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A recent Amazon reviewer of Of Mutts and Men wrote: “I could read 500 Chet the Dog books and still want more.” 500 is possibly not in the cards, but how about two (2!) more Chet and Bernie novels in 2021? The first – and I might as well reveal the title, since the book is already available for preorder – is Tender Is The Bite, coming June 1. The second – no title yet – is a holiday/Christmas novel, coming some time in the fall of 2021. More to come on both.

To all of you out there who enjoy C&B: I’m very grateful for your support.


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20 Responses to “Book News”

  1. B. Stover
    12:29 pm on September 12th, 2020

    Excellent news!

    Good afternoon all.

  2. Wose-The Small and Meek
    12:53 pm on September 12th, 2020


    A C&B 2-for in 2021! Best news I’ve had today!

    Create the best day!

  3. Herd of Hounds
    1:19 pm on September 12th, 2020

    Yeah! A twofer after waiting for two before Heart of Barkness.
    Love the name Tender is the Bite. It makes us smile 😃.

  4. Thieves!
    1:31 pm on September 12th, 2020

    Hobbit: Thanks for the Bible cliff notes a couple of days ago. What kind of intel do you have on a guy named Moses? He seems to be part of a sub-plot, but we haven paid close enough attention.

  5. dawson
    1:33 pm on September 12th, 2020

    Thank dog for this joyful news!

    Looking at the reports from the burning West, I’ve never been more grateful for our cool, soggy summer.

    Stay safe everyone.

  6. Hobbit
    2:38 pm on September 12th, 2020

    THIEVES: RE MOSES. Here is a Cliff Notes Recap:

    Moses: Chosen Prophet of the Lord and author of the Torah: the first 5 books of the Hebrew Bible. (Thieves, pay attention)

    In Egypt: A river; a baby (psst…he is Moses).
    Found, rescued and raised by Pharaoh’s daughter. YAY!
    God commands Exodus by Israelites. Moses is to lead them.
    Ten Plagues on Pharaoh’s people. OW! (see separate Cliff Notes)
    Pharaoh lets them leave — but later chases them.
    At the Red Sea: A miracle! Israelites cross, Egyptians drown.
    Moses climbs mountain. God gives Moses the 10 Commandments (see separate Cliff Notes)
    Moses climbs down mountain. Finds Israelites worshiping Golden Calf. GASP!
    God mad!!! Moses mad!!!
    Breaks tablets of 10 Commandments. Punish Israelites.
    Moses makes new tablets. Israelites arrive at border of Canaan.
    Israelites afraid— but not Moses! Israelites want to return to Egypt. BOO!
    Israelites rebel against God and Moses. A bad decision!
    God mad!!! Moses mad!!!
    Payback: Israelites forced to wonder lost for 40 years. Only one thing to eat: manna.
    Moses leads them to the banks of the Jordan River.
    At last they have arrived. {{{SIGH}}}
    Moses climbs mountain to view promised land. Dies on top, 120 years old.
    The children of Israelites inherit the Promised Land

    [my review: such a good read (sorry B. Stover) with a sad/happy ending]

  7. Herd of Hounds
    5:03 pm on September 12th, 2020

    Hobbit, that was even better than Sunday school!

  8. Hobbit
    5:14 pm on September 12th, 2020

    HOH: Editing is the key to success. I think OFA even said to get rid of all unnecessary words.

    Thieves: I know you will ask about manna. Think of it as an endless supply of Slim Jims replenished daily.

  9. Thieves!
    8:58 pm on September 12th, 2020

    Hobbit: Wheeze! Youse lost us at “Thieves, pay attention,” but we regained interest at the mention of a golden calf. So therefore, we are certain the endless supply of Slim Jim manna comes from said cow.

  10. Beau - The Black Pug
    9:16 pm on September 12th, 2020

    Sneeze!…Lots of stuff missing in dose clip-notes but a job well done anywayz…snuffle!…I have no doubts about it dat doze Thieves will benefit from dis teaching…chuffle!sneeze!

  11. Riõ - The Evil Pug
    9:18 pm on September 12th, 2020

    TWO!….Two books next year!???…wheeze!…Well we can all thank a deadly virus for that I guess…grunt!…I hope I am still around to read them both…gurgle!

  12. Riõ - The Evil Pug
    9:23 pm on September 12th, 2020

    Dawson!…We here have been soggy and very cool for days on end…sniff!…Later this afternoon the sun peaked out and I tippy-toed thru the wet grass to do my business. It was nice having the sun out for just a short while…wuffle!….My friend put her petunias back up on the porch railing to get some rays…we all felt a bit better by golly…snorkel!

  13. BooBear
    9:46 pm on September 12th, 2020

    Oh, boy! Oh, boy! Oh, boy! Two new Chet and Bernie books! 2021 is already looking to be a great year.

    Hobbit! We think you do a great job on the Bible cliff notes.

  14. Beau - The Black Pug
    9:46 pm on September 12th, 2020

    Sneeze!…I can’t wait till da Hobbit gets to Leviticus!…snort!…I will probably learn something an be able to use her clip-notes in bible studies…wheeze!…Although, at da speed dose Thieves are progressing deez notes may never be used…sniff!sneeze!

  15. Thieves!
    9:49 pm on September 12th, 2020

    Genesis chapter 1, verse 1 is a beast to get through in bible study.

  16. Beau - The Black Pug
    10:11 pm on September 12th, 2020


  17. Thieves!
    10:17 pm on September 12th, 2020

    Beau: Our last comment isn’t directed at you as a teacher, but we think if OFA wrote the beginning it would be much more enjoyable.

  18. Hobbit
    10:18 pm on September 12th, 2020

    Thieves: I can see why Beau is exasperated with youse. I had already given you the Cliff Notes version of Genesis chapter 1, verses 1-31. 31 verses reduced to 7 words. [God. There is nothing. There is everything.]
    It is admirable that Beau never gives up teaching truly his most recalcitrant students. A true teacher!

  19. Thieves!
    10:22 pm on September 12th, 2020

    Hobbit: Who’s to say we aren’t exasperated with him. The dedication on that guy really makes it hard to do our job.

  20. Beau - The Black Pug
    10:41 pm on September 12th, 2020


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