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Sounding Like Me?


July 31st, 2010 Posted 8:42 am

“How did it go at the Brewster Book Store?” Spence asks.

“No one threw anything,” says Admin.

“Always a good sign,” says Spence. “Did you do the one-review thing? Pre-school?”

“Nope. It was just a signing. One woman said her husband was starting to sound like Chet.”

A human? Sounding like me?

“What’s he barking about?” Admin says.

“No idea,” says Spence.

“It was actually a fundraiser for this cool Cape Cod organization – the Sampson Fund. They help pay for emergency vet care for people who can’t afford it.”

“Nice idea. I wonder if there are similar organizations in other parts of the country.”

Are they talking about vets? Amy’s my vet: she’s great! Although I don’t like going to her office. Was there something about a biopsy, whatever that might be? I think that’s in To Fetch A Thief.


No Post Today


July 30th, 2010 Posted 8:23 am

“Anybody seen my shirt with the red checks?” Admin says.

“For God’s sake,” says Spence.

“I want to wear it for the signing,” says Admin. “What happened to it?”

I open my eyes. Do I have vague memories about that?

“Why don’t you wear that T-shirt Lily brought back for you from the running of the bulls?” Spence says. “It’s red.”

“But it has a bull on the front.”


Today 10-noon, Spencer Quinn at Brewster Books, 2648 Main Street, Brewster, MA 02631.

Spence: As for the 400 signed copies, Nick and the Atria people are still working on this. Was Admin, let’s say premature, to mention this whole thing before the details were set?


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Busman’s Holiday


July 29th, 2010 Posted 8:35 am

“What are you doing here, Tulip?” Bernie said.

“Stripping, basically,” she said, still patting me. She was an expert! We were in the dressing room at Club Utopia, which I should probably remind everybody about.

“Um,” said Bernie, “uh. I meant are you still with Livia, or … “

“Oh, yes! I’m learning so much from her. This is just something extra, sort of a busman’s holiday, Livia says.” Maybe I should also remind everybody that Livia Moon runs a place in Pottsdale called Livia’s Friendly Coffee and More. Tulip works in the more part. “But can I ask you the same thing?” Tulip said. “What are you doing here?”

“Looking for Astrid Jason,” Bernie said. “Do you know her?”

Tulip nodded. “I hope she comes back soon. Not that I mind storing her stuff. But it’s a big responsibility.”

“You’re storing her stuff?”

“Just a couple suitcases,” Tulip said.

“Can we see them?” Bernie said.

“Well, I don’t know,” Tulip said. “I promised I’d take good care of them.”

“Then we’re on the same side,” Bernie said.

Admin to Staff: If Staff will send an address to an arc of To Fetch A Thief will be on its way, a little recovery-period reading material.

Here’s a little more Rosie Gray. If link doesn’t work, maybe cut and paste:

Tomorrow 10-noon, Spencer Quinn at Brewster Books, 2648 Main Street, Brewster, MA 02631


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Old Dogs


July 28th, 2010 Posted 8:16 am

“Is this possible,” Spence says, “that this Uncle Chi Chi character – see below, if we can get this link to work – is the oldest dog in the world?”

I perked up. How old was I again? I’d heard Bernie talking about it recently, but the number slipped my mind. Was it more than two? Two’s plenty for me.

“And that whole dog years thing,” says Admin. “I never bought that.”

“You’re in a slightly better mood today.”

“Yeah – that suggestion from Kirby T. Penworthy, amended by Rio, about getting volume 6 of The World at War from the library perked me up. And way more than that – the good news about Staff. But I’m wondering if anyone knows of some real old dogs.”

There was General Beauregard, of course. I love hanging out with him when we visit our weapons guy, Otis DeWayne. Is there one of those visits in To Fetch A Thief?

(Nice job, Rosie!)

(Note from Admin: If link doesn’t work, please try, click on Runnin’ Scared under blogs, and scroll down to previous posts.)


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