Baboons In The Mix

Suzie came over last night. Bernie opened some chardonnay. He’s not a big wine guy – prefers bourbon or beer – but Suzie likes it. “This is from South Africa,” he said. “Apparently the baboons over there love the chardonnay grapes, eat them by the ton.”

“So that’s a recommendation?” Suzie said.

They laughed. I didn’t get it. But I knew baboons all right, and not just from Animal Planet. There’s a baboon in To Fetch A Thief. Did he actually make off with a piece of the evidence? That was bad, but I’d been pretty busy at the time. It all came back to me.

“Hey,” said Suzie, “did you see Chet shiver just now?”

“He sometimes shivers in his sleep,” Bernie said.

Sleep? Did they think that just because my eyes were closed I was sleeping? That might be useful some day. I tried to think how exactly, came up with zip. Then my eyelids got heavy for real. Funny how life works.

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50 Responses to “Baboons In The Mix”

  1. Mollypop
    4:13 am on March 16th, 2010

    Timestamp check

  2. Mollypop
    4:14 am on March 16th, 2010

    Admin doesn't know there was daylight savings time. What else doesn't he know.

  3. Melanie
    4:28 am on March 16th, 2010

    We have to give Admin a break. I'm amazed they even have power.

    (aside to Admin) see how I stick up for you? Maybe Chet could put some more of To Fetch a Thief on the blog.

  4. Mollypop
    6:00 am on March 16th, 2010

    But Melanine – I'm getting all poodled up over this!

  5. Siberian Husky
    7:03 am on March 16th, 2010

    Molly, be careful of Alice. She has no power over you. She is a CAT.

    I watched a movie once where the baboons were the bad guys. They attacked a person. I don't remember the movie at all, but I do remember it was a very forgetable movie.

    I wonder if Chet barks in his sleep. I bark in my sleep (so I am told) If that is true, it is the only time I bark.

  6. Chet The Dog
    8:55 am on March 16th, 2010

    Admin: test

  7. Jasper the Poodle
    9:10 am on March 16th, 2010

    Test? Test? Is that all ya got?

  8. Chet The Dog
    9:14 am on March 16th, 2010

    Admin: re-test

  9. Chet The Dog
    10:43 am on March 16th, 2010

    Admin: re-re-test

  10. Melanie
    11:06 am on March 16th, 2010

    Uh, Oh, The Admin is re-re testing. . .


  11. B. Stover
    11:55 am on March 16th, 2010

    Chet probably has his eyes closed to make admin think he's sleeping, but he's really keeping guard. Now let's see if the tests worked and we are on daylight savings time (which in my opinion is absolutely useless).

  12. B. Stover
    11:56 am on March 16th, 2010

    Yes, the tests worked so you can really take a nap now Chet.

  13. B. Stover
    11:59 am on March 16th, 2010

    Hey everyone: Christina left us a message on yesterday's blog…last message.

  14. Rio - The Evil Pug
    12:01 pm on March 16th, 2010

    Helluva Day!….don’t ask….snort!… What is going on around here?? …Molly has Admin doing time tests!… Awesome…can we get him to roll-over and bark too? …grunt!… They try to make me do stupid stuff like that here and I always surprise them with the silent but deadly bomb instead. Heh!

    Chet!… what a great post today!… wow!… There are Baboons in To Fetch a Thief!?… nasty!… How cool and probably kind of scary too!… wheeze!… I can only imagine what would make Chet shiver over a memory!… oooooo…. I can’t wait to get my paws on that first draft!

  15. Rio - The Evil Pug
    12:37 pm on March 16th, 2010

    Golly!… Very nice of Christina to drop by!… All the way from Berlin… snort!

  16. AbbietheKitty
    12:43 pm on March 16th, 2010

    Alice is now in North Dakota,

    She has gone up to direct operations at the flood headquarters in Fargo. Soon she will be digging up tons of dirt and making dikes. That is what all that litter box training has done for her. That cat knows how to make a dike! Abbie has come along just to see wtf is going on? Abbie does not want to get her paws wet. B Stover is in charge of information. Information is critical. Mollypop says she will do whatever it takes so she is on standby.

    More news from the front lines tomorrow and maybe a picture or two.

    Alice Johnson, at the epicenter!

  17. Mollypop
    1:25 pm on March 16th, 2010

  18. Rio - The Evil Pug
    1:26 pm on March 16th, 2010

    Noble!… very very very very very… Amazing…. Snort!… Alice is helping out with a good cause?… hmmm… And Abbie is standing by wringing her paws… grunt!

    Siber-H!… can you tell if the Molly mentioned is “Our Molly”, or just some other “Molly” that Alice is alluding to or making up??… wheeze!… Seems to me, our Molly was very busy bossing Admin around here today at the blog… snort! … But the whole “do whatever it takes and is on standby” is disturbing to me…. We need a little Intel Agents!… what do you have for me???… gruff!

  19. Kim
    1:30 pm on March 16th, 2010
  20. Kim
    1:31 pm on March 16th, 2010

    Hi Chet…I'm Yogi. You Rock!

    [img ] 014.jpg[/img]

  21. Kim
    1:32 pm on March 16th, 2010

    I'm the Dude….keep on snooping Chet.

    [img ] 1-16-09 016.jpg[/img]

  22. Rio - The Evil Pug
    1:45 pm on March 16th, 2010

    Rio is pondering….

    [ It could be all for a good cause! Helping distressed people and their pets in a time of great need. Digging dirt and building dikes to help families stay safe from the flood waters. I could definitely see Stover doing that. Volunteering her time and efforts. Molly too! She saved some helpless Pugs yesterday, even when she was seriously mad at me! ]

  23. Mollypop
    1:48 pm on March 16th, 2010

    [img ] my Alice.jpg[/img]

    I have done some investigating and I find how Alice gets all her information.

  24. dawson
    1:51 pm on March 16th, 2010


    Be Careful Alice. Don't get swept away in the flood. This could be a devious plan to keep you occupied while…

    Baboons? If there are baboons, then we are in Africa or Arabia right? Maybe Colonel Bob's son is in East Africa or Western Arabia. Do Chet and Bernie (and thereby, us) get to go across the ocean in TFAT? But what about Iggy and Suzie? Patience: is someone else's virtue today. I wanna see that book.

  25. Mollypop
    1:55 pm on March 16th, 2010

    I have put up a secret picture of Alice, but I think admin is too mad at me to release it.

  26. Mollypop
    1:58 pm on March 16th, 2010

    Dawson – we know there is an elephant (but don't get Mom started on this) from a circus in T-FAT so I'd guess that's where a baboon might come in.

  27. Rio - The Evil Pug
    2:03 pm on March 16th, 2010

    Molly!… Oh!.. What a relief to know its really you here at the blog!…snort!… That is one amazing photo of Alice!… wow!… can’t wait for the other one to appear!… Do you know anything about the Kat Alice is watching?….grunt!grunt!… Good freakin’ work Agent!… sniff!

  28. B. Stover
    2:03 pm on March 16th, 2010

    Mollypop: The picture of Alice–a beautiful cat–is up. She's looking at something on the computer screen, but I can't see what it is….a cat with a bird's head? Sorry…

  29. Mollypop
    2:10 pm on March 16th, 2010

    [img ] on quilt.jpg[/img]

    Here is some more of my espionage – it looks like Alice has pushed our dear A-Kat right off of the quilt. She shows no mercy.

  30. Rio - The Evil Pug
    2:11 pm on March 16th, 2010

    Growl!… if you click on the photo it will enlarge and reveal “The Infinite Kat Project” subject header!… snort!… what is the “Infinite Kat Project”…?… Alice is involved in something Big….gulp!

  31. Rio - The Evil Pug
    2:14 pm on March 16th, 2010

    Snort!.. I meant the first photo of Alice, not the second Unmerciful One!…gasp!… Abbie!.. where are you???… Don’t let Alice bury you into a mud dike!… sniffle!

  32. Melanie
    2:28 pm on March 16th, 2010

    Flying Newf Drool, Commander Rio, If I click on the first photo it reveals some sort of plot. Scary! Though if Alice is helping with the floods the Nation within the Nation should be safe for awhile.

    Baboons are real scary though. The pack doesn't even like little monkeys when they come on the TV. When Animal Planet is on, we have to barricade the TV.

    Dawson, I think Mackey's going to win. I keep going to the site, but nothing yet.

    I like him for it mostly because my youngest son's name is McKey!

  33. Melanie
    2:29 pm on March 16th, 2010

    I take it back Lance Mackey is into NOME!

  34. Melanie
    2:34 pm on March 16th, 2010

    To go over one thousand miles by dog sled. Wow! At the end he had eleven dogs and it took him 8 Days 23 Hours 59 Minutes 9 Seconds.

    He has now won the Iditarod for the fourth time in a row!

    The pack is so impressed that they are sleeping for Mackey's dream team. That way his dogs will get double the rest.

    I bet baboons wouldn't like it in Alaska. If Chet had gone to Alaska we bet he would have taken over the state!

  35. Rio - The Evil Pug
    2:36 pm on March 16th, 2010

    Wow!… What a day!… the Iditarod is Happening!… ooooooer!…. I bet Siber-H hasn’t napped all day!… snort!… I bet he is numb from sitting at the computer!… gurgle!… I hope he doesn’t pass out!…snicker!…. [ we need him ]

  36. Siberian Husky
    3:32 pm on March 16th, 2010

    Siber-H is exhausted. I would think something was wrong with me if many other Iditarod fans on the message boards weren't complaining of the same thing. I am numb, Rio. I'll recover quickly. The team of Siberians that I am cheering for still have to get to Nome, but that won't be so toenail biting. All they have to do is finish, and I'll be happy.

    My favorite quote from Lance Mackey, "My relationship with my dogs is more important than winning" He has such a strong bond with his dogs. That is probably why he wins. Of course, it is really the dogs that win the race, not the mushers.

    Thanks for thinking of me today.

  37. Siberian Husky
    3:37 pm on March 16th, 2010

    I think baboons are far more dangerous than Alice. They can be violent little beasts, and as I keep saying, Alice is a CAT.

    You dogs here, the big and little ones, are not going to let a CAT scare you, are you.

  38. Rio - The Evil Pug
    3:40 pm on March 16th, 2010

    Wow!… I hope Bernie enjoyed the Iditarod as much as you did Siber-H!…snort!… he said he wanted to follow it!… whooo!… an amazing feat for the guys within the nation within the nation!… holy holy holy!… Utterly amazing – and to see the love bond between the winner and his guys!… snort! … That is really the winning deal!

    And!… now Siber-H is pumped with adrenalin!… snort!… just the way we want him on Mission Day…yes!

  39. Rio - The Evil Pug
    3:42 pm on March 16th, 2010

    and.. he can spell Kat .. I can't spell Kat correctly.. dunno why…sniff.

  40. Siberian Husky
    3:45 pm on March 16th, 2010

    I'm going to join the newfs and Lance's dogs in a really serious nap now. I cannot set at the computer another minute. It's my own fault, I know. It's a good thing the Iditarod only happens once a year.

  41. Siberian Husky
    3:51 pm on March 16th, 2010

    I'll get pumped for Mission Day Rio, just need the NAP now. Setting on my fanny at the computer is just not my thing–wait till you see me run really fast on Mission Day.

  42. Rio - The Evil Pug
    4:09 pm on March 16th, 2010

    Siber-H!… you have no idea whats in store for you pal!… heh …love ya!… Get some good good deep sleep my guy!.. mmmm…

  43. Rio - The Evil Pug
    4:23 pm on March 16th, 2010

    Heh!… I love that Molly now know’s when she is “All Poodled Up”… heh.. good job today girl!… snort!… Out-Freakin’-Standing!… What a great group we’ve got!… grunt!

  44. B. Stover
    5:29 pm on March 16th, 2010

    Especially since it will be an autographed and paw-printed copy, Rio.

  45. Rio - The Evil Pug
    5:10 pm on March 16th, 2010

    Onto! … More flippant and commercial crap!… Idol is on here.. snort!… All sounds good so far – at least from my bed!…. Youngsters !…Singing their hearts out….. wow!… love their courage.

  46. Rio - The Evil Pug
    5:26 pm on March 16th, 2010

    Hmmm!… I wonder if Spence, Bernie, Chet or even Admin know there is a potential American Idol from their home town, Cape Cod!?… Damn… She is really good too!.. Name of Siobhan Magnus!… Loads of talent from a small town!… wow!…just watched her perform “Paint It Black”…zow!

  47. Mollypop
    5:26 pm on March 16th, 2010

    All poodled up? Huh? All poodled up, my pouffy tail, Puggsley. Good night all.

  48. AbbietheKitty
    5:28 pm on March 16th, 2010

    Ahh yes Mollypop,

    You found me on the Infinite CAT project. I am very impressed. It took the staff many tries before she got the perfect picture for that project. I am totally amazed that you found me there. I think I was CAT number 1186 or so. It has gone way beyond that now.

    Maybe you should join B Stover in information services for the flood! I was supposed to have someone taking pictures while we toured this afternoon but they claim the camera was in the backseat and unavailable to them while we were there. I missed some wonderful photo ops while peering at the flood.

    Tomorrow we will get some photo's though.

    Alice Johnson is on the job!

  49. Rio - The Evil Pug
    5:36 pm on March 16th, 2010

    Molly!… knowing when you are Poodled Up is a GOOD THING!.. snort!…don’t take it the wrong way … sigh.. I’ll never win with girl-dogs… never in a million years. Grunt.

  50. Rio - The Evil Pug
    6:06 pm on March 16th, 2010

    Goodnight all!… snort!… weird day for me.. but you all made it worth the effort in the end.

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