Aide-Memoire in a Complicated Case

From July 16:

“Those two guys?” Bernie said. “No idea. Two actors from some old movie?”

“Not exactly,” said Muriel Breit. She’s our go-to guy when it comes to movies, have I mentioned that already? She ran the film through her machine again, real fast this time. I didn’t like that at all, in fact felt a bit pukey. But no actual puking happened. Muriel pressed a button and the film stopped, right where the two dudes – the bald guy and the one with glasses – were wrestling for the gun and the young woman was falling. She pointed her finger at the screen. Muriel’s finger was interesting – yellow at the tip and smelling strongly, strongly to me, at least, of cigarettes. I felt like shifting sideways a little and giving that finger a quick lick, and was still considering it when Muriel said:

“The bald one is Erich von Stroheim. The one with the glasses is Louis B. Mayer.”


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2 Responses to “Aide-Memoire in a Complicated Case”

  1. Rebecca Rice
    6:59 am on November 17th, 2009


    It's too bad that film flew away.

  2. B. Stover
    12:15 pm on November 17th, 2009

    The film doesn't reveal the entire story.

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