Tennis balls are the best. Have I mentioned that already? They bounce just right, and there’s just enough give when you get them between your teeth. Also they’ve got an interesting smell, especially fresh ones right out of the can. I prefer fresh tennis balls but don’t make a fuss about old ones. I also like the hissing sound when Bernie unseals the can. But chasing old ones is fine, too. Next comes baseballs. Who would have guessed there’s all this stuff inside them? Bernie pitched for Army. He can throw a baseball a long long way, but never so far that it’s stopped rolling before I snatch it up. Usually on the hop, if you want the truth. I have this spin move where I snare the ball right out of the air and start zooming back all in one motion, my ears flat back in the wind – the fun we have, me and Bernie!

Where was I?


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