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September 21st, 2019 Posted 9:56 am


Of Mutts And Men


September 20th, 2019 Posted 9:25 am

That’s the title of the next Chet and Bernie, coming July 7, 2020! Much more to come on this subject (aquifers play a role, for example), but the title was suggested by reader Gail Brandon Dubell who will get an advance reader copy as soon as they’re available. No cover art yet, although the book is available for preorder at all the usual places.


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Country Music


September 19th, 2019 Posted 7:52 am

Is anyone watching the country music documentary on PBS? We’ve long been interested in the subject – as any reader of Heart of Barkness, the latest Chet and Bernie novel will know – so this might be a good time to link to Song For Chet, a real country music song that came from the book. (The song is also available from all the streaming services.)


From An Amazon Queenie and Arthur Review


September 18th, 2019 Posted 8:17 am

“I really enjoyed reading this book and I can see why my son told me that I needed to read it as soon as he was able to relocate it in his room.”


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