Coming in October

(Middle-grade but adults with fake ID stand a good chance.)


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8 Responses to “Coming in October”

  1. Herd of Hounds
    10:26 am on March 19th, 2020

    Morning everyone!
    Newest stats show 18 mushers in to Nome .
    16 mushers have scratched.
    One musher, Quince Mountain, was dropped. We think it was because he was so far behind the other mushers.

  2. B. Stover
    11:24 am on March 19th, 2020

    The novel looks like fun. I love the cover.

    Good morning all.

  3. Wose-The Small and Meek
    3:21 pm on March 19th, 2020


    Their expressions are priceless!

    Good afternoon to all!

  4. Riõ - The Evil Pug
    7:05 pm on March 19th, 2020

    Queenie!…Me and my friend love this series…snort!…But October is so very far away. A lot of things could happen between now and then…yeeep!

  5. Riõ - The Evil Pug
    7:06 pm on March 19th, 2020

    Double!…I am wondering why there are 2 Queenies on the cover. Poor Arthur!…gah!

  6. Wose-The Small and Meek
    7:30 pm on March 19th, 2020

    RIO! Has your Friend been working on that wascally wabbit?

  7. Riõ - The Evil Pug
    7:49 pm on March 19th, 2020

    Rabbit!…The plan was to finish that rabbit this week but she has been doing a lot of reading instead…grunt!…Although, today she made potato salad and Hot!Hot!Hot! Wings for supper…slurp!…Too bad we are all out of beer…grump!

  8. Riõ - The Evil Pug
    7:50 pm on March 19th, 2020

    Storms!… We are supposed to have very bad thunderstorms and maybe hail and possibly tornadoes tonight….yeeeep!

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