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Friend of the Month Reminder


June 30th, 2012 Posted 7:24 am

“Thirty days hath June,” says Admin.

“Hath?” says Spence.

“So it’s time to remind everyone that today’s the last day of eligibility for July’s Friend of the Month contest. All you have to do is upload a photo to the Friends of Chet gallery. The random # generator does the rest! If you’re already in the gallery you’re eligible till the end of time.”

“What about after that?”

“Prize is a signed copy of The Dog Who Knew Too Much and the winning Friend of the Month is displayed for the entire month in the special place over on the right where Babe is now!”

Happy Birthday to Wookie’s Dad. Or is it Wookie? 

Welcome Yuji the wonder dog. Thumper – please retry.


Chet, Bernie, Georgie Malhouf


June 29th, 2012 Posted 9:07 am

Did we mention that The Dog Who Knew Too Much is now available in paperback? Here’s an excerpt.

Georgie sipped his drink. “Like this bourbon?” he said.

“Very nice,” Bernie said.

“Tell you the truth, Bern,” Georgie began, and I missed some of what came next, on account of: Bern. Bernie hated that! In fact, the last guy who’d tried it, a carjacker from the East Valley, name escaping me at the moment, was now breaking rocks in the hot sun. Were we about to take down Georgie Malhouf? His mustache was really starting to bother me.

“ … whole chain’s a client,” Georgie was saying, “including The Arbuckle Palace in L.A. Check out the world around us. Security – my kind – is only going to get bigger.”

“What’s the other kind?” Bernie said.

Georgie made a motion with his hand, like he was waving away flying insects, although there were none around. I always know when insects are around: they’re very noisy. Birds are much quieter when they fly, kind of crazy.

“The other kind,” Georgie said, “is the lone wolf.” He leaned forward, wagged his finger at Bernie. “Headed for rapid extinction, Bern.” Sometimes things go by so fast you can’t keep up. For example, Georgie’s wagging finger had curly black hair on the back, always interesting, but there was no time to dwell on it, not if wolves were suddenly in the picture. I knew wolves, but only from Animal Planet. I glanced around the bar: no wolves, no creatures of any kind, except humans and me. But the fur on my neck was up and stiff.

And tomorrow is the last day of eligibilty for the July Friend of the Month contest. Just upload a photo in the friends gallery. It’s supposed to be easy!



Op Cit, Etc.


June 28th, 2012 Posted 10:08 am

Spence is on the phone to Admin, back home by himself.

“How’s Santa Fe?” Admin says. “Always wanted to see it.”

“Really nice,” says Spence. “And yesterday I dropped into this very nice bookstore called Op Cit. It’s just a few doors from a witch store, so you can knock off a lot of your shopping needs at once.”

“You’re having fun.”

“Um, yes.”

“Guess I’ll go mow the lawn again.”

Welcome know-it-all dude.


A Cat Was Involved


June 27th, 2012 Posted 10:20 am

Coming August 14, an e-short story about the day Chet and Bernie met. You don’t necessarily have to have an e-reader. More on that when Spence and Admin get back together. Meanwhile, here’s what the cover looks like.


The Books

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