On Sunday we do beginnings – all the Peter Abrahams novels, including those written under the Spencer Quinn moniker. Since it’s spring, how about The Fan (filmed by Tony Scott with a fine cast)? Sports often play a role in our work – Bernie pitched for Army, as Chet and Bernie readers know – but never more than in this one. It begins with sports talk radio – a kind of Greek chorus that appears several times in the book. Gil is the fan.

[“Peter Abrahams’ The Fan is a shrewdly crafted thriller about a spoiled, egotistical home run hitter and the schlemiel hunting knife dealer’s rep whose hero worship metastasizes into obsession…the tale’s sharp characterizations, crisp style, and unpredictable plot twists add up to a highly credible and suspenseful literary entertainment.” – Entertainment Weekly]

“Who’s next? Gil on the car phone? What’s shaking’, Gil?”

Dead air.

“Speak, Gil.”

“Is this …”

“Go on.”


“You’re on the JOC.”

“Am I on?”

“Not for long, Gil, the way we’re going. This is supposed to be entertainment.”

Dead air.

“Got a question or a comment for us, Gil?”

“First-time caller.”

“Fantabulous. What’s on your mind?”

“I’m a little nervous.”


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6 Responses to “Beginnings”

  1. B. Stover
    12:22 pm on April 11th, 2021

    Good day to all.

  2. Herd of Hounds
    6:59 pm on April 11th, 2021

    Good day to everyone.
    I’m not sure about anyone else but I definitely prefer the Spencer Quinn books to the Peter Abrahams. They’re well written and the stories are interesting, but they’re a bit too dark for me.

  3. dawson
    6:59 pm on April 11th, 2021

    Good day BSover. Slow day on the blog.

    Everyone must be out walking their dogs.

  4. dawson
    10:22 pm on April 11th, 2021

    Peter Abraham books make me a little (sometimes a lot) nervous.

    HOH: Twins!

  5. mlaiuppa
    10:58 pm on April 11th, 2021

    I’m up to chapter five in Ruff vs Fluff. A bit hard to get in to. The level is so much lower than the Bowser and Birdie books. But I have two more.

    Plus Olive, Mabel and Me.

    Still won’t get me to July 6.

  6. Hobbit
    2:06 am on April 12th, 2021

    I guess today is national pet day. So here is a photo of all three of my pets. MR. BIG (who when I was sick turned out to be surprisingly patient when meals were late), SADIE (who didn’t have a hidden talent as a cancer-sniffing dog but is a good dog anyway); and CHESSIE (my non-social, “don’t pet me” kitty who did have a hidden talent as a therapy kitty). I have always had pets in my life as far back as I can remember.

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