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December 8th, 2019 Posted 9:00 am

Normally on Sunday we do beginnings, checking out the start of a Peter Abrahams novel, including those written under the Spencer Quinn moniker. But today – with winter and Christmas so close – we’ve been thinking about snow. We’ve written lots of snow scenes from our very first book (The Fury of Rachel Monette) and snow plays a big role in some of the others – A Perfect Crime, Reality Check (YA), Nerve Damage, the Echo Falls series (middle grade). Not much snow in the Chet and Bernie series, due to the location of most of the stories, but it does appear. The first time was in The Dog Who Knew Too Much:

We started working our way along the base of the cliff, and soon, in a shadowy spot under an overhang, spotted some white stuff, white stuff that reminded me of the white streaks on the mountain.

“Snow, big guy.”

Snow? I’d heard of it, of course, seen it lots of times on TV during the divorce, when for some reason Bernie had really gotten into skiing videos. The snow sent coldness up into the air. I sniffed at it. Snow went right up my nose! I sneezed. Bernie laughed. I licked at the snow. It turned into water on my tongue, although not much water. Bernie picked some up and patted it – hey! – patted it into the shape of a ball. Yes! One thing about Bernie: just when you think he’s done with amazing you, he amazes you again. Now, after all this time, I was just finding out he could turn snow into a ball. I knew what was coming next, one of my favorite feelings.



Saguaros …


December 7th, 2019 Posted 7:55 am

… are characters (kind of) in the Chet and Bernie series. So very nice of reader Judy O to send in the following:


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Stocking Stuffer …


December 6th, 2019 Posted 6:48 am

for a digital stocking: Santa 365, the Chet and Bernie Christmas short story.



More On Pete!


December 5th, 2019 Posted 7:58 am

Pete was November’s Friend of the Month but for some reason today’s when we’re posting what Kathy, his human companion, wrote about him. (For more info on how you can be FOM, please check the FB page.)

“Pete (full name: Pete Redford O’Mara) is the most wonderful golden on the planet (but don’t all dog moms say the same?!). He is full of spirit, love, and wisdom. You can see he is incredibly handsome, of course!”


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