Chetspeak on Sunday

“I think my boyfriend is cheating on me.”

We should have walked away at that very moment, me and Bernie, or better yet run, our tails between our legs. Not so easy in Bernie’s case, since, maybe like you, he’s stuck with living a tailless life, poor guy. Imagine that! Actually, I can’t. The good news is that I’ve got enough tail for two, a strong, bushy, pleasing-to-the-eye tail that even has a mind of its own. Sometimes it wags me! Or just about. I’m not so easy to wag, being a hundred-plus pounder, and strong for my size, Bernie says. And not just Bernie: ask some of the perps up at Northern State Correctional, although they may not have time for chitchat, what with being so busy breaking rocks in the hot sun. The point is we’ve taken down lots of perps here at the Little Detective Agency. Bernie’s last name is Little. I’m Chet, pure and simple.

– from TAIL OF VENGEANCE (the latest C&B e-short).

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131 Responses to “Chetspeak on Sunday”

  1. Herd of Hounds
    8:16 am on October 12th, 2014

    Good morning, everyone! We are ROFL! Love that Chetspeak. Heck, love CHET and Bernie, too. Happy Egg Day. Happy Sun day. Happy happy. Hope Wolfie is okay.
    Have a sunny Sunday, chasing the clouds away.

  2. Barb, Maggie and Lucy
    9:00 am on October 12th, 2014

    Sharon, how do you get the first post almost every day? BTW, sent you a message so check your SDD.

    Thank you for another Chet Speak. We here are going to have a happy Sunday. I think bacon and eggs are on the morning menu.

    Another lovely day here. We have lucked out and had a beautiful fall.

    Chicago Marathon is going on downtown. They have a great day for it. 45,000 people are running in it.

  3. Wose-the small and meek
    9:04 am on October 12th, 2014


    I always like when Chet talks about perps “breaking rocks in the hot sun.” For some reason, that really makes me laugh out loud. That how I felt at my last job, where my boss said mean things to me, and threw a tissue box at me.

    The rain has gone away, and it is a sunny day here in my neck of New York.

    Wolfie, thank you for your Ipaw expertise. I did not know how to save pictures either.

    I am thinking on both two and four-leggeds at Snowhook, Zoe, The Royal Mum and her brother, BooBear and Karen, Diane, ML and those who might be under the quilt and not on this here blog.

    Strong healing thoughts and prayers coming at you.

  4. Barb, Maggie and Lucy
    9:10 am on October 12th, 2014

    Rose, are you speaking of the job at A & P or the one before that?

    Assuming you are not talking about the deli job. Why did she throw a tissue box at you. That seems a little violent!

  5. Herd of Hounds
    9:35 am on October 12th, 2014

    Not only violent but abusive as well! If someone knows you are a teary person, throwing the tissues is a form of bullying! Gosh, our mom cries all the time and she can’t help it!

  6. Billy's Buddy
    9:50 am on October 12th, 2014

    Good morning all.

    I love Chet’s outlook.

    Sunny and beautiful in my part of Wisconsin today. Packers game at noon. Subs will be enjoyed while watching in front of a huge TV screen. Younger son says he will fix a Bloody Mary for me, me, me! (A strengthening cocktail, don’tcha know.)

  7. B.Stover
    9:53 am on October 12th, 2014

    Good morning Chet and all.

  8. Herd of Hounds
    9:59 am on October 12th, 2014

    BB, sounds like a good way to spend a Sunday! Our vote is…YES. Mom loves the Packers. Pass the celery to go with the Bloody Mary. 🙂

  9. Billy's Buddy
    10:04 am on October 12th, 2014

    HOH: our boy says he does multiple “garnishes.” I am thinking pickles, olives, and who knows what else. The other buddy here is scandalized that I will have a strengthening cocktail at noon and then endeavor to knit dishcloths (that have patterns to decipher) to donate to a humane society’s craft fair. We shall see.

  10. Barb, Maggie and Lucy
    10:12 am on October 12th, 2014

    We have a huge butternut squash, compliments of Jessica’s garden. Thinking of making a soup like the one served at Panera. Does anyone have a recipe that they really like? Panera’s recipe is on line so may just go with that one.

    Barb says she could not follow a pattern after a cocktail. Good luck on that one, BB.

  11. AbbietheKtty
    10:13 am on October 12th, 2014

    Billy’s Buddy, I know you can do it! teehee

  12. Billy's Buddy
    10:16 am on October 12th, 2014

    Abbie: I will have two delightful kitties to help me follow the knitting pattern. They are grandkitties Chip and D.C. They are never so fond of me as when I am knitting something.

  13. Staff
    10:18 am on October 12th, 2014

    A Butternut squash. I LOVE them. I harvested 8 last week and have been trying to give some away. I gave one to my long arm quilter who has been babysitting her first grandchild. She was happy to receive it. Most of the people out here grew some themselves or have a source. grump.

    My favorite is simply mashed with butter and a little salt. YUM.

    I have also been exploring pumpkin cookie recipes and will use the butternut squash as the pumpkin.

    Later gators…

  14. Mollypop's Mom
    10:18 am on October 12th, 2014

    We live in an apartment in a hotel. The Buffalo Bills stay here the night before a game, which was last night. At 7:15 this morning the fire alarm went off so everyone was supposed to go to the lobby. Some of the Bills came down and just left the hotel, but a lot of them went on sleeping since it’s game day.

  15. Mollypop's Mom
    10:21 am on October 12th, 2014

    Staff, how long are your quilter friend’s arms?

  16. AbbietheKitty
    10:21 am on October 12th, 2014

    Billy’s Buddy. I LOVE knitting. The Staff becomes a little annoyed with me when I try to knit. I don’t know why she gets that way? She is allowed to knit all she wants. (which isn’t much these days as she is so into quilting)
    I have never made anything with my knitting yet but I will not stop trying.

  17. Staff
    10:25 am on October 12th, 2014

    Mollypop and LouLou’s Mom.
    Her arms are longer than mine. (Almost everybody’s are except Dawon.) However they are not that much longer. I am always amazed at how well she can long arm quilt. She has had a lot of practice at it so maybe that is the secret.

  18. Staff
    10:26 am on October 12th, 2014

    MP&LL’s Mom,
    What if it was a real fire? Half those hockey players would just go up in smoke. I am all for following the rules during fire alarms. I was in a real fire once and it is no fun at all.

  19. Mollypop's Mom
    10:28 am on October 12th, 2014

    Barb, I make a standard butternut squash soup. Then I serve it topped with bacon bits and drizzled with truffle oil.

  20. Wose-the small and meek
    10:28 am on October 12th, 2014

    B,M & L: The tissue box incident was not at the A&P. I have no idea why she would throw a tissue box at me. But it is hard to defend, since her office door was closed, and no one else saw the incident.

  21. Basil
    10:30 am on October 12th, 2014

    Good morning, family

    Abbie – you go, girl. Mama says my very bestest, most favorite catnip mousie is knitted. I bet you could make one of those!

    Butternut squash, you say? We all love it here when Mama cuts it in chunks, tosses it with just a tad of olive oil and a dusting of cinnamon and then roasts it. Every single being in this house gobbles that up!

  22. Barb, Maggie and Lucy
    10:38 am on October 12th, 2014

    We are going to make soupwith half the squash, which is huge. Then I think we will try both Staff’s and Amalia’s ideas for the balance. 1/4 of the squash will make an adequate side serving.

    Panera’s recipe starts with browning a chopped onion in butter, then adding the squash and chicken broth. They also us heavy cream which is going to make it a little less healthy, but I think we will go with it. They use rosemary, but we may switch that out for a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg.

  23. Basil
    10:45 am on October 12th, 2014

    Barb – we always throw an apple in to simmer with the squash when making soup. It mellows the flavor. And cream is nice, but we prefer half and half, or for a lovely taste “bump”, we use vanilla almond milk. Oh my.

  24. Herd of Hounds
    10:53 am on October 12th, 2014

    Cinnamon, nutmeg and half and half! We are in heaven!

  25. Barb, Maggie and Lucy
    10:58 am on October 12th, 2014

    We saw a recipe for the soup using vanilla almond milk. That would make it vegan, except for the 2 T of butter. Will it taste as rich?
    Panera puts some toasted walnuts on top too, which sounds delish. Oh my, nuts or MPM’s bacon bits?

  26. Basil
    11:03 am on October 12th, 2014

    Barb – with almond milk, the soup will be a little thinner, but you can counteract that by just using a tad less chicken broth, or using more squash.
    (And we would go with the toasted nuts….except Mama can’t eat them)

  27. Herd of Hounds
    11:03 am on October 12th, 2014

    Go whole hog…a bit of nuts and a bit of bacon bits. 🙂

  28. Staff
    11:04 am on October 12th, 2014


  29. Staff
    11:05 am on October 12th, 2014

    Heh heh, HOH we think alike.

  30. Meashka
    11:07 am on October 12th, 2014

    sigh. Things sound so peaceful in hour homes…butternut squash soup, cream, knitting…all we got here is the ‘rents screaming and hollering. It all started when Mom decided to bike out the lane for the newspaper and Pop decided to go along, which meant now Zeus wanted to go along. Suffice it to say, Zeus now knows each of our neighbors.
    Then, Pop was supposed to put in our storm windows, and replace the ice dams that got knocked off the roof this past winter. He borrowed a 32-foot ladder that was so heavy, he wanted Mom to help him put it up. Turned out 32 foot was not long enough. Trying to take it down, Mom got a bruised calf when they lost control of it.
    All of this could have been avoided if Pop had not stopped Mom from contacting the roofer at the end of winter, and if he had let her get the contractor who took down those storm windows in the Spring. But he knew there is no money for hiring anyone.
    Oh, and in the meantime, Pop is on call and every time he climbs a ladder, his pager goes off.

  31. Billy's Buddy
    11:08 am on October 12th, 2014

    I vote for using both, too. Delish.

  32. Herd of Hounds
    11:14 am on October 12th, 2014

    BB and Staff, yep, delish and go for it! Why not? OH, the ‘rents need to kiss and make up…quick like a chick!

  33. dawson
    12:12 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Chetspeak! Chet has tail enough for two! All coffee tables in his vicinity are clean!

    O’Howlers: Yikes! I would get dizzy trying to climb that high up a ladder.

  34. Herd of Hounds
    12:17 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Heck our mom gets dizzy just standing on a curb…32 feet? GAH!

  35. Riö -The Evil Pug
    12:19 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Staff!…Was Mr.FireSlippers involved in that fire?…heh!

  36. Riö -The Evil Pug
    12:20 pm on October 12th, 2014


  37. Siber-H
    2:01 pm on October 12th, 2014

    “Breaking rocks in the hot sun” My most favorite Chetspeak and one I always laugh at.

    Zeus just wanted to share himself.

    Rio, Baseball game at 6 pm our time on FS1 Network.
    This has become a game of find the channel.

  38. Siber-H
    2:07 pm on October 12th, 2014

    I would like to throw something a little heavier than a tissue
    box at Wose’s ex-boss.

    Howlers or anybody? What are ice dams on the roof?

  39. Herd of Hounds
    2:37 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Ice? Roof? Sounds like a cold weather thing.

  40. Meashka
    2:49 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Siber, we have a metal roof, and we have little stand-up thingies (technical term) around the edges. Their purpose is to keep snow or ice from falling off the roof in one big pack, breaking porch roof, railings, bushes, and anything else. I guess they are actually called snow guards.

    The upstairs storm windows are almost all in place. Inside windows are cleaned, both floors, except for one kitchen window and laundry room yet. Mom just heated up a can of Amy’s organic butternut squash soup, and Pop had Amy’s spicy organic chili. All is calmer.

  41. Meashka
    2:54 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Oh! I forgot to add that last winter was so bad, several of those “thingies” came off the roof.

  42. Herd of Hounds
    2:58 pm on October 12th, 2014

    (Darah Thea here) I am not sure what mom s thinking. She has signed me up for a class to “encourage good behavior”. When have I not been good? I am a hundred plus pounder that is a love bucket! Where is mom’s brain?

  43. Barb, Maggie and Lucy
    3:08 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Our soup is done and has a good flavor, but is a little on the thin side. Think we will let it cook down for an hour or so.

    Howlers, your folks have had a very productive day. I think Barb is going to play in the garden a little, then do some trimming in the back yard. That will wrap up the work schedule for the weekend.

  44. Siber-H
    3:12 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Meashka, Thank you for a very clear explanation. We don’t have those thingies here.

  45. Staff
    4:40 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Rio, Mr.Staff and his slippers were nowhere around when that fire happened. It was just Staff and a previous cat, Sparkles. Sparkles was saved when I went, foolishly, back into the burning apartment and pulled her out from under the couch. Then I dragged her out and gave her chest massage until she woke up.

    (I am still not sure she was suffering from smoke inhalation or being bonked against all the kitchen cabinets on the way out.)

  46. Herd of Hounds
    4:41 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Wow! What a story.

  47. Barb, Maggie and Lucy
    4:52 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Staff, How long did you have Sparkles after that? She was one lucky cat!

    Since Barb seems to be focused on food today, we will tell you what is on the menu for dinner. Ever since Brother Dave talked about shrimp and grits a few weeks ago, Barb has been thinking about trying some (as Barb told Sharon this morning). Finally found some grits at the store today near the cooked cereals. Do you know how hard it is to find grits in northern Illinois? So tonight it will be green beans, shrimp and cheese grits. I think you cook the shrimp in butter and garlic and them serve them on top of the grits.

    The butternut soup is for lunches during the week.

  48. Billy's Buddy
    4:53 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Wow! Everyone has been busy here while I have been watching the Packers. (They won in the last three seconds of the game.)

    The Bloody Mary was good. There were a kosher dill pickle, a skewer of olives and a skewer of cubed ham in the drink and a hard boiled egg on the side. Too much tabasco sauce for me, me, me though.

    Chip and D.C. were standoffish today, so I didn’t have to protect my knitting from those kats.

  49. Billy's Buddy
    4:54 pm on October 12th, 2014

    B,M,&L: Yum!

  50. Herd of Hounds
    5:51 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Barb, come to TN and we will find shrimp and grits and okra for you. AND we will hunt up any other thing you want!

  51. Herd of Hounds
    6:03 pm on October 12th, 2014

    BM&L and BB we can do lots of southern schnike just drad y’alls butts down here. We will have fun, Fun, FUN!

  52. Herd of Hounds
    6:04 pm on October 12th, 2014

    drag not drad 🙁

  53. Staff
    6:16 pm on October 12th, 2014

    B,M&L, I am trying to remember how long Sparkles and I were together. From about 1972 to 1988 I think. Sparkles was a 3 legged kat. She had a run in with cancer and had to lose one of her back legs. I can still remember my horror over the bill of 200.00. She lived many more years after the leg was lopped off. She looked funny if she was going slow but when she was going fast you couldn’t tell at all.

    People (2-leggeds) would say to me “You have a one-legged cat, so sad.” I would say back, and mean it, “She is a 3 legged cat and feels sorry for you with your measly two.”

  54. Barb, Maggie and Lucy
    6:26 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Staff, can people not count?

    We are getting ready for some big storms here, either later tonight or tomorrow.

    HOH, How about some fried squirrel? Don’t think we are adventuresome enough to try raccoon, groundhog or opossum. Barb thinks she had squirrel as a kid, and it tasted somewhat like …..chicken. Sorry Fern.

  55. Elliot the Massage Kat
    6:41 pm on October 12th, 2014

    A. Catty came home from working at the Co-op and she’s messing about trying to find her pumpkin cookie recipe instead of paying attention to me. It looks like she’s going to go on a cooking jag because of all the food posts on this here blog.
    She says she sometimes uses evaporated milk instead of cream or half and half- at least it works well in her mocha fudge ice cream topping.
    Harumph. I prefer cream. I REALLY prefer Fancy Feast Tuna Classic!

  56. A. Catty Librarian
    6:44 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Staff – don’t you have a beautiful needlepoint of Sparkles that you made? You should put a picture of it on the blog. I think everyone would love to see it. Well, Kats and tolerant dogs.

  57. Billy's Buddy
    6:48 pm on October 12th, 2014

    B,M&L and HOH: We had a beloved great uncle and aunt who lived in Independence, MO, and we loved visiting them. They were such gracious and kind people. Uncle Rex belonged to the same club as President Harry Truman, and he was shocked at Mr. President’s salty language. I digress… The other buddy here was Auntie Evelyn’s favorite because he tried grits — and liked them!

    About squirrels: our older son is a social studies/history high school teacher. He thought he would end up teaching in a city/urban school, but he has been teaching (and loving it) in two rural schools for the past 15 years. His “boys” cook up and serve squirrel several ways for their favorite teachers, and he says it tastes like the best chicken he has ever had. To be clear, these families need to hunt animals to survive. Area community tables are high on our causes to support.

  58. Staff
    6:54 pm on October 12th, 2014

    A Catty! I was thinking I didn’t have any pictures of her, but I did paint a needlepoint canvas and then a very good and talented friend did the needlepoint. It was made into a footstool and lives most of the time with a towel over it to protect Sparkles pretty face.

    I also remember I chased my other cat, Lancelot, in the snow to get the shape of kat paws for the border. My friend complained about the amount of stitching the background took. Memories.

    Why I chose a footstool I don’t remember… Years ago dears, years ago.

  59. Riö -The Evil Pug
    6:56 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Sparkles!…Good grief…grunt!

  60. Riö -The Evil Pug
    6:57 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Staff!…Is it a three-legged stool?…heh!heh!

  61. Staff
    6:59 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Rio you rascal…

  62. Herd of Hounds
    7:01 pm on October 12th, 2014

    The DDD hunts (sorry Bambi) and likes meat other than beef/pork. We have lots of rodents here and could do Brunswig stew as it was originally done (with squirrel).

  63. Staff
    7:01 pm on October 12th, 2014

    I wasn’t smart enough to use a 3 legged stool Heh heh heh. Here are Lancelot’s paw prints.

  64. Herd of Hounds
    7:03 pm on October 12th, 2014

    (Pookey) Watch the 3 legged cracks! I’ll take on another rackety coon if need be. Just hate the gimp dog comments.

  65. Staff
    7:07 pm on October 12th, 2014

    And I do have a picture of the three legged cat and me with the finished needlepoint picture before it was turned into a footstoo.

    Do those of you who went east remember the beautiful needlepoint that Mollypops Mom did? I was amazed at how beautiful they were. She is doing another one. How far have you gotten on that one Judy?

  66. Wose-the small and meek
    7:07 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Staff: That is a lovely needlepoint.

  67. Herd of Hounds
    7:12 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Barb, the DDD said he’ll get youse a squirrel if you want and has the rotisserie stuff to cook it. What a treat! (Mom doesn’t eat mammal so will bow out.)

  68. Herd of Hounds
    7:13 pm on October 12th, 2014

    P,S. Love the foto of Sparkles and Staff!

  69. Staff
    7:18 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Y’all do realize that pic was half my lifetime ago.

  70. Herd of Hounds
    7:22 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Staff, lots of things were half a lifetime ago 🙂

  71. Barb, Maggie and Lucy
    7:24 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Staff, that is a great picture. You and the cat both look so cute. You are very talented with your painting. We here could never do anything like that.

    HOH, hold off on the squirrel hunting for now. Although it is a nice offer.

  72. Riö -The Evil Pug
    7:28 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Staff!…You are so young in that photo…snorkel!…I still don’t understand how someone can be called Sparkles…chuffle!

  73. Billy's Buddy
    7:32 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Staff: You were then, and are now, gorgeous! And talented.

  74. T.C.
    7:32 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Staff is so pretty. She looks like the perfect Cat mom (and cat staff).

  75. Mollypop's Mom
    7:43 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Staff, your talents are endless!

  76. Martha
    7:59 pm on October 12th, 2014

    My sister went through a hunting phase when we were teenagers. As bad as her eyesight was, she was an amazing shot. Anyway, she brought home squirrel once. Tasted like chicken.

  77. T.C.
    8:30 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Let me get this straight: Melanie hunted squirrel? Did not see that one coming. What an amazing woman!

  78. Herd of Hounds
    8:34 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Martha, thanks for sharing that…what a hoot! Next time you want squirrel just come to TN. Heck, we even have a Newf so you will feel right at home.

  79. Barb, Maggie and Lucy
    8:45 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Here is our shrimp and grits,upside down. It’s not squirrel, but it was good.

  80. Riö -The Evil Pug
    8:49 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Gah!…Looks like intestines on a plate…urp!

  81. Riö -The Evil Pug
    8:50 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Movie!…Who here has seen the movie, “The Island”?…sniff!sniff!…I think this is a movie Staff should rent and watch…snort!

  82. Herd of Hounds
    8:52 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Leave it to Rio to make something really graphic!

  83. Herd of Hounds
    8:59 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Barb, you amaze us with your cooking. Mom doesn’t know if she’d cook for just herself. Years ago she cooked 2 meals and froze them so she would have 2 alternating dinners through the week. Now she is on strike hoping to make the boarders do something around the house…seems to be working.

  84. Barb, Maggie and Lucy
    9:04 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Excuse me! Shrimps do NOT look like intestines. You are just jealous because there was no way we could share.

    However, now that we take another look, maybe they do look a little like intestines. They did taste like shrimp!

  85. Siber-H
    9:14 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Rio, There is more than one movie called, “The Island”
    Are you watching the old one with Michael Caine?

  86. Riö -The Evil Pug
    9:17 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Shrimp!…ugh!urp!…We here do not peel, de-vein, or eat shrimp….gahg!…And they do look like intestines….gurgle!

    Kitchen!…My friend wants her own kitchen so bad she can taste it…heh!

  87. Riö -The Evil Pug
    9:19 pm on October 12th, 2014

    SiberH!…No this one is with Scarlett Johansson, Ewan McGregor, and Steve Buscemi….snort!…An Amazing movie. The action scenes are breathtaking!…wheeze!

  88. Herd of Hounds
    9:20 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Kitchen…..Taste…….Mmmm? perhaps something?

  89. Barb, Maggie and Lucy
    9:20 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Yeah, we did have to peel, de-vein and cook them, but they were mighty good.

  90. Riö -The Evil Pug
    9:21 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Island!…If Staff were to see this movie she would know why I have recommended it for her…wuffle!

  91. Herd of Hounds
    9:22 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Oh dog! Nightly noodles, at least for 2 hours.

  92. dawson
    9:22 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Martha: What? I want to know who skinned and gutted that squirrel!? I’ve been talking for years about trying to get up enough nerve to skin a squirrel at Rendezvous Days. Sheesh!

  93. Barb, Maggie and Lucy
    9:25 pm on October 12th, 2014

    We though our plated food looked as good as the pictures on food network till Rio critiqued us. Now it looks gross.

  94. Riö -The Evil Pug
    9:27 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Staff!.. Or anyone. Best not to know what you are getting yourself in for if you decide to watch this movie…heh!heh!…It was suggested to my friend by the Hot-Shot, so we were hesitant to order it. As his past suggestions we have watched have not been to our liking…grunt!…Take “Apocalypto” for example…gah!splort!…But this one is excellante!

  95. Riö -The Evil Pug
    9:40 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Photo!…I keep thinking those guts are going to fall on my head while I am posting on this here blog…yeeep!…That upside down photo makes it all the worse…gah!

  96. Staff
    9:59 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Sorry Rio, There is no way I am watching that movie. I am already traumatized by Beside Ourselves…grump

  97. Riö -The Evil Pug
    10:04 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Staff!…This is just the next obvious step – you should watch it. Really….snort! …I promise you won’t cry – and that is the real mystery…sniff!

  98. Staff
    10:06 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Remember I was young Rio. I almost named Sparkles Muffin. But the white whiskers and other fur around her face made the name Sparkles win out.

    Then in later years when she had thyroid issues and I had to go and pick up meds for her at the local Walgreens I decided never to use a ‘cute’ name for a pet again.

    The pharmacist would call up “Sparkles Drew” and I had to slink up to the counter feeling silly. That name was not the kind of name a ‘good girl’ would have.

    Since then only people names. Although pharmacists no longer shout the names out in the store so it would be safe.

  99. Riö -The Evil Pug
    10:07 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Staff!…It’s funny you should mention Beside Ourselves. I just finished reading Karen’s blog – the actual entry I posted on but never read because at that point in time I could not read another word of hers…wuffle!…But now I can. And I did and her thoughts are so interesting. This Tuesday we will find out who wins the Man Booker Award, and I sooo hope with all my heart she does…snorkel!…She deserves to win.

  100. Staff
    10:07 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Maybe I wouldn’t cry, but would I cringe? And, more importantly, would I laugh?

  101. Riö -The Evil Pug
    10:09 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Staff!…It’s funny you should mention Beside Ourselves. I just finished reading Karen’s blog – the actual entry I posted on but never read because at that point in time I could not read another word of hers…wuffle!…But now I can. And I did and her thoughts are so interesting. This Tuesday we will find out who wins the M-a-n B-oo-ker Award, and I sooo hope with all my heart she does…snorkel!…She deserves to win.

    ((my first attempt at this comment is being moderated!…grump!!))

  102. dawson
    10:10 pm on October 12th, 2014

    SPARKLES DREW! Heh, heh, heh!

  103. dawson
    10:10 pm on October 12th, 2014

    I bet you are a real good “patter”.

  104. Riö -The Evil Pug
    10:13 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Laugh!…There are a few giggles in there. No real laugh out loud moments. It really is a very thought provoking movie. I can say no more…snuffle!

  105. Barb, Maggie and Lucy
    10:14 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Sounds a little like a stripper, no?

  106. Barb, Maggie and Lucy
    10:18 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Maybe someone named Sparkles will be in the next C & B book, right Dawson? Sort of like Autumn.

  107. Basil and Sage
    10:24 pm on October 12th, 2014

    So much to catch up on.
    Staff, you are talented and beautiful. And Sparkles was a lovely kitty.
    Barb – we often wish we could be there for dinner. Or for coffee, or just for a giggle.
    HOH – if it tastes like chicken….we say just eat the chicken! (Sorry, Fern)
    Martha – don’t think we would be surprised by anything your sister did. After all, we know she used to paint her goats “toenails” with glitter.

  108. Riö -The Evil Pug
    10:27 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Goats!….She also had goats who would climb on top of her V-W Bug…snort! …Probably to show off their nail polish…snort!

  109. Basil and Sage
    10:28 pm on October 12th, 2014

    We think it would be fun to announce Alice and Abbie’s family at a big gatherin .
    “And here comes Mr.FireSlippers and Sparkles Drew. ”

    Bet the paparazzi would click their shutters. giggle

  110. Barb, Maggie and Lucy
    10:33 pm on October 12th, 2014

    B & S, We often wish your Mama could be here, too. Ask her if she would ever consider traveling west. We promise not to make her eat intestines while she is here. Maybe she could see some other Plunders while she is out here. Think about it.

    And now we are saying Good Night. We have taken enough abuse for today.

  111. Basil and Sage
    10:43 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Yawn – us too we gotta say goodnight.
    Sleep peacefully, family

  112. Riö -The Evil Pug
    10:50 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Stranded!…I have to report that Nanason is stranded in Minneapolis…wheeze!…She could not get on the last flight home. But never fear she has a hotel room and is not sleeping on the airport floor…snort!…When we were traveling to and from Alaska we saw folks sleeping on the floor. It was a disturbing sight and we would never want Nanason to be in that position…gulp!

  113. ML
    10:54 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Good evening framily. Just getting ready to tuck Annie into her kennel. We are supposed to get big storms here tonight, so I want to get a head start on the sleeping.

    HOH mom, I called you yesterday and left a message.

    Happy sleeping y’all.

  114. Staff
    11:09 pm on October 12th, 2014

    nighty noodle

  115. Wolfie
    11:16 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Mom just finished reading the latest Jan Karon book. Sigh. She loved it.

  116. Wolfie
    11:17 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Hi ML!

  117. dawson
    11:33 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Hi Wolfie! Go Giants!

  118. dawson
    11:36 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Wild pitch!
    Giants tie it up in the top of the 9th!

  119. Riö -The Evil Pug
    11:36 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Game!…Sumbitch!…Wild ball and now the game is tied….grump!…And we really need to go to bed soon…sniff!…Growl!

  120. Riö -The Evil Pug
    11:37 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Crap!…That Posey is up to bat…grunt!

  121. dawson
    11:38 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Buster Posey up to bat with runners on 1st and 3rd! 2 out.

  122. Riö -The Evil Pug
    11:42 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Sniff!…This does not bode well…snort!…We are off to bed because someone says so…sniff!

  123. dawson
    11:45 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Posey walks. Bases loaded! Big Sandoval up to bat.

  124. dawson
    11:48 pm on October 12th, 2014

    He bloops it to the pitcher for out # 3.
    Tie game 4 to 4.
    I’ll have to read about it in the morning.

    G’day to Liz.

  125. dawson
    11:52 pm on October 12th, 2014

    Didn’t get the computer off before Wong hits a home for the win for the Cardinals! 5-4

  126. Diane C.
    5:49 am on October 13th, 2014

    Everyone–I have so missed checking in (didn’t realize it fully until reading the squash soup stuff–love the truffle oil idea).
    I’m a bit lost in the quilting talk, but enjoying it anyway.
    Wose, I’m so glad you’re out of that abusive environment.

  127. Diane C.
    5:57 am on October 13th, 2014

    Meashka and Siber-H–Thanks–I had the same question about “ice dams”.
    BB–Except for the ham, the Bloody garnishes sound delightful (as does the strengthening cocktail). Oddly I had some seasonal”pumpkin” beer recently that was wonderful except for an excessive molasses note. Drank it anyway. did not try anything requiring manual dexterity after that.

    Now I’m craving squash…

  128. T.C.
    5:58 am on October 13th, 2014

    Good morning, Diane! It’s good to hear from you.

  129. Diane C.
    6:02 am on October 13th, 2014

    MPM–That sparkles was quite the looker (as are you) and the embroidery is gorgeous…
    B.M and L–Are those beets? (Harvard? pickled–they don;t look baked or roasted–then too, they may not be beets…)

  130. Diane C.
    6:10 am on October 13th, 2014

    TC–Hey! It’s nice to know I’m not the only one up early (actually thinking about a short nap before going to work).
    OK, here’s the most recent Big Deal chez nous:

    As I may have mentioned some months ago, when I first took Conan to my groomer, she called back within half an hour and asked me to pick him up as he they couldn’t handle him. Since then, I’ve been bathing him in the shower with me, and taking him for periodic “de-sensitizing” treatments (I lift him, struggling, into an empty tub, keep him there for as long as possible, then take him out and home).
    Thursday he had some digestive trouble and ended up with a dried mess under his tail, so I took him in again and held him while he was hosed off. He handled it pretty well. The (male) groomer then said he thought he could bathe him if I left the two of them alone together. Since C seemed to be fairly calm (although quite vocal) I did so, and when I came back he was QUIETLY STANDING ON TOP OF A GROOMING TABLE, MAKING NO
    ATTEMPT TO ESCAPE AND LOOKING HANDSOME AND FLUFFY! He’d had his nails done, they had gotten a muzzle on him, and he seemed perfectly OK if a bit worn out by his ordeal. This was one of the great days of my life (and one of Conan’s even if he doesn’t realize it).

  131. Diane C.
    6:14 am on October 13th, 2014

    Staff–I aborted on Beside Ourselves shortly after beginning Chapter 5. I had the sense that Something Bad was going to happen and I suspected I would be traumatized–thanks for mentioning that you were. (I aborted on Kite Runner for the same reason.)
    I hope everyone is sleeping peacefully or getting ready to begin a wonderful day. (I’m going back to bed to sample an Imperial Rome cozy and maybe get a little more sleep.)

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