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Vieques (Still More)


December 31st, 2010 Posted 9:11 am

Now I know what a bioluminescent bay is! And wow! We swam in it under the stars and there seemed to be stars in the water, too, many many tiny ones. And when we moved everything glowed. A barracuda swam by, this long glittering thing. The place was called Mosquito Bay but there were no mosquitoes. I didn’t want to ever come out. Other than that we had no problems.

Condolences from everyone here to Rio’s friend and family. So sorry to hear the news. 


Vieques (More)


December 30th, 2010 Posted 7:10 am

Tonight we’re going swimming in a bioluminescent bay. What is that? Don’t ask me, but Bernie’s real excited. I’m excited, too. I always get excited when Bernie’s excited, plus swimming is exciting, so there you go. 

Another thing about this island: you see members of the nation within the nation at the beaches. No horses at the beach, but they’re everywhere else, eating the grass nonstop. I ran around a whole bunch of them yesterday. We got along great!


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December 29th, 2010 Posted 8:20 am

What a great island, even though there are parts where you can’t go. Too dangerous, they say. 

Maybe they don’t know that danger is my business. Mine and Bernie’s. We’re partners in the Little Detective Agency, in case I haven’t mentioned that recently.

Right now it’s very windy and we have to pick up all the stuff that got knocked down. So adios, which is what they say down here.


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No Post Today


December 28th, 2010 Posted 10:05 am

It’s raining in paradise, wherever that may be. This seems to bother the humans a lot. “We came all this way,” and stuff like that. I myself love the rain – I’m soaking wet this very moment, and lying on a nice soft couch in the pool house. It hardly ever rains in the Valley. I’m feeling tip top. 

“Let’s see if we can round up some of the island coffee,” Spence says. “Anyone seen Chet?”

I take a big stretch. I can feel a yawn on the way.


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