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Disorder in the House


December 6th, 2021 Posted 7:55 am

Many thanks to Vanessa LynnWilliams yesterday for posting the picture below on the FB page with the single word “Bernie.” Sometimes a character will surprise you, meaning you the writer, and in It’s A Wonderful Woof, Bernie revealed a decorating side of himself I hadn’t expected. It comes up a few times in the novel, but here’s one sample:

Bernie plugged the light cord into the wall and all the lights flashed on. “Ah,” he said, looking very pleased with himself. He began braiding tinsel strands. “No point in trying to puzzle it all out, since I assume you’re done with Ricky.”

Autumn’s eyes went to Ricky, still out cold, where he looked his best, in my opinion. “He’s not as bad as you think.”

“No?” said Bernie, concentrating on the twisted-up tinsel strands which he’d – whoa! Formed into the shape of a reindeer?

“He had a rotten childhood,” Autumn said.

“Uh-huh,” said Bernie.

“Plus he’s very passionate. Full of life, maybe too full, but without much … what’s the word?”

“Decency,” Bernie said, now searching for a good spot for the tinsel reindeer, his back to Autumn, so missing the look on her face, like he’d slapped her. Impossible, of course. Bernie had never laid a finger on a woman and never would.




December 5th, 2021 Posted 7:48 am

Sunday is when we do beginnings, taking a look at the start of a Peter Abrahams novel, including those written under the Spencer Quinn moniker™. Since Christmas is only 20 days away – meaning the shopping window is nineteen days, 23 hours, 59 minutes – there’s really no choice. Here’s the first paragraph of It’s A Wonderful Woof, the new Chet and Bernie holiday novel. Now when you open the book you’ll be able to skip right to the second paragraph.

The Muertos throw the best Christmas party in the whole Valley. The Valley’s where we live, me and Bernie. It goes on forever in all directions, and is almost certainly in Arizona, based on things I hear from time to time. That’s not important. Is it important that the Muertos are the roughest, toughest biker gang around? Maybe to you, but not to us. The Little Detective Agency deals with the roughest and toughest every day. Little is Bernie’s last name, I’m Chet, pure and simple, and the agency’s just the two of us. Why would we need anyone else? That’s the important part.


Shakespeare and the Nation Within


December 4th, 2021 Posted 7:31 am

Shakespeare came up yesterday, popping up as he so often does and often will as long as English is around –  even if he vanishes from the schools – because he embedded himself in the language. But enough hectoring. The question is: was WS a dog lover? Afraid not. There are lots of dog references – including “cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war” from Julius Caesar (see yesterday’s post), but there is only one named on stage canine character in all of the plays – Crab in Two Gentlemen of Verona – and the references aren’t loving. Well, no one’s perfect, not even Mr. S. Crab! Do you think there’s one single Crab among all the dogs in the world at this moment? Good grief.



Chet and Shakespeare


December 3rd, 2021 Posted 7:34 am

“5.0 out of 5 stars. Chet is Chet and that is more than enough for 5 stars. I’ve read every book in the series and intend to keep reading them as long as Mr. Quinn is kind enough to keep writing them. I’ve told maybe 100 people about Chet’s line after Bernie was shot in a previous novel – – Bernie is really going to hate that cone. Chet’s insights into the human condition may not rival Shakespeare’s but they are pretty damn good.”

The above is a recent Amazon review of It’s A Wonderful Woof, the brand new Chet and Bernie Christmas/holiday novel. What would Shakespeare think of it? I hope it wouldn’t make him “cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war.”


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