Lt. Stine got off the phone. “That was Vegas PD,” he said to Bernie. “They confirm you reported the Albie Rose homicide.”

Bernie nodded. He’s a great nodder, had all sorts of nods. This one meant … not sure what, but he wasn’t happy.

“But over the phone and kind of lacking in detail,” said Lt. Stine. “They want to talk to you.”

“Happy to talk to them,” Bernie said.

“Like now,” said Lt. Stine. “They suggested I detain you.”

Detain? Didn’t know that one, but for some reason I started thinking about this cage down in Mexico – is that in To Fetch A Thief? The next thing I knew I was pretty close to Lt. Stine.

“Hey!” he said. “Is Chet growling at me? What the hell? I thought we were friends, big guy.”

Me, too.


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89 Responses to “Cages”

  1. Melanie
    3:35 am on September 10th, 2010

    Lt. Stine should know better!

    Of course, Lt Stine did say "suggest" but Chet would not get that distinction.

    The Pack's opinion? Get ready to grab some pant legs!

  2. Barb & Maggie
    4:08 am on September 10th, 2010

    Good morning, Melanie and all. Glad we got a little more on the case today. Chet didn't like the sound of "detain", did he?

    We miss Kirby & Co. Please come back!!!

  3. BStover
    4:11 am on September 10th, 2010

    Chet: I think Lt. Stine understands…and he is a friend. I'm wondering why Bernie is unhappy. What is he thinking….It's about something in Albie's house…other than the body…I think.

  4. Barb & Maggie
    4:11 am on September 10th, 2010

    Bug is still there – when we push submit, we get a "cannot connect" white screen, then when we push the back arrow our message is still there. When we push refresh, then it is posted. Hope Mr B can get it fixed today.

  5. BStover
    4:12 am on September 10th, 2010

    Yes the bug is still with us.

  6. BStover
    4:14 am on September 10th, 2010

    Good morning Barb&Maggie and Melanie…and all.

  7. Melanie
    4:21 am on September 10th, 2010

    The phone rang at 7 am this morning . . .

    Dan wanted Zoë to come to the hospital and see how well he's doing at PT. He is starting his campaign to NOT go to rehab.

    Zoë is just saying to him, we will do what the Doctor says. . .

    Then she's going to explain to the doctor that DAN WILL BE GOING TO REHAB!

    He is one stubborn man. Can't figure out where that comes from.

    Oh wait, the entire family has it!

  8. Melanie
    4:24 am on September 10th, 2010

    Could the Blog bug be related to Bed Bugs? It's the same first letter.

    We need another flow chart from Kirby. I wonder if Kirby's mom had to give the laptop back to her son. He might have to use it at school. . .


  9. Sam
    4:27 am on September 10th, 2010

    Melanie, that's such good news about Dan! He has come so far and now we see that stubbornness again. Better this time that he will have to follow the doctor's orders.

  10. Sam
    4:52 am on September 10th, 2010

    Stars and rhinestone jewels! I'm going to be a Princess. I'm going to be a Princess! Oh beautiful princessy Me.

  11. dawson
    5:07 am on September 10th, 2010

    Chet: You're friends with Lt. Stine as long as he doesn't try to detain Bernie.

    Bernie: We need some fast thinking here. This case still has a few niggles.

    Melanie: Dan is making me laugh. Glad it wasn't me he called at 7 a.m. He just never gives up and that will be good in the end but the beginning is: Go to Rehab, Work Hard. Sending down some prayers for strength to Zoe who is doing a great job between the doctors and Dan.

    Kirby T.Penworthy: Hope all is well.

  12. Melanie
    5:29 am on September 10th, 2010

    Thanks all. I was just watching Double Rainbow Song. So lovely and funny. Don't know if some of you will be able to download it but here's the youtube link.

    It always makes me smile. It also made me ponder . . .

    SiberH do you guys get rainbows? Does Chet and Bernie get rainbows?

  13. B. Stover
    5:46 am on September 10th, 2010

    Melanie: You and Zoe outnumber Dan. Now you have to out-stubborn him as well.

  14. B. Stover
    5:52 am on September 10th, 2010

    Geese are flying in "V" formation south.

  15. Melanie
    6:02 am on September 10th, 2010

    We can, it's just at the last rehab Dan talked his way out 4 days early without them getting in touch with us. THAT'S NOT HAPPENING THIS TIME!

    I raised two ADD guys and one of those was hyperactive (bet you can guess which one!)

    Talk about being stubborn!

    But no one can out stubborn Zoë or me, Dan did that sidestep around and ended up with the law on his side. He's certainly a smart and wily coyote!

  16. Riö - The Evil
    6:15 am on September 10th, 2010

    Chet!…The only time I’ve ever been in a cage was when I hurt my back and she tried to kennel me so that I wouldn’t move around… snort!… It only took a short while before she let me out of that thing…yeep!…I can really lay on it on thick when I want to…heh! … Crying and whining, I mean… cough!

  17. Melanie
    6:16 am on September 10th, 2010

    Funny story about YSAS when he was seven or eight. If you did not guess it was YSAS who was ADHD. He also had other learning differences. The school said there was nothing wrong with him, he just didn't pay attention. So I had him tested at a Children's Hospital. Boy, is his wiring different.

    One of the tests was for impulse control. They put YSAS in a white room, with a white floor, a white desk and a one way mirror so they could watch. There was only one bit of color in the white room and that was a RED BUTTON.

    They put head phones on him and said when he heard the tone he was to hit the button. ROTFLMAS

    He kept hitting the button. With nothing else to distract him all he could do was hit the button. They stopped the test. Went in and told him the rules again.

    He tried, really, but the temptation was too great and the anticipation was too great and he kept hitting that button.

    The tester said they had never had anyone do that before. They were astounded. snicker

    Considering I found him singing Ma, ma, ma, ma while hanging off the top of the refrigerator when he was six months old, nothing astounded me.

  18. Riö - The Evil
    6:28 am on September 10th, 2010

    Clarkson!…. He is truly destined to be a great actor, that’s for sure!….snort!… I can’t wait to hear about his latest play!!…wheeze!

  19. Siberian Husky
    6:40 am on September 10th, 2010

    Like all dogs, Chet can pick up on the energy people give off. Chet is just better at it than most dogs because of his line of work. I always trust Chet's instincts.

  20. Riö - The Evil
    6:53 am on September 10th, 2010

    Stover!… Remember the over-turned wine glass on the kitchen table at Albie’s?? ….snort!….Could Bernie be thinking about that and the significance of it?… grunt!… I know I am….sniff!sniff!

  21. Siberian Husky
    7:02 am on September 10th, 2010

    Melanie, those are funny stories about YSAS…but, look how creative he is. I think those traits sometimes go hand in hand.

    You and Zoe are going to be more experienced this time in knowing how to deal with Dan. That will help. If that doesn't work, there is always the pack setting on him and as a last resort, we could fly Rio up there to keep him in line.

    Yes, we have rainbows here and so do Chet and Bernie. We both share the same summer monsoon season, with towering white, anvil clouds and RAINBOWS. Thee sky is so beautiful that time of year with the storms rolling off the mountains into the valleys. Our sky is a rich blue because of the altitude.. Chet and Bernie's sky, not so much, because they are at a lower elevation.

  22. B. Stover
    7:05 am on September 10th, 2010

    Rio: There was only one wine glass right?

    SH: What are "anvil" clouds?

  23. Siberian Husky
    7:18 am on September 10th, 2010

    They are towering clouds that can reach up to 60,000 ft., usually shaped like an anvil, fluffy white on top but dark (sometimes black) underneath. They form over the mountains and if they can keep their energy once they leave the high country, they can give us some mighty storms. The airplanes go around them.

  24. B. Stover
    7:23 am on September 10th, 2010

    SH: Thank you. We get clouds that are fluffly on top and flat and darker on the bottom…usually means storms. I like that adjective: anvil.

    Rio: Here is the bit regarding the wine glass. It's from the June 9 post, "Smithereens." One suspicious thing is that the kitchen is completely clean. It's in the next post, I think, that Chet finds the cartridge.

    "After a while we were in the kitchen. It kind of reminded me of the kitchen at Max’s Memphis Ribs – one of my very favorite places – except it was way bigger. I sniffed around for scraps, found none. That hardly ever happened in kitchens. Meanwhile Bernie was gazing at the table. There was nothing on it but a wine glass, lying on its side. Bernie took out the .38 Special. Always glad to see the .38 Special, of course, but why now? For a moment I thought Bernie was going to blow that wine glass to smithereens. Did that make sense? Kind of, at least to me."

  25. Siberian Husky
    7:39 am on September 10th, 2010

    I am looking forward to seeing Sam's quilt square.

    Rio, so Rocky and his gang have gone to Sturgis. What do I keep trying to tell you about that squirrel. They were at the burning of Zozobra last night in Santa Fe . I saw them because I watched the burning of Old Man Gloom streaming live on the internet. Let me tell you, they were partying hard. Their little squirrel brains were not focused on bed bugs.

  26. Mollypop
    7:45 am on September 10th, 2010

    B. – We saw geese flying south in the vee formation this morning too. Mom told me she thought it was too soon.

    Do you think they are really going already? Maybe just testing their wings? It's probably right that they're really going since we both saw it this morning.

    7:52 am on September 10th, 2010

    We hope Kirby's mom is not upset with us.

  28. Siberian Husky
    7:58 am on September 10th, 2010

    We won't see geese flying over until November. They are almost at the end of their journey when we see them because they winter about 60 miles south of here. For part of their trip in NM, they fly along the Rio Grande.

  29. Chet The Dog
    8:04 am on September 10th, 2010

    From Admin: Bug annihilation awaits a discussion between David and Mike, and that can't happen till Monday. That leaves a choice: We can suspend the blog till then; or plunder on.

  30. Riö - The Evil
    8:08 am on September 10th, 2010

    Motto!… We are not called the Plunderers for nothing!…snort!… I say we Plunder On!….grunt!

  31. Siberian Husky
    8:15 am on September 10th, 2010

    We hope so, too, Maggie. Kirby's mom did a super job of reporting and we appreciate it.

    I don't know how much I will be at the computer during the next 2 days, starting this afternoon and evening. Mom is going to an adoption event with Husky Rescue and I am stuck at home with dad. He won't turn on the computer on for me because he says I need to do things like read books or watch the National Geographic channel. Sure, I'll watch that tv channel, but it is not always the high and mighty educational channel he thinks it is. Where does he think I learned about chupacabras, hee hee. Dad and I eat well, though.

    Signing off for now because I guess I'll help mom get ready to go. Have a great weekend everyone!

  32. Riö - The Evil
    8:16 am on September 10th, 2010

    Albie!… So Bernie found Albie's body 4 months ago, almost to the day!… snort!…. In the story we are still on that same day, are we not?… wheeze!… That’s what I call stretching the story…sniff!

  33. B. Stover
    8:16 am on September 10th, 2010

    Plunder on please!

  34. Siberian Husky
    8:18 am on September 10th, 2010

    I won't be here for part of the time, but PLUNDER ON!

  35. Melanie
    8:20 am on September 10th, 2010

    Plundering on gets our vote!

    Maybe Kirby's mom is reading???

  36. B. Stover
    8:22 am on September 10th, 2010

    Rio: Within the context of the story, yes I think we are on the same day.

    Mollypop: There are some geese that stay around one of the lakes nearby and they test their wings around this time. However, the two groups I saw this morning were flying high up in the sky so I think that they are heading south. Other birds have started their sky acrobatics–hundreds of them swooping around the sky and moving as one. It's fascinating to watch. It might be a week or two early. I wonder if that says anything about the winter to come…..

  37. Macy the Min-Pin
    8:26 am on September 10th, 2010

    Yes, we vote plunder as well.

    Sammy girl settle down, you are going to give all us princesses a bad rap. I know it is exciting. I don't think my square is getting the princess treatment, but I am happy for you.

    I love how Chet confuses people because they can't read his mind, but we can!

    SiberH, Mom is so jealous that you can see the mountains. She really wants to go back to the Los Alamos area and look around some more. Are you close to there? Maybe she will bring me next time.

    I think the geese were practicing. People don't realize how much practice those V's take, and then there is always one ADHD goose that won't stay in line.

    We also hope that Kirby's mom is just so busy reading that she hasn't gotten back to us. Kirby, old boy, I miss your face.

  38. Mollypop
    8:41 am on September 10th, 2010

    Admin: Your computer logic leaves me speechless. We can suspend the blog ourselves by just not posting – duh!

  39. dawson
    8:44 am on September 10th, 2010

    Plunder On!

    The cranes flew over here last weekend.

    Melanie: It is never boring at your place. Hanging from the refrigerator at 6 months is gifted, in a weird sort of way. 🙂

  40. Gus and BooBear
    8:53 am on September 10th, 2010

    Plunder on, Chet! Kirby's mom is probably reading her new book and too engrossed to post.

    Chet, has SQ started taking notes on your thoughts for book 4 yet?

  41. Riö - The Evil
    9:44 am on September 10th, 2010

    Fourth!…. I be there is going to be a Kangaroo in book number 4… snort!… You guys just wait and see…sniff!

    9:49 am on September 10th, 2010

    And maybe Chet will find Harry hidden in the kangaroo pouch!

    Plunder on!

  43. B. Stover
    10:24 am on September 10th, 2010

    I have proof that the geese are flying south. (It's not scientific but it's proof to me.) There are groups of geese in the parkway eating grass and resting. They do that in the spring also when flying north. We call them Canada Geese. (I think that should be "Canadian" but it's not.) I love hearing their honking sound. Sometimes traffic has to wait while a string of them crosses the street. On campus we have to watch where we walk.

    10:33 am on September 10th, 2010

    Bee, Most people refer to them as Canadian Geese, but you are right- their correct name is a Canada Goose.

  45. Riö - The Evil
    11:32 am on September 10th, 2010

    Rhyme!… An old nursery rhyme since you insist on talking about those filthy geese that chase me on our walks!….grunt!

    Goosey goosey gander,

    Whither shall I wander?

    Upstairs and downstairs

    And in my lady's chamber.

    There I met an old man

    Who wouldn't say his prayers,

    So I took him by his left leg

    And threw him down the stairs.

  46. Riö - The Evil
    11:37 am on September 10th, 2010
  47. Sam
    11:37 am on September 10th, 2010

    The CEO of Mom's company had his son come for a visit. The geese attacked him in the parking lot!

  48. Riö - The Evil
    11:43 am on September 10th, 2010

    Ducks!… Are way more hilarious and not so mean spirited!…snort!

    [img ][/img]

  49. Riö - The Evil
    11:46 am on September 10th, 2010

    Ducks!… Here's a funny duck story!…cough!

    Alan is driving a pick-up truck along the road with a flock of ducks in the back. He is stopped by a zealous police officer who informs Alan that he is speeding and then asks him where he's going with all the ducks. Alan replies that he is not sure what to do with them. The policeman tells him helpfully, 'Look, Marwell Zoo is not far from here and that's a good place as any to take them.' Alan thanks the police officer and drives off with his ducks.

    The next day the officer again sees the same pick-up truck hurtling down the road. This time, though, all the ducks in the back are wearing sunglasses. The officer pulls Alan over again and growls, 'I thought I told you to take those ducks to the zoo.'

    'I did,' responded Alan happily, 'but now they want to go to Southsea beach.'

  50. B. Stover
    12:13 pm on September 10th, 2010

    I actually saw that happen to a male and female duck and their chicks trying to walk across a storm drain. All the chicks fell through and the male stayed in the background while the female kept calling for the chicks waiting for them to reappear. They did that for several days. It was terrible.

    I've never seen a Canada Goose attack anyone.

  51. Alice Johnson
    12:18 pm on September 10th, 2010

    We have acquired several boxes and are going to finish the last 4 feet of binding. Then we will take a picture. Heh heh

    I know that some princesses are impatient to see their block.

    We will plunder on.

    12:20 pm on September 10th, 2010

    That story makes Barb very sad, B. She was hoping someone saved the ducklings right after that pic was snapped.

    When Barb's son was a baby, sitting in a stroller, a Canada Goose walked up to him at the zoo. He stuck his chubby little finger out to touch it's beak and it grabbed hold, thinking it was food. He screamed and it would not let go. He still loves animals though, and will stop traffic to help animals get across the road.

  53. Alice Johnson
    12:33 pm on September 10th, 2010

    Barb and Maggie,

    We have received our seeds.


  54. B. Stover
    12:37 pm on September 10th, 2010

    I tried to save the duck chicks but we couldn't get to them in time.

  55. dawson
    12:41 pm on September 10th, 2010

    I am not a big fan of Canada Geese. They are all over the place around the lakes in Minnesota, pooping their slimy poop on the bike path, not getting out of the way and just generally being mean. I give them a wide berth. I've never seen one up north here in Canada.

  56. Riö - The Evil
    12:45 pm on September 10th, 2010

    Chicks!… Now I feel bad – I thought that number 3 photo was set-up….sniff! … It may or may not be if this has actually happened before… wheeze!… Why do they like walking over storm drains anyway??

  57. Riö - The Evil
    12:49 pm on September 10th, 2010

    Canada!…. I don’t know why they are called Canada Geese!…snort!…They are always down here vacationing. Eating and pooping all over everybody lawns and the park paths… grunt!….Chasing smaller guys like me around….sneeze!….Go Home Canada Geese and Crap in your own country for a change!… grumble!

    12:55 pm on September 10th, 2010

    OK, For once I get to correct B. YEAH!!! Baby chickens are chicks, baby ducks are ducklings, and baby geese are goslings. are

  59. Mollypop
    12:55 pm on September 10th, 2010

    Rio – Your #3 phot was either set up the ducklings were rescued. We have them rescued around here all the time.

    1:00 pm on September 10th, 2010

    More usuless information: Baby swans are cygents, baby kangaroos are joeys, and here is a shocker – baby sharks are called PUPS! I bet they are not as cute and cuddly as all the pups we know or have known!

  61. Mollypop
    1:43 pm on September 10th, 2010

    Macy – Sorry about my Cousin Sam. She is so excited about what Staff is doing with her quilt picture that none of us can stand it. She's making us crazy. And then Sam's Girl too – she's planning on having Sam ready for her audition for Princess when the second Chet movie is made.

  62. B. Stover
    1:45 pm on September 10th, 2010

    I don't like the word "gosling" but that is interesting to know. The ducklings I saw fall in the storm sewer were following their mother who was walking across it. I think she was after the water as it was draining into the sewer.

  63. B. Stover
    1:51 pm on September 10th, 2010

    Has anyone seen the movie Marley and Me? It's on HBO and I'm planning to watch it since I've never seen it. However, if Marley dies at the end I don't want to watch it.

  64. Melanie
    2:12 pm on September 10th, 2010

    What a grand collection of conversations today. Some sad, some happy. Awesome.

    Siber-H. I'm glad you and Chet get rainbows.

  65. Mollypop
    2:34 pm on September 10th, 2010

    Mom hasn't seen Marley & Me. She didn't want to go after she read the review. Sam's Girl saw it and did a lot of crying.

  66. B. Stover
    2:37 pm on September 10th, 2010

    Mollypop: I'd better stop watching it!

  67. AbbietheKitty
    2:51 pm on September 10th, 2010


    Staff says 'Marly and Me' is a real tearjerker.

    Sam and everyone else

    (except Chet, Spence and Admin)-(you guys are on your honor now)

    Check out the blue link at my name up above.

  68. Barb & Maggie
    2:59 pm on September 10th, 2010

    Marley and Me (book and movie) are both well done. Barb liked the book better than the movie. There are some funny parts and some sad parts too. Bring tissues if you intend to watch the whole movie, Bee.

  69. Mollypop
    3:00 pm on September 10th, 2010

    A-Kat – That quilt is a thing of beauty and a joy forever. I'm assuming that you have fully tested it.

  70. Melanie
    3:16 pm on September 10th, 2010

    Totally AWESOME!!! Staff and Wöökie's mom! What a team.

    From my computer's dictionary . . . Awesome!

    "ORIGIN late 16th cent. (in the sense [filled with awe] ): from awe + some"

  71. Bluecat
    3:18 pm on September 10th, 2010

    The Quilt is beyond gorgeous. Thanks so very much to everyone who worked on it, those who made squares and especially Staff and Wookie's Mom, who helped us no talents.

    Enjoy your weekend, everybody.

  72. B. Stover
    3:22 pm on September 10th, 2010

    Staff: The quilt is BEAUTIFUL! It really "came together" well which I think was one of the hardest parts considering the variety of squares. Well done.

  73. B. Stover
    3:23 pm on September 10th, 2010

    I stopped watching Marley and Me. What I saw was really funny because he's such a cute dog.

  74. Barb & Maggie
    3:30 pm on September 10th, 2010

    Staff, We absolutely LOVE the quilt. You have out done yourself!

    Chet, Spence and PA and family are jointly going to love it.

    Glad to know you got your "care" package today, too. Barb and Mags

  75. FattyKitty
    3:37 pm on September 10th, 2010

    I knew that the quilt would be wonderful. How could it be otherwise when all of Us are on it?

    And yes, thanks to all who made squares and otherwise contributed. I am flattered to be immortalized in fabric.

  76. Macy the Min-Pin
    3:57 pm on September 10th, 2010

    Everyone is talking about how beautiful the quilt is. Has there been another picture that I missed, or are they talking about the previous ones. Either way, I know it will be super.

  77. dawson
    3:58 pm on September 10th, 2010

    A work of beauty, genius, love and fun. We are all represented in some way on that quilt. It looks good on ya, Staff.

  78. Mollypop
    4:12 pm on September 10th, 2010

    Macy – Go check out A-Kat's post at 7:51

  79. B. Stover
    4:13 pm on September 10th, 2010

    Dawson described the quilt well.

    Macy: Go up to the post of Abbie (7:51 PM) and click on her name. That will take you to the website that has the pictures.

  80. Barb & Maggie
    4:26 pm on September 10th, 2010

    Beauty, genius, love and fun. How could it be expressed any better! Thanks, Dawson and thank you again, Staff and all. We are so thrilled to be a part of this group!

  81. Riö - The Evil
    5:06 pm on September 10th, 2010

    Hey!….AbbieTheKat is laying on our Quilt!… snort!… I hope she didn’t shed fur all over it… dammit! ….The squares are a lot bigger than they look in the over all quilt…

    Staff!… Where are the baseballs!…snort!… I don’t see any of the baseballs you said you sewed on… sniff!!

    Staff!… What is the finished Height and Width of this Beautiful Work of Art!…sob!sob!sob!…It’s so wonderful! An excellent gift from us to him (them)….sigh!… I really hope he loves it!…grunt!

    Staff!… When you have time can you take individual photos of each and every square and post them on your blog?… I really want to see the detail on each and every one of them!…wheeze!… Pleeze!!!

  82. Riö - The Evil
    5:08 pm on September 10th, 2010

    Kirby!…. His eyes are outrageous!… snort!… I love them!…heh!

  83. Riö - The Evil
    5:40 pm on September 10th, 2010

    Toe!… Her toe is sending jolts of misery through her foot every now and then like electric shocks… snuff!… I talked her into taking a photo of it cause it is so ugly!…heh! …. She probably won’t let me post it though. She says she has Grandma’s toes all short and stubby and doesn’t want to display them on Chet’s page… snicker!

    Rockies!…At least the Rocks are winning to dull the pain!…woooo!

  84. Riö - The Evil
    5:51 pm on September 10th, 2010

    Staff!… I just had an Idea!….snort!….Can you make a video of The Quilt before you mail it off to Spencer!?….gruff!… Please oh Please!… I want to see it as if I was in the room with it…snort!…Do you think this is possible?…. I KNOW I always ask a lot of you, but I think everyone would enjoy this!…. PLEEEZEEE!…Pretty?

  85. Alice Johnson
    6:33 pm on September 10th, 2010


    You weren't kidding when you said you would have questions for me.

    The finished quilt is 40" wide by 48" long. Each block is 8" and there are 27 blocks and the Chet the Jet 'banner.'

    There is one baseball on the inside corner of each baseball bloggers block. Except in two cases. Alice J's is hanging from her collar and your block with the two photos has one in the upper corner where the two photo's meet. I didn't want them to be overpowering. I have 4 left if you want me to litter your Rockies outfield with them.

    (Twins lost today)

    My camera has been acting up, so no video. I can take pictures but it doesn't want to let me upload them to the computer. I think I could take photos of 4 blocks at a time. All 30 blocks would be too much right now. It takes me a long time to fiddle with it and make it work. That will have to be good enough for you. I am going to wait until tomorrow so I have daylight and not electric light.

    (I am thinking I will have to get another camera.)

    I am going to put a hanging sleeve on the back and I haven't put on the label yet. But they go on the back and you don't need pictures of them.

    Wookie, Please tell Debbie LM that I am using the dog motto fabric for the hanging sleeve.

    That's all for now. Gotta go take pills and get ready for bed.

    I am glad you all like the quilt. Has anyone noticed the bones yet?

    heh heh heh, They were quilted in a special block. I figured Chet would like some nice treats.

  86. Riö - The Evil
    6:52 pm on September 10th, 2010

    Staff!…Goodnight and sleep tight!… snort!…. You are an awe + some person and what would I do without you!? I will send you a secret coded message tomorrow to ponder on and what CRAP TIMING for your camera to go to hell…shoot!

    Bones!… I did not see any bones, but the quilt is so small in the photos, that’s why I want to see each or 4 at a time, whatever you can do, to see the details… snort! …The details are important to me, you know!…sniff!…. Hope you are feeling great and have a good nights sleep!…gruff!…We here have a feeling the Rockies will win AGAIN tonight!…heh!

  87. Macy the Min-Pin
    8:31 pm on September 10th, 2010

    And finally in the 13th inning, our Rangers kick some Yankee b-hind, Nelly Cruz in a walk-off homer. Woot-woot! It is now after midnight, and a princess needs her rest.

    Macy way out.

  88. Molly
    2:23 pm on December 26th, 2010

    Reader’s new year might be better being aware of that!

  89. Muoi Desilva
    7:15 am on February 25th, 2017

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