Congratulations: Banana Joe!

“The little showman wins best in show at Westminster,” Spence says.

“Affenpinscher?” says Admin. “A new one on me.”

“Isn’t affe German for ape?”

“Food for thought.”


Welcome Puka.


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106 Responses to “Congratulations: Banana Joe!”

  1. Rose
    8:51 am on February 13th, 2013

    Good Morning All!

    The lovely Kat, and the handsome Orion are side-by-side this morning.

    Royal Mum, Love your decorated cast!!!

  2. OleyHowlers
    8:56 am on February 13th, 2013

    Good morning Rose and Admin and Spence. Are youse guys back to the land of the living? We here have been very worried about you.

    Kat and Orion sitting in a tree

    Is it our imagination or is Kat now redder than before we sang that song? heh heh

    We here were disappointed as always in what we got to see of Westminster, which wasn’t much since Mom and Pop were both not feeling tip top and wanted to go to bed. But we did see the Working Dogs (our group). The Siber that wins Best of Breed is always silver, never filled out, and never striking looking. We wouldn’t have picked him for Best in the group either. We would, however, have picked that Saint. What a gorgeous dog!

  3. OleyHowlers
    8:57 am on February 13th, 2013

    Also, we thought the Golden was for sure the best of his group. Loved loved loved his smile!

  4. B. Stover
    9:25 am on February 13th, 2013

    In an article in the NYTimes, the handler of Banana Joe (Joey) said: “This isn’t a breed you train. He’s like a human. You befriend him.” He has a great personality though I did want Jewel, the American Foxhound, to win. And Fifi, the Doberman, was back. She is so beautiful.

    Good morning all.

  5. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    9:36 am on February 13th, 2013

    The Giant wrote a wonderful post last night.

  6. Wookie's dad
    9:49 am on February 13th, 2013

    We were certainly rooting for the golden too, great great smile.

    There was, however, one spooky thing that happened during the show. We knew that Wookie was not a purebred golden, but had always assumed that grandma had strayed with a chow, because certain of his features were chow like. However, the face on the Tibetan mastiff was Wookie’s face in almost every respect, and we are now wondering if grandma strayed a little farther afield than we had realized.

    Also, today is the annual quiltathon for Debbie’s quilt guild. Fifty plus quilters, 22 quilts to make for charity, and one day to do it. In the past we held it in our house, but this year the group got to be so large that they are doing it in a nearby church (where they also have their regular meetings). This will be the first quiltathon that Wookie has not supervised in person, but I know, even from the other side of the bridge, he will be looking out for all his quilt ladies and keeping them in line.

  7. Rose
    9:55 am on February 13th, 2013

    Wolfie, when I read the Giant’s post, my eyes got a little blurry.

  8. Riö – The Evil Pug
    10:06 am on February 13th, 2013

    Wookie!…I will be thinking of Debbie today – I know this must be very hard for her…sniffle!…Here’s to a great quilting day. I hope those ladies behave, I know Wookie always kept them in line, especially during the lunch buffet…heh!

  9. OleyHowlers
    10:16 am on February 13th, 2013

    We here loved that Tibeten Mastiff. He looks like a lion.
    We also loved AJ’s post from last night.
    Good to know where Wookie will be overlooking today.

  10. Siber-H
    10:30 am on February 13th, 2013

    I enjoyed reading the comments about the dog show on the blog more than I would have watching the it, which I did not do again last night.
    No comment on the winner.

    Thank you for your beautiful post last night, AJ…sniff…We know you and Rebecca do the very best you can to take care of the dogs. That is one reason we love you guys.

    The dude, Scott Smith, that won the rookie of the year in the Yukon Quest…he lives in Willow, AK.

  11. Siber-H
    10:34 am on February 13th, 2013

    Best of luck today, Debbie. Wookie and all of us are with you.

  12. Barb & Maggie
    10:55 am on February 13th, 2013

    We will be thinking of Debbie LM today. Probably better that this first one without Wookie is held at another place. Wonder how Grandpa is doing.

    We did not watch the dog show either. Barb crashed and went to bed a little after 8:00 last night and stayed in bed till 6:00 this morning. No tv in the bedroom, so she was SOL.

    Glad that California LAPD mess is over. He definitely did not handle the situation properly, but we bet that he was fired without reason, and just fell off the deep end emotionally. The LAPD has a less than stellar rep.

  13. OleyHowlers
    10:56 am on February 13th, 2013

    Rob Cooke’s team leaving milepost 101

  14. Siber-H
    11:00 am on February 13th, 2013

    Thanks Howlers. Onward to Fairbanks, Sibers!!

  15. OleyHowlers
    11:02 am on February 13th, 2013

    OMD !!!! It is only 17 days and 3 hours to the IDITAROD !!!! WOOOOOO!!!!!

    Meantime, we still need to get our 7th Snowhook dog to the Start. ‘Ole Blue Eyes Jem Durante is 35% sponsored ($175). Who can help him get to the start?

  16. Siber-H
    11:03 am on February 13th, 2013

    I have an appointment at the groomers this morning. I won’t be gone very long because Claudette and her husband get me in and out of there quick. I wonder why.

  17. OleyHowlers
    11:06 am on February 13th, 2013

    Siber, what do the groomers do for you? We hardly ever ever ever go to a groomer. Mom says it is useless, because as soon as we are clean and fluffy, we will play in mud again. Why is that a problem?

  18. Siber-H
    11:26 am on February 13th, 2013

    Fellow Sibers, I never see any mud living where I live…just dust and sand. I have started to shed now. Clumps of hair are coming out. Mom likes the way the groomer gets all that hair out and does the extras like my toenails. The bottom line here is that mom does not want to do the bath or anything else. It takes more than one person to do the groominng thing on me.

  19. Tupper and Gilly
    11:29 am on February 13th, 2013

    New England news station states that most of Cape Cod is still without power. They don’t expect it to be restored before midnight TOMORROW.
    Really hope Spence and family are staying someplace warm.
    (And Spence- affen translates to “monkey”)

  20. OleyHowlers
    11:41 am on February 13th, 2013

    The rents hardly ever bathe us either. We are pretty good at cleaning ourselves up, cat-style (as embarrassing as that is to admit). When we get to shedding stage, then Mom likes to take us to the groomer to get defurminated. Sometimes, we also go before Christmas so everybody things we are so fluffy and we gets lots of pets. 🙂
    As to our toenails, they are terrible. Mom is thinking of taking us over to the groomer just to get them trimmed, because both of them are afraid to do it. Sibes do NOT like our feet messed with.

  21. BearSpiritDog
    11:44 am on February 13th, 2013

    We were all set to watch the Show last night and discovered too late that broadcast had been delayed (as someone warned us the other night). The last few minutes were spent flipping between channels.
    Someone here is disappointed the Smooth Fox Terrier in the final cut didn’t win and thinks the Golden was robbed. Grump. The judges are obviously prejudiced toward particular breeds. So many of the ones we liked were over-looked.
    Speaking of which, we are thinking a certain Golden we all Know and Love will be having a very busy day supervising his mom and the ladies in the quilting guild.

    AJ’s story last night touched all our Hearts.

  22. Riö – The Evil Pug
    11:58 am on February 13th, 2013

    Spence-affen!…heh!snort!heh!…Little Monkey…chorkel!cough!

  23. Barb & Maggie
    12:13 pm on February 13th, 2013

    Oleys and Siber-H. If you want any tips on how to avoid nail trimming, just call on moi. Barb says in all her years, she has never seen another dog like me. Is that a compliment?

    Banana Joe was cute, but not our first choice either.

    Kelly and the girls are coming this afternoon to help out and bring Barb a Tuscany chicken dinner from Boston Market. When she was in the hospital she saw the ad for it about 50 times, and now she HAS to have one!

  24. Siber-H
    12:15 pm on February 13th, 2013

    Fellow Sibers, Have you guys noticed that us Sibers don’t have much doggie odor?
    I tried telling mom this morning that Rob Cooke’s Sibers do not get baths or have to go to the groomer. It did no good.

  25. Siber-H
    12:17 pm on February 13th, 2013

    Maggie, If you are looking at it from my point of view, it is a compliment.

  26. Chet The Dog
    12:22 pm on February 13th, 2013

    Admin: affen is monkey? Thanks for the correction. Maybe that explains the banana part of Banana Joe’s name.

  27. Riö – The Evil Pug
    12:36 pm on February 13th, 2013

    Admin!…”Spence-affen” = Little Monkey…snort!

  28. OleyHowlers
    12:38 pm on February 13th, 2013

    Wish Admin would have told us where they are and if they are still without power. 🙁

    Siber, we Sibes do not have any good odor. We consider that the one flaw in our kind. Mom does not consider that a flaw.

    We have managed to find ways to overcome the problem: skunks!

  29. Riö – The Evil Pug
    12:40 pm on February 13th, 2013

    Odor!…Someone says our middle name is Odor…phew!

  30. Masquers
    12:48 pm on February 13th, 2013

    Wasn’t this Joe’s last year in competition? If so, at least he went out in a blaze of glory.
    Mom liked the Spuds McKenzie dog too.
    One bit of information from the show…who knew that pugs shed? Riö, How is this possible? Youse guys look so sleek.

    Howlers: We, too, would like to hear the storm story from Admin.

  31. Melanie
    12:58 pm on February 13th, 2013

    Well, I almost posted in the morning. Anyhoo, before I read last night’s posts (especially AJ’s) here is something for Riö.


  32. Melanie
    1:07 pm on February 13th, 2013

    Sniff, just read AJ’s post. I remember that story, it is as moving now as then.

    Staff, the baby’s laugh took me back some 28 years!

    I still think OFA is on an Antarctic cruise.

    Debbie L. Thinking of you today.

  33. Riö – The Evil Pug
    1:25 pm on February 13th, 2013

    Melanie!…That is an optical-goat illusion, right?…snort!

  34. BearSpiritDog
    1:33 pm on February 13th, 2013

    TMG. So that’s where they are.

  35. Riö – The Evil Pug
    1:37 pm on February 13th, 2013

    Goats!…My friend just sent me a text on my little Go Phone…sniff!…She says she has to go to more meetings with the other type of Goats…heh!

  36. Whitey-Lance
    1:39 pm on February 13th, 2013

    Goats! Yesterday, my lady shipped all the patches that have been ordered to date, but is worried because she forgot to buy anti TMG insurance. Yeep!

  37. Masquers
    1:42 pm on February 13th, 2013

    Bella: TMG Insurance…the Post Office never asks you about it. Let’s hope they are still vacationing in Morocco.

    You can’t beat Bing for koolness.
    Here we are today, on one of the Similan Islands, gazing out to sea:

  38. B. Stover
    1:54 pm on February 13th, 2013

    According to the Oxford German Dictionary, “affe” (noun) is monkey and “affen” (adjective) is apelike.

  39. OleyHowlers
    2:30 pm on February 13th, 2013


  40. Gus and BooBear
    2:37 pm on February 13th, 2013

    Still very disappointed in the dog show. So many beautiful dogs and the judge picks the monkey faced dog!

    Siber and OHs, at one point the announcer mentioned Siber’s blowing their coat. Mom felt pretty smart that she was familiar with that.

    Rio, last night you posted some info about the Pug breed. After reading the info, we feel your brutal walks may be dog abuse. Read about wheezing etc. We believe your post mentioned short easy walks! Be ready with that info. Spring is coming.

    Wookie’s Dad and Debbie LM, thinking about you today. We all still miss him.

    Thank you, AJ, for the story. We remember it from last year. We expect those 2 will be with you this year too.

  41. OleyHowlers
    2:46 pm on February 13th, 2013

    Gus and BooBear, Our mom says that your mom is not nearly familiar enough with the concept of blowing one’s coat in Spring. She said that your mom is more than welcome to come up here to experience this phenomenon first-hand. heh heh heh

  42. B. Stover
    3:02 pm on February 13th, 2013

    What does SOP mean? On an NCIS episode one character said that the only place to put a body was in the freezer: “SOP on a sub(marine).”

  43. SnowBella
    3:04 pm on February 13th, 2013

    To me, SOP is standard operating proceedure.

  44. OleyHowlers Mom
    3:10 pm on February 13th, 2013

    According to YQ facebookie, here is “Some random Brit arriving in TR” (Two Rivers). C.Hobbit! Almost to N.P. Go say HELLO!

    I love Team Snowhook but my oh my I do love those Sibes. So darn proud of them!

  45. B. Stover
    3:13 pm on February 13th, 2013

    Thank you Rebecca.

  46. OleyHowlers
    3:17 pm on February 13th, 2013

    Mom, better yet here is a video of them leaving the last checkpoint:

  47. Siber-H
    3:18 pm on February 13th, 2013

    The Sibers are looking very good and alert!! That is not a tired and trail weary team of dogs.

  48. OleyHowlers
    3:22 pm on February 13th, 2013

    Absolutely, Siber! Does that video work? They are yarking up a storm! Ready to GO GO GO !

  49. Siber-H
    3:25 pm on February 13th, 2013

    Thanks for the video! Love the Siber sounds in that video. Those dogs are ready to move out.
    I think I detected a bit of a British accent in some of those yarks.

  50. BearSpiritDog
    3:49 pm on February 13th, 2013

    Whole Lotta Howl’n going on there O’Howlers.
    Siber-H: Yarks with a British accent. snicker.

  51. Siber-H
    3:51 pm on February 13th, 2013

    In that video, Rob Cooke seems to be the one that is not in a hurry. I bet my mom would be like that.

  52. c.hobbit
    4:28 pm on February 13th, 2013

    OleyHowlers: yes, Two Rivers is close by me. I had planned to go into Fairbanks and watch the arriving teams but was called into work 3 hours early today to fill in plus work my regular shift. Darn! But if I am not too tired after work, I might go ahead and go in.

  53. OleyHowlers
    5:05 pm on February 13th, 2013

    If you can get some Rob Cooke (#3) Sibe pictures for us, we would love love love it!

  54. Melanie
    5:08 pm on February 13th, 2013

    C. Hobbitt, hope you can go see them.

    Just finished “Joe Vs the Volcano”. One of my favorite films. The reason I decided to watch it was YSAS and SO wee watching a commercial and it was about a new syndrome that someone has come up with. YSAS said it just sounded like people reacting to life, but he had to laugh at the graphics. It was a picture of a brain with a storm in it.

    That reminded him of Tom Hank’s Brain Fog. Snort!

    Rio, the goats in Monico climb the trees to eat the fruit!

  55. OleyHowlers
    5:20 pm on February 13th, 2013

    Still laughing about the yarking with a Brit accent. That got us wondering what gee and haw sound like in Brit.

  56. BearSpiritDog
    5:30 pm on February 13th, 2013

    Melanie: Joe vs the Volcano is one of our Favorite Films also!

    C.Hobbit: Hope you can see the teams come in. Photos would be great!

  57. Tupper and Gilly
    5:32 pm on February 13th, 2013

    Rio – if you aren’t careful, you will end up walking funny…that is if you keep letting Melanie pull one of your legs

    tee hee

    Back in high school, a wonderful German teacher allowed us to play with a classic old German love poem. We changed it from saying – “You are like a flower. So sweet and fair and pure.”
    to: Du bist wei eine affe (you are like a monkey) So dunkel, stinkend und schlecht (so dark and smelly and bad). That word affe is indelibly imprinted on our brain.

    We wonder if Rio will be reciting poetry to Beau….

  58. Melanie
    6:06 pm on February 13th, 2013
  59. OleyHowlers
    6:22 pm on February 13th, 2013

    Wow. Is that for real?

  60. Princess Sam
    6:23 pm on February 13th, 2013

    That is real!

  61. Melanie
    6:27 pm on February 13th, 2013

    Those goats were falling out of the tree like ripe fruit!

  62. Masquers
    6:27 pm on February 13th, 2013

    Gah! Best to watch what you eat while in Morocco.

  63. c.hobbit
    7:05 pm on February 13th, 2013

    It looks like the earliest Rob Cooke can leave Two Rivers is around 6:00 pm Alaska time. It seems to be taking around 7 hours to cross the finish line in Fairbanks.

  64. Siber-H
    7:37 pm on February 13th, 2013

    The middle of the night.

  65. OleyHowlers
    7:48 pm on February 13th, 2013

    Bummer. We didn’t know Two Rivers was a mandatory rest time.

  66. Riö - The Evil Pug
    8:02 pm on February 13th, 2013

    Morocco!…Gah! I could not bring myself to watch the video…wheeze!…That is downright scary!

  67. Riö - The Evil Pug
    8:09 pm on February 13th, 2013

    Goats!…My friend says those Tree-Goats are not nearly as scary as the Bitching-Goats she has to deal with day in and day out…grunt!…Hard to imagine…sniff!

  68. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    8:18 pm on February 13th, 2013

    We here cannot wait for Rio’s big announcement of Bella’s brilliant idea!

    Gus puppy had to go the V-E-T today because he cut his leg clear down to the joint. We are not sure what he caught it on, but he had to have lots of stitches. Mom says not to laugh at him when he comes home wearing a bucket on his head. I won’t. I promise. Really.

  69. Riö - The Evil Pug
    8:22 pm on February 13th, 2013

    WOLFIE!!!…snort!…Thanks for reminding me…heh!heh!…Big Announcement to follow right after I get my blue-ducks of happiness in a row…wheeze!

  70. bluecat
    8:26 pm on February 13th, 2013

    Rio – I have one of your blue-ducks of happiness and it makes me smile every day 🙂

  71. Riö - The Evil Pug
    8:26 pm on February 13th, 2013

    Ducks!…Could take a bit cuz my friend has not eaten supper yet…sniff!…She is too upset and says she does not want to go back to the busy-place tomorrow…wuffle!sneeze!

  72. Barb & Maggie
    8:37 pm on February 13th, 2013

    Barb says she has to say good night early. 8:00 a.m. p.t. guy. He is a hard ass! She loves drinking coffee from her new Chicken cup from youse guys.

  73. Riö - The Evil Pug
    8:49 pm on February 13th, 2013

    ***************** 🙂 *** ANNOUNCEMENT*** 🙂 *********************

    Snowhook!… The Snowhook Team have come up with an excellent way the Plunderers can “join” AJ and the A-Team on the trail again this year. Last year, he carried photos of dogs, kats and even a horse. This year they are thinking of creating a Plunderer playlist and inviting the Plunderers to email the title of the song and name of the artist.

    Music!….It could be your favorite song or a song that reminds you of the race, the dogs, or a song you feel might motivate or inspire our Giant on the many miles of the trail.

    SDD!…So please quick as a bunny send Rebecca a special SDD with your favorite song and don’t forget to include the artist or band you specifically want the Giant to listen to…snort! …I personally think this as Great Idea!….Wooooo!

  74. Wookie's Dad
    8:51 pm on February 13th, 2013

    Final talley from today’s Quiltathon. Twenty-eight quilts will be going to Walter Reed for wounded soldiers. Wookie would be so proud of his quilt ladies and his mom.

  75. Riö - The Evil Pug
    8:52 pm on February 13th, 2013

    Giant!…On the Trail listening to YOUR favorite song!….Woooo!..How cool is that going to be!…snort!snort!

  76. OleyHowlers
    9:01 pm on February 13th, 2013

    Hurray for Wookie’s Quilt Ladies! We are astounded that they have 28 quilts! And what a great cause. Thanks Wookie’s mom and friends.

    And playlist! Wow! That is an excellent idea! We are putting on our thinking caps right now.

    Good night to all … Mom just now finished work for the day/night.

  77. Siber-H
    9:12 pm on February 13th, 2013

    Brilliant Idea!! WOO WOO

    I’m proud of the ladies!! The quilts could’t go to a better cause.

    I get first dibs on North to Alaska by Johnny Horton!!

  78. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:21 pm on February 13th, 2013

    Quiltathon!…I can’t even get my pug-brain around into what goes on to make 28 quilts in one day…snort!…That is a truly amazing feat for Debbie’s quilting ladies…chuffle!…Wow!

  79. Melanie
    9:31 pm on February 13th, 2013

    Hmmm, what about “You Old Goat” by Billy the Kid? Snicker . .

    Rio and Bella, what an excellent idea. Must ponder whilst I sleep.

    I tend to have weird favorite songs: Gregorian chants, Lots of Bach, Nora Jones, Loreena McKennitt, the Chieftans, Gilbert and Sullivan . . .

    So something to keep him awake and moving . . Zzzzzzz

  80. BearSpiritDog
    9:31 pm on February 13th, 2013

    Congratulations to Wookie’s Mom and the Ladies of the Quilting Guild! Good work for a Great cause.

    Songs for the Trail is a Fabulous Idea! But alas, the hour grows late and the Brain Fog fast approaches from out of the west.

    Let us ponder on it – Bear

  81. Melanie
    9:33 pm on February 13th, 2013

    Oh, and Debbie L, what a wonderful and amazing gift you and your QLs have accomplished. Up with Quilt Power! zzzzzzzzzz

  82. Melanie
    9:34 pm on February 13th, 2013

    Brain fog, snicker

  83. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:42 pm on February 13th, 2013

    Playlist!…I’m so glad youse guys like the idea…snort!…I think it is an awesome idea!…Wooooo!… I submitted “Landslide” by Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac…chuffle!…My friends all time favorite song.

  84. Staff
    9:58 pm on February 13th, 2013

    I am sending in Can You Run by the Steeldrivers.

  85. Riö - The Evil Pug
    10:02 pm on February 13th, 2013

    Staff!…Excellant!…Please do remember to send an “Official” SDD to Rebecca, so she can gather all the song requests and order them for the Giant…snort! …I’m sure we all will want to hear the selections on this here blog too!..Wooooo!

  86. Siber-H
    10:15 pm on February 13th, 2013

    Do we get videos on the blog with our songs?

  87. Gus and BooBear
    10:22 pm on February 13th, 2013

    We pick “Home” by Philip Phillips. Has special meaning for us because of Dad’s fight against cancer.

  88. Riö - The Evil Pug
    10:26 pm on February 13th, 2013

    Home!…One of my favorites by Philip Phillips as I predicted he would win it all…heh!heh!…I love anything Phil sings…snort!

  89. Riö - The Evil Pug
    10:27 pm on February 13th, 2013

    SiberH!…If you figure out how to post a link to a video of your song being sung, we will for sure all listen to it….heh!heh!…Good luck pal!

  90. SnowBella
    10:28 pm on February 13th, 2013

    Yeep and wheeze! I am very excited AJ will have a plunderer playlist on the trail!

    I am traveling tomorrow. What I didn’t realize when I left for work this morning I my flight leaves at 7am. This would mean I need to leave the house at 420am. I am opting to stay in town which means a trip to a box store for a toothbrush and tooth paste, clean skivvies and a cheap shirt.

  91. OleyHowlers
    10:30 pm on February 13th, 2013

    We like both of your picks.

  92. Riö - The Evil Pug
    10:34 pm on February 13th, 2013

    Rebecca!…Your life seems upside down right now…wheeze!…Thank dawg you will have a skirt to wear (in Alaska!)…grunt!

  93. OleyHowlers
    10:35 pm on February 13th, 2013

    Oops. Typed that before seeing G&BB’s which we don’t know.
    Mom wants us to pick her very fav song “Cowboy Take Me Away” by the Dixie Chicks. She even uses that for her phone’s ringtone. The lyrics about the world without buildings or people seem to fit life on the trail.

  94. Riö - The Evil Pug
    10:36 pm on February 13th, 2013

    Rebecca!…Shirt!…Not Skirt!…heh!heh!burp!

  95. dawson
    10:40 pm on February 13th, 2013

    What a great idea for the trail. I will sleep on this as no song is jumping out at me. Nice emoticons, Rio.

    Wookie’s Mom: Excellent job with the Quilt Ladies today. I’m sure Wookie was looking over the quilts as you worked, giving 2 paws up.

    Melanie: Can’t believe how many goats came out of that tree!

  96. Tupper and Gilly
    10:58 pm on February 13th, 2013

    Wookie’s Mom – Our Daddy is a veteran, and he would personally like to thank you and all the quilters for this wonderful gift from your hearts and your fingers.
    We thank you too.

  97. Siber-H
    11:00 pm on February 13th, 2013

    Rio, Staff might be kind enough to post the video for me. She is the one that found it for me a long time ago and I have been playing it ever since.

    Night All

    I am not going to mention the fact that there are no avatars for anyone except Gus&BooBear on my screen. I’ll think about that tomorrow.

  98. Siber-H
    11:02 pm on February 13th, 2013

    All the avatars have returned.

  99. Staff
    11:19 pm on February 13th, 2013

    How about this one Mr.Husky?

  100. Staff
    11:28 pm on February 13th, 2013

    Debbie LM and Wookies Dad.
    Very impressed here with the quilt total. Wonderful job for all of you. I know Wookie was watching over you all.

    Here is a wonderful photo from a previous quilt day with the Wookster.

  101. Staff
    11:29 pm on February 13th, 2013


    Nighty Noodle all youse guys.

  102. Riö - The Evil Pug
    11:33 pm on February 13th, 2013

    Count!…102 and we are still up watching Justified…heh!…My friend says she is not going back to that busy-place ever again, but I don’t believe her…sniff!…Someone has to pay for my Snowhook donations and someone has to pay for my treaties…wuffle…Its always been her. So there’s all of my logic.

  103. Riö - The Evil Pug
    11:39 pm on February 13th, 2013

    Music!…The music on Justiifed this season is EXCELLANT!…snort!…I’m not talking about the theme song, I’m talking about the music within the show…heh!..Mr Staff is missing out big time by not watching this show…grunt!

  104. Riö - The Evil Pug
    11:50 pm on February 13th, 2013

    Team!…Do not forget or delay in sending your most favorite song or music piece to Rebecca as soon as you decide what will represent you and yours, or just because it is your favorite…snort!

  105. Tupper and Gilly
    11:58 pm on February 13th, 2013

    Rio – we are so impressed by your Bobs. We don’t know how to do that. But we did just find a really great song that we are going to send to Rebecca. We will post the video tomorrow too.
    And for now – g’night all.

  106. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    12:50 am on February 14th, 2013

    My song is Wolfie Creek, (natch) by Dan Fogelberg. It is a cut from his bluegrass album, and it features Doc Watson and Herb Pederson.

    I’ll let Bella know. It is perfect for racing doggies!

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