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Chetspeak (3): Horses and Stakeouts


March 31st, 2013 Posted 6:53 am

There was one palm tree on the street in front of the motel, a small one with dusty leaves, and we were parked behind it. That was part of our stake-out technique, hiding behind trees. Maybe it was our whole technique: I couldn’t think of any other parts at the moment. Beyond the palm tree stood the motel, horseshoe-shaped – just one of the many strange things about horses, that they wore shoes – with parking in between. Two cars in the lot, parked far from each other. One, a red convertible, belonged to the woman we were tailing. The other, a dark sedan, had been there when we arrived.

We gazed at the motel door closest to the red convertible. The woman – short, blond, curvy – had jumped out of the car and gone straight inside. Since then – nothing. That was one of the problems with divorce work: no action. We hated divorce work, me and Bernie – our specialty was missing persons – but with the state of our finances we couldn’t turn down anything. How our finances got this way is a long story, hard to keep straight in my head. Early on, there’d been the Hawaiian pants.

– from To Fetch A Thief.

Welcome Citrus, Dermott, Mr. Bird; Chaz, Vanna, Trinket; Jackson; Zoey & Artoo; big-boy-dog fan; Mr. Bun; Bear; Bella and Cyrano, please retry. Today is the last day of eligibility for April’s Friend of the Month contest. 


Friend of the Month Reminder!


March 30th, 2013 Posted 7:35 am

“Second last day of the month,” Admin says. “How about an April Friend of the Month reminder?”

“Good idea,” says Spence.

“All right, everybody. Look over at the right of the screen. See Winky? He’s Chet’s March Friend of the Month. And just below him, by the way, are two friends who rotate through every time the screen is refreshed. But that’s a side issue.”


“Question is: how did Winky get there? Answer: Winky’s human companion sent in a photo of Winky to the Friends of Chet gallery. It’s easy!”

“Although yesterday someone named Fifo Ramm seems to have had trouble – please retry.”

“The random number generator, pictured below, East German army surplus, circa 1956, does the rest! And don’t forget the human companion gets a signed – “

” – and paw-printed – “

” – copy of the latest Chet and Bernie mystery, in this case A Fistful of Collars.”



Surf’s Up! Today in Cocoa Beach!


March 29th, 2013 Posted 6:34 am

I’d surfed once myself, don’t forget! That was on the trip we took to San Diego, me and Bernie. Maybe more about that some other day.


Sneak Peek?


March 28th, 2013 Posted 7:50 am

“Too early for a sneak peek at The Sound and the Furry?” says Spence.

“Definitely,” says Admin. “What are you thinking?”

“But – “

Welcome Shotgunseat Dolly.


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