Art and The Nation Within …

… came up yesterday. Thanks to mlaiuppa for pointing us to Banksy:


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10 Responses to “Art and The Nation Within …”

  1. WATP
    10:40 am on January 27th, 2021

    Well said, Banksy. Or maybe I should say, well placed. Good morning all.

  2. Betty Stover
    12:57 pm on January 27th, 2021


  3. Herd of Hounds
    1:20 pm on January 27th, 2021

    We love all of the doggie humor!
    Have a great day.

  4. Wose-The Small and Meek
    2:23 pm on January 27th, 2021


    WATP, you are making me laugh!

    Good afternoon to all!

  5. Riõ - The Evil Pug
    8:57 pm on January 27th, 2021

    WATP!…Youse made Chet chorkel! He doesn’t laugh out loud very often…snort!…Good on you!…heh!

  6. Riõ - The Evil Pug
    8:59 pm on January 27th, 2021

    Sniff!…I miss my big plant…wheeze!

  7. Riõ - The Evil Pug
    9:04 pm on January 27th, 2021

    Alert!…Does anyone have any shiny buttons they would like to sell for pennies on a button? …snort!…My friend has all kinds of regular buttons but she wants something different to put on the collars of her yard dawgs…grunt! …Shiny or unique is her quest. Not big. Just different…wheeze!

  8. mlaiuppa
    1:35 am on January 28th, 2021

    Rio. I would not suggest buttons. They would likely have a shank and no matter the strength of the thread or how securely sewn on, they are going to come off. I know when Diana pawPrints scratches sometimes she catches her collar. Likewise, Dolly does and Ramses did. There is the danger that if they didn’t pull them off a claw would get caught in a button causing an injury.

    Some suggestions.

    Rhinestone rivets or studs that are put on with a tool or even a hammer. I would check to see if Tandy has anything shiny enough. Theirs are made for leather and would hold on collar webbing just fine.

    As an alternative, glitter fabric paint. You can get it at a craft store, make any design you want and when it dries it doesn’t come off. Can’t guarantee it can’t be scratched off but at least you can put it back on and no danger to tearing a claw. You an also embed flat backed rhinestones it the glitter paint or glitter glue for extra bling. I actually did this with Caesar’s collar; big blue flat back plastic rhinestones and I used blue glitter glue or puffy paint. It worked just fine.

    I’m going to eventually tool Diana a collar. I bought a custom Wonder Woman logo stamp and I may also use some leather paint. They have some metallics now so red and gold with some silver stars and maybe some blue.

  9. mlaiuppa
    2:04 am on January 28th, 2021

    Did a little more research on famous Baroque painters that specialized in dogs. There is actually a name for them.


    Jan Fyt seems to be prominent, having painted a lot of dogs as subjects, but there were a bunch of them.

    Just look up Animalier on Wikipedia for a list of artists and an even longer list of sculptors. Apparently little statues of animals were really popular.

    Yes, I do like that Banksy.

    For those not familiar, I also recommend “Blue Dog.”

  10. Chet The Dog
    8:27 am on January 28th, 2021

    Thanks, mlaiuppa!

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