Break in the Action, Part Two

“Independence Day, Chet,” Bernie said. I knew something was up, just from the smell of fireworks coming from the bag he was carrying. Fireworks! “Hey, easy, big guy.” Oops. I got back down.

“The house is a shambles,” Bernie said, “and people are coming over.” I watched Bernie tidy up for a while. Then he poured himself a beer and took a break. We sat out back, a beautiful morning with a clear blue sky.

“Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” Bernie said. He sipped his beer. “Here’s a question – can you even achieve happiness through pursuit? Maybe it’s the wrong way to go.” No idea what Bernie was talking about, but I was pretty happy at that moment. Then I picked up the scent of … yes! – a forgotten hot dog under the grille, maybe a bit burned but I’m not too fussy that way. I got even happier.

Happy Fourth, everybody!


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4 Responses to “Break in the Action, Part Two”

  1. B. Stover
    3:23 am on July 4th, 2009

    The last time you found a forgotten hot dog under the grill, you got sick Chet. I'm sure Bernie will have something delicious on the grill today. Happy Fourth to you too.

  2. Diane Brodson
    4:14 pm on July 4th, 2009

    Fire crackers have been going off all day. Smokey and Nicky (the dogs next door) have a little friend from your nation staying with them: a well-endowed, rough-looking chihuahua-mix. Everybody seems a little antsy…. must be all the noise.

    A little gospel Elvis tomorrow will be a relief.

  3. Rebecca Rice
    8:59 pm on July 4th, 2009

    Yeah, Smokey was a little freaked when we were there earlier. No idea what was bothering him, though, since at the time, no rockets were going off.

    That slightly hysterical bark followed by him pulling his head back through the dog door made me laugh. Poor Smokey. Pyrotechnics make every dog I've ever met a nervous wreck.

  4. karen millen catwalk
    5:55 pm on August 8th, 2011

    I will be back soon and follow up with a response.

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