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Ross Macdonald and Iggy


September 26th, 2009 Posted 8:39 am

And yes! Iggy was out! Out and free! Out and free and running around crazily, his huge ears flopping and flying. I hardly heard what Bernie was telling Suzie, maybe something like this:

“The long-ago violent act was this killing – almost certainly an accident, but a killing just the same – of a young woman who was in the wrong place when Louis B. Mayer and Erich von Stroheim were struggling for the gun. That struggle got captured on film, film that might have been shot by Ezra Printz, PR flack, but for sure ended up in his hands.”

“How do we know it’s a real killing,” Suzie said, “and not some kind of scene?”

“If it was just play acting there wouldn’t have been all this effort to find it,” Bernie said. “Also, it was labeled ‘The Greed Murder’. But the main thing is you’d have to see it. It’s on the desk in the office.”

Suzie went that way.

“I thought you said it was in the safe,” said Trimmer.

“Caught in a lie,” said Bernie.

And meanwhile, Iggy was zooming around, making lots of sudden stops to mark every possible object.

Note to Ivy: Max and Buddy are commenters, down in the comment section.


My Pal Iggy


September 25th, 2009 Posted 8:08 am

“No one walks until we see proof that Kelo’s all right,” Bernie said. Kelo Printz was our client. If he wasn’t all right, who was paying?

“What kind of proof?” Portia said.

“Being in the same room with a walking and talking all-in-one-piece Kelo would do it,” Bernie said.


“See,” said Bernie, “that’s not good. This is starting to remind me of a Ross Macdonald novel.”

“Who’s he?” said Suzie.

“He was a crime novelist,” Bernie said. “And a great one. In his stories, violent acts from long ago echo down to the present. And here we’ve clearly got violent acts from long ago.”

Suzie took out her notebook. “Care to elaborate?”

Hey! Was that Iggy’s yip-yip-yip? I glanced out the window.


Two Questions, No Answers


September 24th, 2009 Posted 8:19 am

“Here’s a couple questions,” Bernie said. “One – did Ezra Printz know how to fly a plane? Two – did he have mental problems?”

Portia, Trimmer and Freddie all looked at one another. Two questions – and two’s a number I can handle – but their meaning zipped right by me. I did have a memory of that wrecked old biplane in the box canyon, the box canyon where we found a film can, the film can with film in it. And somewhere else we’d found another film can, the one with the Martin Ramirez painting inside. All of a sudden I thought of this baseball player with dreads that Bernie likes to watch – Manny Ramirez. How confusing was that?

“What the point of these questions?” Freddie said.

“The point is,” Bernie said, “that whoever gives us the answers gets a break. The other two go down.”

“A break like walking out of here?” Freddie said.

Bernie laughed. The laugh is the best human sound, and Bernie’s is tops. I just listened.

Answer for Mollypop: Yes, there will be Kindle for Thereby Hangs A Tail. Admin is very curious about how many people are reading for pleasure on Kindle.


Message From Our Sponsor


September 23rd, 2009 Posted 7:42 am

Strange discussion going on. Admin says that although the paperback of Dog On It has a pub date of September 29, it’s probably already in a lot of stores or online and we should mention it. Bernie says that’s a way too commercial thing to do. Spencer’s too busy at the computer to get involved and I’m a bit sleepy. Besides, what are they talking about? Do you ever think humans are always putting too much energy in the wrong places? No offense! Humans are great, especially Bernie, so whatever he thinks about this – which I can’t quite remember at the moment – is what I think too.

Tomorrow: Greed


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