18 Innings =

2 full baseball games =



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  1. Herd of Hounds
    8:38 am on October 27th, 2018

    Morning all! Rio, you quit too soon. Like Spencer said, 18 innings.
    Final score 3-2, LA. Game 4 is at 7:30 EDT (4:30 PDT). What can
    this game bring?
    Good day to all.

  2. B.Stover
    9:59 am on October 27th, 2018

    Good morning all.

  3. Staff
    11:11 am on October 27th, 2018

    Mr Fireslippers came to bed at 3 a.m.He watched the whole thing!

  4. Mary
    11:55 am on October 27th, 2018

    Wolfie has another grand pup from his boy Chad.

    Meet Calvin Josiah Lee McClour.

  5. Mary
    12:05 pm on October 27th, 2018
  6. Mary
    12:10 pm on October 27th, 2018

    There are seven (known) grandkids and four baby mamas. I am working on a flow chart to keep everything straight. It doesn’t help that so many of the names rhyme…Kellin, Calvin, Addi, Ava and Evvi.

  7. Herd of Hounds
    12:13 pm on October 27th, 2018

    Mary, you are one lucky dog! Grands are a gift 💝.
    Spoil him rotten and love him to pieces.

  8. BooBear
    12:15 pm on October 27th, 2018

    Good morning (afternoon on the east coast).

    Mary, beautiful baby! On FB, one picture shows A LOT of hair!

    I just caught up on yesterday’s posts. Wose was right about what the meaning of BDDOTW stands for (sorry, Belle and Ole Doc).

    Hobbit, thanks for the LOL with the little girl at the vet! Amazing that kids get right to the point! And Mom and Auntie are hoping to get back to Alaska to visit. If Auntie had her way, they would be constantly traveling. But they have many kitties to take care of, so it will have to be carefully planned.

  9. Mary
    12:16 pm on October 27th, 2018

    I went to the nation’s capital to visit my best friend and while I was gone, this happened:

    Meet Zeb. He is half Lab and half ears.

    My life is never boring!

  10. Mary
    12:20 pm on October 27th, 2018

    My husband got himself a birthday present. This happened while I was on a layover in Denver. I found out about it on Facebookie.

  11. Mary
    12:22 pm on October 27th, 2018

    Boo Bear, has your mom retired yet?

  12. BooBear
    1:10 pm on October 27th, 2018

    Mary, not yet. It looks like 2 weeks left to work.

  13. Mary
    1:26 pm on October 27th, 2018

    Good for you! For me, it was a difficult decision. Mostly for financial reasons. But after 37 1/2 years, I was burnt out. And I haven’t look back since! You will discover that you will have a new leash on life!

  14. Riõ - The Evil Pug
    5:22 pm on October 27th, 2018

    Mary!…Snort!…”Leash” on life…heh!heh!

    GAME!…We watched it for another 4 hours today as someone had the where-with-all to record it…snort!…But 4 hours wasn’t enough so we still didn’t know who wonnit till I came here to the blog….grunt!….That’s one for the history books!…yeeep! …Does anyone know off the top of their pointy heads how many pitches the Sox pitcher ended up throwing???

  15. Hobbitz
    6:00 pm on October 27th, 2018

    “…a new leash on life” rather than “a new lease on life.” How appropriate.

    I am now an usher for Alaska’s Performing Art Center. Will be ushering today and tomorrow at The Book of Mormon.

    Cast comes off Thursday and I get a brace


  16. BooBear
    6:09 pm on October 27th, 2018

    Book of Mormon is hilarious!!

  17. Herd of Hounds
    7:14 pm on October 27th, 2018

    Hobbitz, great! Digger wants to know if you are tired of being a lefty. He’s been one for almost 72 years.
    And I’m tired of being reminded about it 🤭

  18. Mary
    7:38 pm on October 27th, 2018

    So this happened when I was flying to Washington, DC recently:

    We have a new dog who is half lab and half ears. I learned about it on facebookie.

  19. Mary
    7:39 pm on October 27th, 2018

    I just posted a comment three times. It may be a triple Dawson and it may not.

  20. Mary
    7:40 pm on October 27th, 2018

    Good on you, Hobbitt! Sounds like fun!

  21. Riõ - The Evil Pug
    7:56 pm on October 27th, 2018

    Mary!…You may have used a “Banned” word in your post…snort!…Just saying….

    Game!…Starts again in about 5 or 10 minutes….wheeze! …Now me and my friend know all these guys pretty well. Hope they are not all tuckered out from yesterday and today’s late game…wuffle!sneeze!

  22. Riõ - The Evil Pug
    7:58 pm on October 27th, 2018

    Hobbit!…Sweet gig Girl!..snort!…My friend wants to volunteer at the little community theater here, but so far she has not even seen a play or found the theater….grunt!…Time will tell.

  23. Loulou
    8:40 pm on October 27th, 2018

    BooBear, Mom also loved The Book of Mormon. We live downtown in the theatre district. My granddaughter came with me. A few weeks later she was out with friends and took this picture.

  24. Riõ - The Evil Pug
    8:49 pm on October 27th, 2018

    LuLu!…Are those actors or real Mormons??….sniff!

  25. Riõ - The Evil Pug
    8:51 pm on October 27th, 2018

    Mormons!…When they come to our front door my friend shoos them away as she does not believe in their religion…grunt!…Good Bye Mormons…chuffle!

  26. Herd of Hounds
    9:07 pm on October 27th, 2018

    LouLou, looks like an uncomfortable place to carry a book.

  27. Herd of Hounds
    9:38 pm on October 27th, 2018

    HOBBITZ, looks like the next week’s weather in your area is becoming winter like.

  28. Riõ - The Evil Pug
    9:39 pm on October 27th, 2018

    Ugh!….The game is TIED top of the 5th….wheeze!…Is this going to go be “The World Series That Never Ended?”…yeeep!

  29. Wookie's and Teddy’s Paw
    10:16 pm on October 27th, 2018

    Not tied any longer. Dodgers are now up by four.

  30. Herd of Hounds
    10:16 pm on October 27th, 2018

    Now 4-zip for the Dodgers. Wowser. Can we go to bed now?

  31. Riõ - The Evil Pug
    10:46 pm on October 27th, 2018

    Bed!…We here were on our way to bed but then the Sox scored 3….snort!…Now it is 4 ta 3 and interesting…snuffle!

  32. Riõ - The Evil Pug
    10:47 pm on October 27th, 2018


  33. Riõ - The Evil Pug
    10:48 pm on October 27th, 2018

    JOE!…But Joe Kelly is pitching and we here really like him a lot…snort!snort!…So we will stay up for him….heh!

  34. Riõ - The Evil Pug
    11:17 pm on October 27th, 2018

    Puig!…We here laughed at the sight of Puig shaking the dirt out of his helmet…chuffle!burp!

    JOE!…Pitching again!..snort!

  35. Riõ - The Evil Pug
    11:20 pm on October 27th, 2018

    Joe!…He is on FIRE!…snort!…Maybe he wasn’t on fire all season long but now when it really counts…snort!…HE IS ON FIRE…heh!heh!

  36. Riõ - The Evil Pug
    11:45 pm on October 27th, 2018

    Bed!…As it is now 8 ta 4 Red Sox….yelp!…So we here feel like it is safe to go to bed tonight…wuffle!…Plus, we are really, really tired…wheeze!

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