Chetspeak on Sunday

The perp looked around – what nasty little eyes he had! – and saw there was nowhere to go. We were in some kind of warehouse, big and shadowy, with a few grimy high-up windows and tall stacks of machine parts. I couldn’t remember how the warehouse fit in, exactly, or even what the whole case was all about; only knew beyond a doubt, from those nasty eyes and that sour end-of-the-line smell, a bit like those kosher pickles Bernie had with his BLT’s – I’d tried one; once was enough for the kosher pickles, although I always had time for a BLT – that this guy was the perp. I lunged forward and grabbed him by the pantleg. Case closed.



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23 Responses to “Chetspeak on Sunday”

  1. B.Stover
    8:57 am on September 24th, 2017

    I love the way Chet’s mind works (and the meandering sentences)!

    Good morning all.

  2. Wose-The Small and Meek
    9:36 am on September 24th, 2017


    Good morning, HRH,B!

    Love today’s Chet Speak! I always have time for a BLT myself!

    Summer-like weather here today!

    I still have to type in my name and e-mail. :^(

    Good day to all!

  3. Herd of Hounds
    9:52 am on September 24th, 2017

    Still typing name and address 😕.
    Good morning B and Wose and everyone!
    Love Chetspeak and this is a great one.
    Super Sunday to all.

  4. Howlers
    11:06 am on September 24th, 2017

    Happy Egg Day, Friends. We just love it when Chet closes a case.

  5. c.hobbitz
    12:40 pm on September 24th, 2017

    Home sweet home…but my luggage is lost somewhere. I had a nightmare with Air Canada arriving and Air Canada departing. Their security line is massive and obviously understaffed. There was a new employee that was very slow and targeting every carry on for search. 90 minutes in line and people let e jump some spaces because at some point I had 8 minutes to catch my flight. Plus my boarding pass had the dreaded SSSS code for extra screening. Then I had to clear customs and the guy was chatty. I barely made my flight which fortunately was 10 minutes delayed. When I boarded and agent said, “you are the one we are liking for” and had me step aside. The announcer was saying everyone should be on board and the gate was closing. Finally I was allowed to leave.. It turns out the SSS code also means your suitcase has to be pulled and searched. My suitcase never made it to Boston and is not in the system.

    All animals are fine and my new cat family is adorable. I had forgotten how small 10-day old kittens are. I gave my Houseitter the honor of naming them and she chose fish names: Guppy, Dolly, Flounder, etc. Weird.

  6. dawson
    1:38 pm on September 24th, 2017

    I remembered to put my name and address in the fields today.

    I feel better today and can stand and walk without collapsing into a quivering mess, which is always a plus. Still have a sore throat and congestion, fever and chills, but even that has moderated. Hooray! I’m gonna live!

    Brain is not quite with it though. I thought it was Monday and was getting ready to go out when the man-who-lives-in-this-house told me it was Sunday. Right again! That’s twice in one week! I am grateful for another day of rest and recuperation.

    CHobbitz: Oh no! I had that dreaded SSSS designation last time I flew too. What a pain, especially as it follows you through the whole trip, on every flight. Each leg they search all your luggage. One would think with a SSSS designation they would keep better track of your luggage! I’m glad you didn’t miss a flight.
    Welcome home! I like the names Guppy and Dolly, but Flounder is a definitely weird.

  7. Herd of Hounds
    1:40 pm on September 24th, 2017

    CHobbitz, so glad you ar home even if sans luggage. Sounds like the Canada walking tour was wonderful…makes us want to sing the Canadian Railroad
    Trilogy. Your kitties are fortunate indeed to have you for a surrogate mom.
    Hope to see you in March.

  8. BooBear
    6:56 pm on September 24th, 2017

    Just posted after adding name and email with a picture of mom’s Halloween fireplace. Submitted and got “thank you for your comment”. Refreshed and nothing was there. Sigh.

  9. Rio - The Evil Pug
    8:17 pm on September 24th, 2017

    SSSS!…What the hell is that all about?…grunt!…And what is the trigger for CHobbit and Dawson getting targeted for a dreadful security nightmare?….wheeze!….I just do not understand the system…sniff!


  10. BearSpiritDog
    8:21 pm on September 24th, 2017

    Yes, we see what you mean…Must Type in Name & EMail Address. Gah.

  11. BearSpiritDog
    8:22 pm on September 24th, 2017

    SSSS! Sounds Ominous.

  12. Masquers
    8:23 pm on September 24th, 2017

    B: Where’s that cane?

  13. Rio - The Evil Pug
    8:24 pm on September 24th, 2017

    Bear!…Well finally you are on board with the fact THE BLOG IS BROKEN!…grunt!…I was just reading about the SSSS and now I am sure I will probably get that on my boarding pass next time I fly anywhere on an aeroplane…sniff!…As if!

  14. Rio - The Evil Pug
    8:26 pm on September 24th, 2017

    Maskers!…If you post 2 or more times in a row your info will stay put…snort!…The minute someone new posts after youse, you will lose your info…grump!

  15. Rio - The Evil Pug
    8:30 pm on September 24th, 2017

    Lied!…I just posted twice and now my Info is gone!gone!gone!…sniff!…So the bug is still getting buggier…grunt!…Meanwhile Baker Boy is playing video games and eating cheetos…growl!

  16. Staff
    9:35 pm on September 24th, 2017

    I just got on the blog and my info was still up. I will see if this posts…

  17. Staff
    9:36 pm on September 24th, 2017

    Well I see it. And my info is still there.

  18. Staff
    9:37 pm on September 24th, 2017

    Maybe there needs to be some updates? I am on a Windows 10 computer…

  19. Masquers
    9:54 pm on September 24th, 2017

    Staff: Windows 10 here too.

  20. Ole Doc
    9:59 pm on September 24th, 2017

    Did someone mention Cheetos?

  21. dawson
    10:31 pm on September 24th, 2017

    I’m on a Windows 10 and I have to re-type name and address every time.

    Staff: Did you see the post where I hinted you should buy Their Wildest Dreams for me? It costs $130.00 on the site, GRUMP!

    Since I have 2 passports, I think what I did to earn the dreaded SSSS designation was show the wrong passport for the country I was in. It wouldn’t be so bad if they only checked you once but the searching through every piece of your luggage multiple times is nuts!

  22. dawson
    10:35 pm on September 24th, 2017

    It already dark at 7:30, I skipped a nap today and my back is relapsing a bit so I’m off to bed. I hope Ole Doc gets some Cheetos!
    I’m going to post while I don’t have to re-type the info. It is still there.

    Nighty noodle all.

  23. Ole Doc
    11:29 pm on September 24th, 2017

    Dawson: You and me both.


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