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Friend of the Month Reminder + Baseball!


March 31st, 2014 Posted 7:04 am

Last day of the month? Funny how that keeps happening. But:  time for the Friend of the Month reminder. See Poochie over there on the right? He’s Chet’s Friend of the Month for March. All his human companion did was send in a photo to the gallery. The random number generator (see below) did the rest, and Poochie’s human companion qualified for a signed and paw-printed copy of The Sound and the Furry. This could be you! Just send in a photo – as Rocky & Percy, and Buster did today. Welcome!

As for baseball. Thank God! It means there’s such a thing as summer. Here’s Admin’s World Series forecast:

Head: Rays vs. Cards.

Heart: Red Sox vs. Dodgers (a bicoastal extravaganza!)



Chetspeak on Sunday


March 30th, 2014 Posted 8:30 am

“What’s your name?” he said.

The dude gazed up at Bernie. He licked his lips, something I always watch for in humans. He had a stiff, pointy tongue, kind of whitish at the tip. I made up my mind about the dude: bad news, period. Period means case closed. Our cases closed just about every time with me grabbing the perp by the pant leg. So if I snapped down with a nice toothy grip on one of those overalled legs at this very moment, did that mean the job was done and we could pick up our check and head for home?

I considered that question from many angles – actually, none – and while that was or was not going on, the dude said, “Everyone calls me Moondog.”

Whoa right there. Sometimes with humans you can’t be sure you heard right.

“Moondog?” said Bernie. Maybe he was having the same problem.

– from The Dog Who Knew Too Much (a digital sale of which seems to be going on).

Welcome Reggie from MN.


Bruno Update


March 29th, 2014 Posted 6:51 am

K-9 hero on the road to recovery.

Welcome new friends Bear, Chet the cat (yes), Romeo & Rose.


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Black Dogs


March 28th, 2014 Posted 7:18 am

This is interesting:

And it gives us a chance to show off Spence’s dog Audrey:



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