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Spitting (More): From Dog On It


October 31st, 2011 Posted 7:48 am

Nixon spat in the dirt. “I can get you another one, even more beat up.”

“Yeah?” said Bernie. “How much?”

“Don’t have it yet,” said Nixon. “I’m just saying the possibility’s out there.”

Or something like that. I wasn’t really listening, on account of Nixon being a tobacco chewer, which made his spit pretty interesting. I went over and sniffed at the dirt where the glob had landed. It smelled like Bernie’s breath in the morning, if he’d been smoking the night before and hadn’t brushed his teeth yet, but even stronger, with an added bitterness. Normally at a moment like this I’d move on to an experimental lick or two. Not this time, amigo.

Welcome Hooded Dude, Mango and Buster (possibly), and Halloween cat (who may be Buster).

Tonight: Halloween, my least favorite of all the human holidays.

And don’t forget – a new Friend of the Month will be chosen tomorrow, so today’s the last day to upload into the Friends of Chet gallery. Prizes galore! are not in the cards!


As Promised: Spitting (From Dog On It)


October 30th, 2011 Posted 8:39 am

The expression on Myron’s face changed; he looked liked he’d chewed on a lemon. I’d tried that once. “Good luck to you,” he said.

“Oh?” said Bernie.

“You’ll need it, if that’s your model.”

“Something wrong with Pinnacle Peak Homes at Puma Wells?” Suzie said.

Myron turned away and made a spitting sound with his mouth, although no spit came out. Spitting was something I liked a lot, could have made good use of myself, but dry spitting made no sense to me.

“Care to expand on that?” Bernie said.

Welcome Rowan, Kylie, Sam the border collie, Sam (?) and friend, en route.


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Next Year


October 29th, 2011 Posted 8:26 am

“And now we all get to wait until next year, as they say in baseball,” Spence says.

“What if we don’t want to wait?” Admin says.

“There’s a lot of waiting in life.”

“I’ve noticed,” Admin says. “So life and baseball are similar in that respect. But there’s a lot of spitting in baseball, too, and you don’t see much of that in normal life, in social situations, say.”

“Probably a good thing,” says Spence.

“Doesn’t Chet have some observation about spitting? Maybe how you never see women doing it?”

“Possibly. Maybe we can dig it up.”

Digging? Digging is on the schedule? Today’s starting out perfectly.

Welcome Buddy, Two dudes on a chair, a fox (!?), and a dude with a cool stare.


One Strike Away (Twice)


October 28th, 2011 Posted 9:09 am

“Lookin’ a little groggy today,” Spence says.

“Right back at you,” says Admin.

“Is there another game like baseball?”


“That bunt over the head of the charging Beltre.”

“Somehow fielded by Andrus.”

“But advancing the runner anyway.”

“And a zillion other little telling details, just like in good writing. Care to make a prediction?”

“Yes. The Chinese are going to fall in love with this game and in fifty years it’ll be bigger than ever, played just about everywhere.”

“Except for Europe, of course,” Admin says. “And here’s a picture that hung in the bathroom shared by my two sons when they were growing up and playing high school ball.”


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