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Higher Education


October 27th, 2009 Posted 9:09 am

We met the great granddaughter of Addie Kline at an outdoor cafe near downtown, actually in the college area. College kids are great! They’re always hanging out, having fun, playing Frisbee, and they have lots of time for me and my kind. The great granddaughter of Addie Kline was also named Addie, kind of confusing, Addie something or other. She looked young enough to be a college student herself.

“I read Suzie Sanchez’s story in the Tribune,” she said. “There was something about a mystery on the Greed set. My great grandmother’s twin Betty was a script girl on that shoot. She went for a hike and never came back.”

“A hike?” said Bernie.

And maybe he added more, but at that moment a Frisbee came gliding by, so tempting.


Root Canal


October 26th, 2009 Posted 9:41 am

No post today. We forgot that Bernie has a root canal appointment with Dr. Grim. I’m not sure what a root canal is – something about teeth, have you ever seen mine, so big and white? – but Bernie’s not happy about it.  Meanwhile here’s a pre-pub review of Thereby Hangs A Tail from what Admin says is one of the best independent bookstores in the country, The Tattered Cover  in Denver.

“The long awaited second installment of the private investigation
adventures of Bernie and Chet from “Dog On It” (now out in paperback)
is almost here!  Yes, the boys are back in January, kicking bad guy
butt and wagging tail.  I found this book even more fun than the first
one.  This time they’ve become involved in a kidnapping (though no one
is sure if the intended victim was the rich lady or her prize winning
show dog) that blossoms into mayhem and murder.  This will be an
absolute hit, no question, and it will leave fans panting for more
(especially the last few pages on incredibly frustrating foreshadowing
that will drive that is personally driving me NUTS).

Even if you didn’t read “Dog On It”, you’ll like this book.  There are
a few references to some of the things that happened in it, but there
are tons of references to cases we’ve never heard about before
too–it’s all part of a muddled backstory that Chet can’t quite
remember clearly or doesn’t have time to tell you right now.  It just
adds to his canine charisma–he’s a here and now kind of guy.”


Sunday – EG


October 25th, 2009 Posted 7:04 am

“Forty-five percent of American marriages end in divorce,” Bernie says. “And forty percent of all first marriages.” I don’t know what all that means. All I know is that Bernie’s divorced, and we miss Charlie – that’s Bernie’s kid – a lot. On the other hand, as humans like to say, weddings are fun. I caught the bouquet! That was the last wedding I went to. There was something about me not going to any more.

Tomorrow – back to Greed, the loose ends.


Down Alimony Alley

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October 24th, 2009 Posted 7:17 am

Divorce work today – the Winklemans. So no post. The Winklemans don’t like each other. Human marriage seems a little strange to me. In our world, the nation within the nation, we do things differently.

Admin thanks everyone for the great ideas re the Little Detective Agency spot. Some sort of video might be happening in conjunction with the release of Thereby Hangs A Tail.


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