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The Dream And Us: From The Dog Who Knew Too Much


November 26th, 2011 Posted 8:50 am

Night fell. Bernie and I sat in the dining hall, which was called the chuckwagon here at Big Bear Wilderness Camp. We have a wagon at home, and when Charlie was younger I’d pull him around on it. “Chet the Jet!” he’d be shouting. “Faster, faster, Chet the Jet!” Did we zoom around or what? This was back in the days when Iggy was still roaming outside. And guess what: Iggy didn’t race along with us, oh, no. Instead he liked to jump on the wagon, crowd in with Charlie, and steal a free ride. That Iggy!

Nice and quiet in the dining hall, just the two of us. Bernie sat at the end of long old wooden table, eating a bowl of chili. I stood beside him on the floor – a floor made of wide boards worn down smooth, soft and comfortable – eating a bowl of kibble. All kinds of kibble out there on the market, but this one from Rover and Co. was the best. The owner, Simon Berg, is a buddy of ours, sometimes sends over samples from the test kitchen. We were living the dream, me and Bernie.

And don’t forget the Snowhook Holiday Auction:


Black Friday Auction!


November 25th, 2011 Posted 9:39 am

Today! Special Holiday Auction to benefit the wonderful and humane Snowhook Kennel and help them compete in Iditarod 2012. All items courtesy of the dynamic Plunderers. Starts at 1 PM eastern through Sunday afternoon. Here’s a link:

“Shopping,” Admin says, “is as American as apple pie.”

“What about shopping for apple pie?” Spence says.


Happy Thanksgiving, Everybody!


November 24th, 2011 Posted 7:48 am

From everyone here at the

Welcome 2 Xmas dudes.


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Life Back Then


November 23rd, 2011 Posted 9:17 am

We’re running around crazily today, me and Bernie. He has this list, all crumpled and wrinkled now. “What the hell’s celeriac?” he says.

I can’t help him.

At Vin’s Discount Liquors – Vin’s our go-to guy when it comes to booze, is also an old Army buddy of Bernie’s; and isn’t he in book 5? – we run into Otis DeWayne, pushing a full cart. Otis is our weapons expert but he’s also a Civil War reenactor, knows a lot about the past.

“If we could go back to Pilgrim times,” Bernie says, “what would be the first difference we’d notice?”

“That’s easy,” Otis says. “The smell. Everybody stank to high heaven.”

Hey! Sounds interesting!

Welcome Ben, George, Pita (with backpack, great idea).


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