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Daily Kindle Deal


October 27th, 2014 Posted 7:31 am

Today’s Daily Kindle Deal at Amazon is DOG ON IT, book 1 in the Chet and Bernie series! (This would be an inexpensive way to get started on their adventures – the download price: $1.99.)

Here’s how it starts:

I could smell him – or rather the booze on his breath – before he even opened the door, but my sense of smell is pretty good, probably better than yours.

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Chetspeak on Sunday


October 26th, 2014 Posted 7:16 am

“Right,” Suzie said. “But the leash is non-negotiable.” She popped open the glove box and took out the leash she’d kept just for me back when she was still in the Valley. I was kind of surprised to see it was still there, also not that happy about it. Suzie smiled and gave me a quick scratch between the ears, not hard enough but blissful just the same. “Come on, Chet. I know you can do it.”

We got out of the car. Suzie came forward with the leash. Of course I could do it! And not only that, I could do it like you’ve never seen.


Yes, that was me, pure and simple. At the moment I appeared to be I wriggling around the parking lot on my back, just one of my tricks, and one that happened to scratch all the itches Suzie hadn’t taken care of.


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Snowhook (Revised With Working Link)


October 25th, 2014 Posted 8:34 am

Maybe a good time for a reminder about Snowhook ( the wonderfully humane racing kennel up in Alaska beloved by so many people here at the blog. They’ve hit a little bump in the road – namely the expiration of their dog truck – and they need a new one. Donations would be lovely. Here’s a link:

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More on Bentley…


October 24th, 2014 Posted 8:06 am

… who has so far tested negative for Ebola.

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