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Shamus: Bookstore Dog


February 25th, 2012 Posted 7:34 am

“Here’s a whole category of the nation within that we’ve totally ignored,” Spence says. “Dogs who work in bookstores. Here is Shamus, from Once Upon A Crime in Minneapolis.”

“Aptly named,” says Admin.

“Apparently he’s a first-rate greeter,” Spence says. “Especially if he detects incoming food.”

“Maybe we can get other bookstore dogs to send in their pics,” Admin says.

“Good idea,” says Spence. “Send in those photos, bookstore people. Just upload them to the Friends of Chet gallery. We’ll make a post featuring every one.”

Today: Shamus at work.

Welcome Raksh the coydog, and Lola.


Kid Mushers


February 24th, 2012 Posted 8:41 am

“Did you know about kids learning to be mushers?” Spence says.

“I did not,” says Admin.

“Here’s an article about it from the Miami Herald – kind of counterintuitive, climate-wise.”

“Not quite with you on that mental leap.”

Spence has this face when he’s trying to ignore Admin; he’s wearing it now. “I wonder if Rebecca and AJ – our Iditarod team! – know any of the people mentioned in the story,” he says.

Callie – please try uploading again. Has anyone else been having trouble with this lately? If so, please comment, or email


Ice Cream Addendum


February 23rd, 2012 Posted 8:48 am

“Ice cream addendum?” says Admin. “That sounds like a somewhat addled Robert Ludlum title.”

“I forgot to mention one thing about Savannah,” Spence says. “In honor of the Book Festival, this great old ice cream place called Leopold’s names an ice cream for each of the writers. “

“And yours was?”

“The Peppermint Who Knew Too Much.”

“How was it?”





February 22nd, 2012 Posted 7:45 am

Spence promised the audience in Savannah that he’d post the beautiful quilt the Plunderers made for him, so here it is.

Welcome Ms. Sienna (with Santa). Callie Clever from SC, please try uploading again.


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