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Digging Pays Off For Smuckers


March 31st, 2015 Posted 7:36 am

A lot to be said for digging, of course.


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Another Random Amazon WOOF Vine Review


March 30th, 2015 Posted 7:43 am

Today it’s not about C&B, but the new middle-grade series starting next month with WOOF.

5 Stars – Wow, wow, Bowser! – March 28, 2015

“I live to read!” on WOOF (coming April 28):

What a delightful book! It has suspense, without being truly frightening (at least, I think a child could read this and not get nightmares, yet appreciate the seriousness of certain scenes). But the main thing is: it has charm. Oodles and oodles of charm. Narrated by Bowser, a mutt who is adopted by Birdie, the story progresses within the bounds of Bowser’s understanding. He understands delicious smells, like Birdie’s bubble gum, and wonderful sounds, like the snapping of that gum. He understands some things literally, and yet manages to interpret anything he doesn’t approve of in ways that make you roll your eyes and smile at the same time. For example, Bowser sees his mission in life as full-time protector of Birdie. When Birdie tells him to Stay, he’s quite content to do so…while she’s present. But when she moves away, he has no compunction about following her, and rationalizes it as Birdie’s fault, because she didn’t tell him to Stay while she wasn’t there. Adorable book! This is one which parents will enjoy reading along with their child. It also has plenty of atmosphere, taking place in swamp country and evoking the lives of people living on the edge of poverty. This author is a winner, and Bowser is a champ. Three woofs for Woof!



Chetspeak on Sunday


March 29th, 2015 Posted 10:49 am

“Geronimo camped right here in Ocotillo Springs,” Bernie said. “Sometimes I wish he’d won.”

Geronimo? A new one on me. A loser of some kind, possibly wearing an orange jumpsuit, but it was clear that Bernie liked him. No surprise there: we liked a lot of the perps we’d put away, me and Bernie. I made what Bernie calls a mental note to give Geronimo a nice big lick if we ever met. But mental notes can be tricky. For example, although I’d made many mental notes in my career, none were coming to me just now. Whoa! Not even the one I’d just made! I was on fire, in a way.

– from TAIL OF VENGEANCE (the 3rd C&B e-story)


Parks For the Nation Within


March 28th, 2015 Posted 7:57 am

Top ten in the U.S.


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