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May 22nd, 2022 Posted 7:26 am

Sunday is for beginnings, where we take a look at the start of a Peter Abrahams novel, including those written under the Spencer Quinn moniker™. Since the subject of college novels came up this week, here’s the beginning of my third campus venture (following Hard Rain and Revolution #9) – Crying Wolf:

One should not avoid one’s tests, although they are perhaps the most dangerous game one could play and are in the end tests which are taken before ourselves and before no other judge. (Beyond Good and Evil, section 41) – Introduction to the syllabus for Philosophy 322, Superman and Man: Nietzsche and Cobain (Professor Uzig)

A rolled-up newspaper spun through the air, defining place. What kind of place? The kind of place often described as idyllic, where a boy on a bicycle still tossed the paper onto lawns and porches, sometimes over actual picket fences, where the newspaper still brought news.


Found Poetry


May 21st, 2022 Posted 7:57 am

On my bike ride (to tennis) yesterday:


Paw And Order …


May 20th, 2022 Posted 7:15 am

… a digital deal for a few more days – $1.99! Here’s what a recent reviewer on Amazon wrote about it:

“Wonderful series. These are all great stories. They saved me from the reality of my caregiver life.”

Things Past


May 19th, 2022 Posted 6:49 am

Bernie opened the envelope, took out some papers, leafed through.

“What’s that?” Weatherly said.


“Of what?”

Bernie looked up. “Of me going through high school in a state of oblivion.”

(coming 8/9. Pre-orders mandated by law.)


The Books

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