Beginnings (3): To Fetch A Thief

“I smell trouble,” Bernie said.

Better stop right there. Not that I doubt Bernie. The truth is I believe everything he says. And he has a nice big nose for a human. But what’s that saying? Not much.

It’s a fact that trouble has a smell – human trouble especially, sour and penetrating – but Bernie had never smelled trouble before, or if so he hadn’t mentioned it, and Bernie mentioned all kinds of things to me. We’re partners in the Little Detective Agency, me and Bernie, Bernie’s last name being Little. I’m Chet, pure and simple.

Welcome Fizzgig (in moose disguise).


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92 Responses to “Beginnings (3): To Fetch A Thief”

  1. OleyHowlers
    9:27 am on May 23rd, 2012

    Good morning! We love reading the beginnings of all our favorite books. Hopefully, this will include AFOC.

    Mom’s S-I-L is getting more tests. What we now know is that what happened in her brain was much worse than previously assumed. Mom is very worried as this is her only remaining sister. Us? We have 3 of us girls, so no worries there.

  2. Melanie
    9:27 am on May 23rd, 2012

    I have to really agree with Chet here. The Pack has been smelling something out back in the wilds. I can’t see anything or smell anything. When I come out to see what they are barking at they just look at me with pity. Our neighbor from England is down and he put his camera out there over night. Something took the peanut butter and knocked down the camera. Too bad he’d forgotten Sim card!

    Next on the nose thing, one of our puppies in CA has gotten a new title! Nosework!
    He passed all four tests with 100% and he and his handler received a Pronounced Designation for excellent teamwork!

    I think they take after Chet and Bernie.

  3. Melanie
    9:29 am on May 23rd, 2012

    OleyHowlers, best thoughts, tail wags and hugs to your Mom’s sister-in-law.

    I will be visiting Dan today! Will tell you all how that goes later.

    so see ya later!

  4. Riö – The Evil Pug
    9:44 am on May 23rd, 2012

    TFAT!…One of my very favorites!…awwww!…To think it could have been titled, To Bark Perchance To Bite…gah!

    Nosework!…Whats Nosework?…sniff!…I can’t smell that good and I still have trouble chewing…grunt!

  5. B.Stover
    9:56 am on May 23rd, 2012

    Yes, I’m hoping that we get the beginning of Fistful of Collars on Friday.

    Good morning all.

  6. Barb & Maggie
    10:11 am on May 23rd, 2012

    Good morning all. Oley, hope Sis gets better news today. Also hope Melanie has a good report on Dan.

    Barb is at work so won’t be able to post much. She is beating herself up this morning over a bad judgement call she made with her chickens. She had a little Mille Fleur D’Uccle hen (a very pretty, small and rare bantum) who had secretly laid a cache of 13 eggs out in the high grass in the fenced chicken yard. She couldn’t be found Mon. night but Barb found her yesterday setting on her eggs. We have a good friend who has been wanting that variety of birds, and she is seeing Barb tomorrow. So Barb decided to let the little hen stay out 2 more nights keeping the eggs warm and then was going to give them to her friend who has an incubator already set up. Barb reasoned that if nothing had found the eggs in 2 weeks, they should be ok. Bad ending here – the hen and all her eggs are missing this morning. This means racoons go it all. Barb is feeling very badly for the hen and all her hard work. Dumb, I tell you, dumb!

  7. Riö – The Evil Pug
    10:23 am on May 23rd, 2012

    Barb!…You didn’t see a Siber-Husky with feathers hanging out of his mouth running through the field, did you?…snort!

  8. dawson
    10:27 am on May 23rd, 2012

    Beau and Dima were up top this morning. First time I’ve ever seen either of them up there.
    Oley Howlers: The news of your mum’s SIL is distressing. I hope something can be done to help her.
    Barb and Maggie: Yikes! That is really too bad. Staff has been having visits by raccoons. They are very destructive.
    Melanie: Looking forward to hearing the update on Dan.

  9. Riö – The Evil Pug
    10:27 am on May 23rd, 2012

    Review!…Hey! The first review is out for the new book…grunt!…It doesn’t give away anything except for the obvious. How did this guy get a copy so soon is what I want to know…sniff!

  10. BearSpiritDog
    10:30 am on May 23rd, 2012

    O.Howlers: Your mom’s sister is in our Prayers.

    Barb&Magpie: The story appears to have not had a good ending. Is there any chance the little hen escaped unharmed? We sure hope so.

    Melanie: Waiting for the Good news about Dan.

    Hi, Rio, Dawson, B and All.

  11. Tupper and Gilly
    10:37 am on May 23rd, 2012

    Hi everyone – quick check in before the craziness starts for the day.
    Howlers – prayers will go up for SIL. And for your Mom.
    Melanie – hope all goes well on your visit
    Barb – we are so sorry. We understand that nature has to take its course, but couldn’t it go off course, just once in a while?

    We just got word that one of the places that fires Mama’s work actually did fire yesterday. Now she has to go help unpack the kiln and see what pieces have been fired and are ready to finish.

    Hope to check back in (late) tonight. Have a grand day everyone.

  12. Barb & Maggie
    10:45 am on May 23rd, 2012

    Thanks guys, for not telling Barb what a bad decision she made. She will search a little more at lunch to see if she can find her. Best outcome is that she will find her hiding somewhere, but it is doubtful. These little birds weigh just over a pound, so would be easy for a raccoon – or a husky – to carry off.

  13. Riö – The Evil Pug
    10:54 am on May 23rd, 2012

    Hen!…My money is on SiberH having a picnic out there in your field…snort!…He has been suspiciously quiet this morning….heh!

  14. Siber-H
    10:54 am on May 23rd, 2012

    I got an email from Amazon today about the upcoming release of a Fistfull of Collars. Woo Woo

    Barb, Mom says she is sorry about the chickens, but don’t blame yourself too much. We all make mistakes. (whispering, mom does)
    My thoughts about the chickens: I didn’t do it!

    Fellow Sibers, Prayers going up for your two-legged family.

  15. OleyHowlers
    11:17 am on May 23rd, 2012

    Thank you everybody for all of your good thoughts and prayers for our aunt. We really truly appreciate that.

    Barb, poor hen! We know it is not likely, but we are praying that you find her hiding somewhere. Perhaps she didn’t like that you found her first hiding spot. Don’t everyone blame that poor raccoon. A feller has got to eat…we know that personally. heh heh

  16. Riö – The Evil Pug
    11:20 am on May 23rd, 2012

    Eggs!…In my vast experience with chickens they are not smart enough to move their eggs from one nest to another…snort!…That little lady is toast.

  17. Riö – The Evil Pug
    12:57 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    Yeep!…My friend is going to another Rockies game June 3rd…snort!…This will for sure end their slump…heh!heh!

  18. OleyHowlers
    1:05 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    Hey! Did youse guys know about these chicken jerky treats they are giving us?

  19. Mollypop's Mom
    1:05 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    I have been trying many different coffees over the past several months. It has taken this long because a 1 pound bag of coffee beans lasts for a while. One thing I have learned from this is that I now prefer to drink my coffee black. My whole life I have put cream or milk in my coffee.

    Bear and Masquers – The finalists in my ‘bean off’ are both from the Camano Islands. Sumatra medium roast against Guatemala medium roast.

  20. Masquers
    1:19 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    MollyPop’s Mom: Thank you for the vote of confidence for our famous Island coffee. We quite agree. Mom, however, likes her coffee espresso style with cream. A good jump-start to the day!

  21. B.Stover
    1:47 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    Coffee!! Sounds delish Mollypop’s mom. I always drink mine black except when I make espresso with heated, whipped milk.

  22. Siber-H
    2:31 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    Thanks Fellow Sibers. I read about that yesterday but it is very good to bring it to everyone’s attention. Mom won’t buy any dog treats that are made in China.

    The Rockies need all the help they can get. They have now lost as many games as the Twins.

  23. OleyHowlers
    2:35 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    We need Mom to check all of our dog treats to make sure they are not made in China. Kat treats too.

  24. Macy the Min-pin
    2:41 pm on May 23rd, 2012
  25. Melanie
    2:55 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    I remember when Riö told us that he could sleep sitting up. PROOF!

    Sorry about your hen and eggs, hope you find them.

    Dan. Dan is getting stronger and he’s nicer. After I put his things away showed him pictures of the wedding, talked and fixed his iPad, he said he had made an appointment for me.

    Great. He wanted me to talk to the PT person so he could come home. He was convinced that he is capable of doing that. The PT person came in and talked to both of us. Dan is not ready to come home. He has to have someone with him if he moves anywhere. He’s not using a walker constantly but also a wheelchair. His bed is alarmed so he doesn’t get up and forget and just start moving.

    This was not easy for him to hear. He wanted to come home now. He though I would fix this. What he doesn’t realize is that I want what is best for him and for us and he needs to get much stronger to come home. I told him I had no say in this and that I was proud of him getting stronger but he still needs rehab.

    Not counting this week, he will be there at LEAST two more weeks and at that time his Doctor and Zoe will decided if he is ready.

    So he’s getting bored. A good thing I think, but they are making sure that in his rush to do more and more he is safe.

  26. Riö – The Evil Pug
    3:03 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    Bored!…Dan the Man is bored…wuffle!…Its a terrible thing to be bored. Although, it is a bit better than being bor-ing…heh!

  27. Melanie
    3:04 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    Heh, heh, heh (as a certain Kat and Pug would say)

    I just wrote on Chet the Dog’s Facebook. snicker

  28. Riö – The Evil Pug
    3:08 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    Sleeping!…That guy is good!…snort!….I usually end up flopping down although I never remember that part…heh!…He makes me tired just watching him…wheeze!

  29. OleyHowlers
    3:12 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    Great video, Macy!

    Melanie, we feel for you. This is so hard, but you must protect Dan from himself, as much as he thinks that is not necessary. Stay strong.

  30. B.Stover
    3:13 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    So you left Chet a cliff-hanger of your own Melanie?

  31. B.Stover
    3:16 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    Question: Why doesn’t the pug in the video just lie down?

  32. Melanie
    3:21 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    I think it’s because he fell asleep sitting down and just never made it to the table top.

    I remember when OTAS (as a 2 year old) got so tired he fell asleep at the table into a bowl of spaghetti!

  33. Riö – The Evil Pug
    3:24 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    Reason!…Us pugs are stubborn…heh!…That guy doesn’t want to miss anything that might have to do with food or baseball…chorkel!

  34. Barb & Maggie
    3:25 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    Melanie, Good to hear that Dan is physically stronger. Sounds like you are making the right decision in keeping him where he is for now. It is much easier to have round the clock care in rehab than at home.

    Barb went home and searched the fenced chicken yard, and unfortunately Rio is right – she is toast, and not the kind you serve with bacon and eggs. Found a pile of feathers, which is all that is left of her. The SOB even pooped near by, just so we would know for sure that it was a raccoon. Now Barb is afraid to let the other guys out in the yard. After the easy meal last night of chicken and 13 eggs, he will no doubt be back this evening.

  35. B.Stover
    3:45 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    That poor pug is going to do himself an injury.

    (“Us” is the objective case of “we.” Thus, it is used as the object of a sentence and not as the subject. Here ends the grammar lesson.)

  36. OleyHowlers
    4:04 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    We like Melanie’s new Blog. snicker

  37. Melanie
    4:11 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    Barb and MagPie, I had three koi that I raised from the size of small goldfish when we lived north of Boston. They grew to be nine inches long when a raccoon decided they were now the perfect size for sushi.

  38. Masquers
    4:45 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    A couple of things about raccoons…they travel in pairs and are absolutely fearless. My outside water bowl has become the latest attraction for a certain masked duo on daily prowls for food and grog. Now mom is afraid to leave the patio door open for even a minute.

  39. OleyHowlers
    5:00 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    Remember that mutant raccoon that attacked Meashka and Dima last summer? She even pulled Dima’s invisible fence collar off!

  40. Mollypop's Mom
    5:02 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    Wookie’s Folks – Don’t open the door!

  41. Riö – The Evil Pug
    5:06 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    MollysMom!…Don’t worry, thats just Rockie dressed in a raccoon suit..heh!heh!

  42. Snowhook Bella
    5:09 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    Masquers: I think Luna and her dog, Belle Starr are being mistaken for a couple of other ne’er-do-wells.

  43. Masquers
    5:28 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    Bella: Yes, some of us have forgotten about Belle Starr & Luna and their clever disguises. Remember when Rio mistook them for kats? The only evidence left to reveal their actual identity was the zinger dropped in the driveway. Could this be another one of their blurr-bys? But why the masks?

  44. Barb & Maggie
    5:35 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    We will heed all raccoon warnings. Thank you. We may also set out a live trap to catch it if it comes back this evening.

    That is a cute picture of Wookie and his little friend. That would not be happening at our house!

  45. BearSpiritDog
    5:52 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    Maggie: You be careful! I’m sure Dima and Meashka could tell some scary stories. As I recall, it was not a fair fight.

  46. Snowhook Bella
    5:56 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    Masquers: I think the better question, as far as the 2/3 of the smoochers is: why not the masks?

  47. Masquers
    6:17 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    Bella: Heh heh, I must admit, it works well for me.

  48. Melanie
    6:22 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    There is also some sort of disease that can be present in raccoon scat and urine.

    Round worms and Leptospirosis. Neither should be taken lightly.

    Watched 1/2 of Jesse Stone: Stone Cold. The movie is based on a series by Robert Parker. It takes place in a town called Paradise. That town is based on the town we lived in north of Boston.

  49. Melanie
    6:25 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    Golinka is not having a good time. She is working her patootie off and people who had agreed to help her, are having a hard time with deadlines.

    This is for Golinka . .

  50. BearSpiritDog
    6:36 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    Melanie: Nana has watched all the CBS Jesse Stone movies. Tom Selleck is a definite contributing factor. We like his canine side-kick also. However, if memory serves me, the four-legged wasn’t included in the Robert B Parker book series.

    Golinka: So sorry you are stressed out! What we want to know is, how in Dog’s name did you ever have time to go to CL Land way back when?

  51. Snowhook Bella
    6:55 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    Melanie: please check your SDD.

  52. Mollypop's Mom
    7:21 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    Masquers – The Camano Island coffee had some tough competition, but both ‘bean off’ finalists are from Camano Islands.

    You are a good SpokesKat.

  53. Riö –The Evil Pug
    7:49 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    Raining!…Cold too!…sniff!…No walking for us tonight – so we are watching the Game interuption-free…heh!…Love it!

    Appliance!…Today a brand new dishwasher was delivered to her mother…sniff!…A Gift from her children, my friend included…heh!…Beau and I had to be locked out of the kitchen so the guy could install it…sniff!

  54. Snowhook Bella
    7:57 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    Rio: Happy birthday to your friend’s mother. May she wash dishes in good health!

  55. Macy's mom
    7:59 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    I just got some devastating news. On the way back from vacation we stopped by to see my cousin, who is battling lung cancer. She was so sick from the radiation that she couldn’t talk, but we visited with her mother, my aunt. Got the word today that one of the tumors is growing, even with radiation and chemo. Dr. says that without treatment she might last the summer. With treatment, maybe a painful year. Not much of an option. I only have (had) seven cousins, and this is the second one to go to cancer before 50. So helpless, so sad.

  56. Riö –The Evil Pug
    8:01 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    Dishes!…They will still have to wash dishes because her mother refuses to put any pots, pans, plastic or wood in a dishwasher…snort!…Her excuse has always been because she had a really old one…sniff!…It will be interesting(or not) to hear what her new excuse is going to be…sniff!

  57. Princess Sam
    8:14 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    Rio, are you going to watch American Idol? I won’t tell you who wins since I’m an hour ahead.

  58. Riö –The Evil Pug
    8:19 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    Sammie!…Yes! Thanks for the heads up…snort!…We are actually enjoying the game right now because the guys look like they’ve decided they want to win a baseball game…heh!…But we will flip back and forth once Idol starts. Phillip Phillips will winnit all I betcha!…snort!snort!

  59. Riö –The Evil Pug
    8:21 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    Facebookie!…I wonder why the facebookie plugin is showing old stuff as the most recent?…grunt!

  60. BearSpiritDog
    8:27 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    Macy: That is so sad. So many cases now of this dreaded disease! Sending Prayers for your cousin and for your family.

  61. Melanie
    8:29 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    Macy, I’m so sorry for your Mom’s cousin. Tails, claws and fingers are crossed here for a miracle.


  62. Staff
    8:35 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    Dear Macy, What a heart-breaker that disease is. Sending hugs and sympathy to you and yours.

  63. BearSpiritDog
    8:40 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    Rio: Is there any chance her mother can be retrained?
    My facebookie thingy looks up-to-date.

  64. Snowhook Bella
    8:41 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    Macy: I’m sorry to hear this sad news. I will pray for a miracle as well and comfort for her and those she loves and who love her.

  65. OleyHowlers
    8:41 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    Macy, we too will be praying and crossing paws for your mom’s cousin. And husky kisses to you.

  66. Riö –The Evil Pug
    8:43 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    OMG!…Tulo just hit a 3 run homerun!…heh!heh!heh!…I’m right! These guys want to win a game finally!…Woooooo!

  67. Riö –The Evil Pug
    8:45 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    Bear!…Its a well known fact that her mother cannot be re-trained, not in the slightest, especially when it comes to appliances…grunt!

  68. Staff
    8:50 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    Watching the Twins at Chicago White Sox tonight. It is bring your dog to the ballpark night in Chicago. Do they have that in Colorado? Rio could go. (Twins are behind 0 to 1 right now)

  69. OleyHowlers
    8:59 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    Well, Mom says it is bedtime. G’nite all.

  70. Riö –The Evil Pug
    9:01 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    Ballpark!…My friend has said in no uncertain terms that I would be a big pain in the ass if she ever took me to one of the games…gruffle!

  71. BearSpiritDog
    9:03 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    Staff: Another game going to the Dogs. But that could all change…don’t give up hope. The Rockies are rallying…anything can happen.

    Goodnight O.Howlers.
    Winding down here too – Bear

  72. Barb & Maggie
    9:17 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    We too are heading to the sofa to wind down for a bit.

    Macy, sorry to hear about your cousin. Not much of an option is it? Hard to say which way we would decide.

    Rio, What a neat birthday present. Now if she will just use it!
    Have to admit, we wash large pans – and cast iron skillets never goes in the dishwasher.

  73. Riö –The Evil Pug
    9:18 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    Rally!…Cargo just hit a Triple!…yippee!…Now the score is 8 to 4 Rockies!….Wooooo!…Where is SiberH tonight? He’s missing the big come-back…grunt!

  74. Siber-H
    9:23 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    I’m here, Rio! We have been watering but trying to follow the game.
    The Rockies are going to win this one. I know it.

  75. Riö –The Evil Pug
    9:30 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    SiberH!…Good! I wouldn’t want you to miss these guys actually being ahead in the game for a change…heh!heh!…I remember this feeling. Its good!…chorkel!

  76. Snowhook Bella
    9:36 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    CHobbit: Are your retired, yet?

    Melanie: It seems that Luna and Belle Starr made their way to your neck of the woods the past couple of days. They were in disguise—not raccoons this time. They report trying to disguise yourself as a bear is difficult when you are more the size of CHobbit and bears are not. They also report someone left there camera laying around. When they realized it wasn’t a photo booth, they took off but knocked it over with their tails by accident.

  77. Riö –The Evil Pug
    9:41 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    Loose!…How come those guys get to run free and knock things over?…grunt!…While Beau and I are stuck here in the yard…sniff!

    CHobbit!…I think I remember her saying May 24th is her last day…snorkel!…Not sure, but isn’t that tomorrow???…wheeze!

  78. Masquers
    9:46 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    Rio: I also remember the 24th as the day CHobbit retires officially.

  79. Siber-H
    9:49 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    Yes, Rio, I remember the feeling also and it is good…Tulo and Cargo hitting the ball!

    The 24th is indeed the day CHarris retires.

  80. Riö –The Evil Pug
    10:00 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    WON!…They finally won!…Wooooo!Whew!Wooooo!…snort!

  81. Riö –The Evil Pug
    10:02 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    Twinkies!…I wonder how the Twinkies are doing…smiff!…I don’t like the idea of being tied with the Twinkies…grunt!

  82. Siber-H
    10:04 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    The Rockies Won!!! sob, sob, sob

  83. Siber-H
    10:09 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    Rio, It is the 7th inning and the Twins are behind 6 runs.

  84. Riö –The Evil Pug
    10:12 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    Heh!…heh!heh!…Sorry Staff, but as we climb out of the basement we have to step on someones head….snort!

  85. Siber-H
    10:40 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    The excitement of the Rockies winning has just been too much…that and my very narrow escape this week.

    We are turning in soon.

    Macy, Prayers and peace and comfort going out for your mom’s cousin and your family.

    night all

  86. Riö –The Evil Pug
    10:42 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    Idol!…Is drawing near to the close and the winner….yeep!…But a huge thunderstorm is right over me…Yeeep!Yeeep!…So this is goodnight!….YEEP!YEEP!

  87. Snowhook Bella
    10:56 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    A narrow escape for SiberH and it’s only Wednesday…who knows what the rest of the week will bring…

  88. Gus & BooBear
    11:26 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    Very sorry to hear the devastating news, Macy’s Mom. Miracles can happen and we will pray for her.

    Meant to tell you yesterday, Melanie, but forgot. LOVED the video of GLAD hooping. Very cool.

    Ready to shop, shop, shop!!!
    Go, Snowhook!


  89. C.Hobbit
    11:42 pm on May 23rd, 2012

    Macy’s Mom: I am so sorry for your sad news. Such a difficult time for your family. Some of us have been in your shoes but I can’t think of anything helpful to say. Just know that we care about *you*

    No, I am not retired yet. In fact the joke is on me because I have to go into school Friday morning for an undetermined length of time–but tomorrow is my last full day of work at least. Today was rife with me doubting myself and how effective I’ve been {{{sigh}}} A friend from California sent me flowers on my “last Monday at work.” It took some doing to get them to me so I was very touched.

  90. Natasha the Nefarious Borzoi
    12:31 am on May 24th, 2012

    Oh Siber dear- is there chance that Rocks vill be vinners after all???? Should Natasha keep options open?

  91. c.hobbit
    1:16 am on May 24th, 2012

    My earlier post didn’t make it…

    Macy’s Mom: I am so sorry to hear your sad news. Just know that we all care about what *you* and your family are going through.

    My last full day of work is tomorrow but, unfortunately, I have to go into work on Friday for an undetermined length of time. Today was tough: all the students and most of the teachers are gone. I was mostly on my own filled with emotions and doubts of how effective I’ve been in my career {{{sigh}}} A friend in California sent me a bouquet of flowers on “my last Monday at work.” She had to go through a lot to get them to me so it was a very nice gesture.

  92. Snowhook Bella
    1:49 am on May 24th, 2012

    CHobbit: would you like a big bash or an quiet dinner? If we can find am arch, I’m sure AJ can lift you to it so you can touch the top like he did with Annabelle.

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