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Beginnings: RUFF VS. FLUFF


April 21st, 2019 Posted 9:00 am

I have the most beautiful voice. I use it to say just one thing: Me-ow! Have you ever heard anything so lovely? And it starts with “me”! How great is that? I love starting with me. In fact, I have no time for anything that doesn’t start with me and keep on going with me right until it ends, with me. Me—or actually ME—is how I think of myself, but you can call me Queenie, like all the other humans. Call me Queenie—but don’t expect me to come, or perform some stupid trick, or pay the slightest attention to you. You have my permission to look at me all you want. I don’t blame you. I’m a thing of beauty.

Probably this is a good moment to describe myself. Where to even start? With my tail? Kind of cool, starting at the end. And I’m cool, no doubt about that. Mom always says, “That Queenie is one cool cat.” Not my mom, who I really don’t remember, but the kids’ mom, who has another name I can’t be bothered to come up with at the moment, and anyway she’s just Mom around these parts.

These parts are what humans call snow country, although we didn’t have any snow yet and it was getting close to Christmas. I knew it was close to Christmas because Elrod hauled a big tree into the Big Room and, after a lot of grunting and fumbling around plus muttered words that won’t be repeated here, got it set up in front of the fireplace. I myself was watching this performance from one of my favorite spots, namely on the top shelf of the bookcase in the corner. Books can be quite comfortable. Were you aware of that already? What do humans actually know? I’m afraid the true answer might disappoint.


Upper Story (More)


April 20th, 2019 Posted 8:40 am

Here’s a little excerpt from UPPER STORY, the new C&B short story, free to all who preorder the next C&B novel, HEART OF BARKNESS (link below).

Sometimes when perps go wrong it happens gradually, little step by little step. Other times it happens all at once – boom. Which was how it went down with Chuckie. Halfway along on his drainpipe journey and for no reason that I could see he lost his grip, went “Arrgh!” and plummeted to the alley. BOOM. I felt the vibration in my paws. Chuckie’s backpack flew free and tumbled over my way, spilling out a stream of cell phones.


Accidental Rhyme …


April 19th, 2019 Posted 12:18 pm

… is the best kind!

Going to Target anytime today? You may see RUFF VS. FLUFF in this display!


The Bible and the Nation Within


April 19th, 2019 Posted 8:16 am

We thought, since it’s Good Friday, of posting some biblical reference to members of the nation within, but a quick search revealed nothing you could call positive in its attitude toward dogs. Did we miss something?

And here’s something for kids who have the day off from school, if they get tired of playing outside. Or for any adults who get tired of playing outside!



The Books

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