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Friend of the Month Reminder


December 31st, 2012 Posted 8:51 am

“Last day of the month,” says Spence, “meaning it’s the last day of eligibility for January’s Friend of the Month contest, first of 2013. All you have to do is upload a photo to the Friends of Chet gallery. The random # generator does the rest! If you’re already in the gallery you’re eligible till the crack of doom. Prize is a signed – and paw-printed – copy of A Fistful of Collars and the winning Friend of the Month is displayed for the entire month in the special place over on the right where Odin (plus Santa) is now. Easy, fun, and we’ll throw in a male-pattern-baldness reverser spray that works in seconds.”

Welcome new friends: Sam & Jade, Orion from Snowhook, Tesser (R.I.P.)


Chet and Bernie 6: The Sound and the Furry


December 30th, 2012 Posted 9:07 am

“I hear there were a lot of great title suggestions,” Admin says.

“It was really impressive,” Spence says. “And the Plunderers were responsible for many of the best. But we fell head over heels for George Scott’s (he’s from Peerless Book Store in Alpharetta GA) entry. Here’s George and Buddy Thor looking at poster art of the new cover.”

Welcome beautiful dude from the recent past, Mrs. Murphy.



No Post Today


December 29th, 2012 Posted 8:45 am

No computer access. See you manana.


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Wookie: R.I.P.


December 28th, 2012 Posted 7:56 am

Admin: We were so sorry to hear yesterday’s sad news about Wookie. He was beautiful in body and soul and a very important part of this blog from almost the beginning. Our thoughts are with Maury and Debbie today. They and Wookie modeled the human/dog relationship in such a lovely way.

Welcome holiday reveler, two Xmas fans, Enzo, Hoss & Cinders, Shane, Capt.Jack Sparrow, Roscoe & Tucker, Shadow, Chance, Charka, water-watching dude, Gina, Lena, Ripley Beachmaster, reader at Peerless Book Store, Hey Boy (in memory), Susie. Morena and Chance – please retry.



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