She has now discovered she gets a lot more attention when she talks to us. She uses it on Dawson to great effect.

  76. Gus and BooBear
    9:46 pm on May 6th, 2011

    Rio and all, we were wondering whether or not we should take a picture of the auction jacket on a live person for the auction or hanging like the picture we showed earlier. We can get a picture like that and then maybe y’all could tell us which would be better.

    SiberH, we may be having a bidding war on Whitey’s chewed up tag!

    Congrats, YSAS!! We will be able to say “we knew him when” after he becomes a household name.

    Can’t wait for more of Wolfies toffee. Wonder if the recipe is a secret or if it will be in the cookbook. Which reminds us, Mom needs to send her whole 2 recipes in!

  77. Staff
    9:47 pm on May 6th, 2011

    Hoo Haa,
    Only one more out for those sad sack Red Sox. Still 9-2.

  78. B.Stover
    10:04 pm on May 6th, 2011

    Staff: I’m wondering why they don’t get along.

  79. Tupper and Gilly
    10:10 pm on May 6th, 2011

    So, how come on the days that Mama doesn’t have to work for the Crazy Lady she doesn’t get around to turning the computer on for us until this undogly hour?
    Actually, she has a pretty good excuse…not great but pretty good. This morning she was at a job interview – the Crazy Lady is getting to be more of a headache than a joke.
    Then this afternoon, she had to take a CPR certification class. Boy did she feel goofy kissing that dummy and hollering “are you ok? can you hear me”. Then she had to do it on the mannequin too(tee hee)
    Tonight she was helping to shop for the local food bank. With just $100 she got 350 pounds of non perishable food. She is over the moon about that!
    And over the moon about YSAS! Our Dad is very close to him, and he is so puffed up with pride right now he looks like a giant balloon!
    Oh, and by the way, as Spence and Admin can tell us when they get home, the PROPER way to pronouce that city is “Nahwlins”. Don’t even get us started about the way they pronounce the names of some of the fantastic food down there.

  80. B.Stover
    10:11 pm on May 6th, 2011

    Good night all.

  81. dawson
    10:11 pm on May 6th, 2011

    Wow! Those Twins are having a winning streak.
    I better go feed the cats. Wonder if Abby will wake up. She finally got the chair and is curled up tight.

  82. Buddy and T.C.
    10:15 pm on May 6th, 2011

    B: Dogs are pack animals, while cats are very much independent loners. T.C. hates me with a passion (even tho I’m so in love with her). I think its just normal that 2 cats don’t get along, or at least pretend they don’t.

  83. Tupper and Gilly
    10:23 pm on May 6th, 2011

    Rio – we forgot to say that we will be donating a sculpture for the auction. We have one ready and will try to get a picture up for all of your approval. And Mama wants to get another one done that is a scene of dogs running with a sled – kind of ambitious, but she’s working on it. We’ll see

  84. Kirby T. Penworthy
    11:15 pm on May 6th, 2011

    Hey, y’all! I’m kind of late getting on the computer tonight, but that’s because Mom and Dad just got home from my boy’s GRADUATION! It’s been a long time coming, and Mom and Dad are awfully proud, especially since he graduated Maggie come loud, or something like that. I’m not quite sure what that means. Maggie is one of my nieces, but she’s pretty quiet. Addison is the loud one. I’ll bet Bee knows all about that kind of stuff!

    Next week is my girl’s turn! It’s Friday the 13th, but she’s graduating, so that’s a good thing!

    Oh, and tomorrow Dad’s lacrosse team is playing for the independent school state championship. So we’ve got a really exciting week at our house!!!

  85. Tupper and Gilly
    11:20 pm on May 6th, 2011

    Kirby – congratulations! To everyone!
    We hope you get a lacrosse ball out of it!

  86. Kirby T. Penworthy
    11:39 pm on May 6th, 2011

    T&G: If I play my cards right I can do even better than that! Dad wants to have each of the boys on the team sign a ball and put them all in a big bowl — like oranges in the Orange Bowl trophy, which my Hawkeyes won year before last! — to give to the head coach since he’s moving at the end of the school year. If I trip him during the presentation, I could end up with more than 20 lacrosse balls!!!

  87. Tupper and Gilly
    11:43 pm on May 6th, 2011

    Hmmmm…Kirby, maybe you should not go for the trip thing for the greater good – sounds like your Dad is a very thoughtful person, and we bet that coach that is leaving will cherish that gift.
    But by all means tell your Dad that you deserve extra special treats and cuddles for staying out from under foot.

    (Besides, do you know how long it would take you to bury TWENTY balls???)

  88. Kirby T. Penworthy
    11:52 pm on May 6th, 2011

    T&G: Hmmmm. You may be right. Especially since having to remember where I buried all of those would be a nightmare!!!

  89. Tupper and Gilly
    12:17 am on May 7th, 2011

    Kirby, the only way it would work would be to get Siber in on the excavation project. And we’re not sure his mom would approve of him making the trip by himself.
    Awwww…Mama is making us go to bed now….see ya tomorrow.

  90. Kirby T. Penworthy
    12:24 am on May 7th, 2011

    Goodnight, T&G! My couch with the Iowa blanket is calling to me. See ya on the flip side!!!

  91. OleyHowlers
    6:55 am on May 7th, 2011

    Take a look at this picture I copied from my local greenhouse’s website:

  92. Gayle Derenzi
    12:44 am on May 28th, 2011

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