Without a doubt the most original mystery series currently available. – Stephen King

On Sundays we do beginnings, taking a look at the first few lines of all the Peter Abrahams books including those written under the Spencer Quinn moniker – mostly so we can use that word! Moniker! How about Thereby Hangs A Tail today? It’s second in the Chet and Bernie series, but the series can be read in any order. For example, let’s say you wanted to start with Of Mutts and Men, coming 7/7? Who’s going to stop you? That’s the spirit!

The perp looked around – what nasty little eyes he had! – and saw there was nowhere to go. We were in some kind of warehouse, big and shadowy, with a few grimy high-up windows and tall stacks of machine parts. I couldn’t remember how the warehouse fit in, exactly, or even what the whole case was all about; only knew beyond a doubt, from those nasty eyes and that sour end-of-the-line smell, a bit like those kosher pickles Bernie had with his BLT’s – I’d tried one; once was enough for the kosher pickles, although I always had time for a BLT – that this guy was the perp. I lunged forward and grabbed him by the pantleg. Case closed.


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6 Responses to “Beginnings”

  1. B. Stover
    9:35 am on June 7th, 2020

    Excellent beginning!

    Rio: Sorry but I have no way of taking photos at the moment. I like the crocheted animals.

    Good morning all.

  2. Riõ - The Evil Pug
    11:22 am on June 7th, 2020

    Stover!…Wot? Is your kamera broken?…sniff!…Although I don’t remember you ever posting photos on this blog. Good golly!…grunt!

    Tail!…Hey this is the book where Stover discovered a flaw…heh!heh!….Do you remember that?…snort!

  3. B. Stover
    11:56 am on June 7th, 2020

    I remember that I pointed out a flaw but I don’t remember what it was.

    My camera is not working…blast!

  4. Riõ - The Evil Pug
    12:25 pm on June 7th, 2020

    Place!…It came down to the person who did it could not be in two places at the same time…snort!

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