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March 3rd, 2015 Posted 7:36 am

5.0 out of 5 stars – The BEST! – February 25, 2015

Bonnie Harris (Post Falls, ID United States) on PAW AND ORDER:

OMG, I cannot tell you much I love the Chet and Bernie books. I have read a lot all of my long life and this series is one of my all time favorites, without doubt.

Good stories, but you almost don’t even care, as it would be enough to just hang out with these unique characters. The Chet character is not some super dog, but “just a dog” and his observations come from that mind. Sometimes so hilarious that you will laugh all by yourself in your favorite reading chair.

I hope I die before Mr Quinn stops writing these books.


Chetspeak on Sunday


March 2nd, 2015 Posted 8:49 am

Even though it’s Monday! Rebels ‘R Us.

Back on the road, Bernie said, “Shot in the dark, Chet. Boozers working in close proximity – they tend to find each other.”

A shot? Hadn’t heard one, not at the cemetery, not since the Chang case, in fact. The Chang case: a nightmare, but the food! Another story for later. I yawned a nice big yawn, the kind that sometimes catches my lip over a tooth, and by the time I got everything straightened out, whatever I’d been worrying about was gone. Why worry anyway? I had Bernie.



Chetspeak on Sunday?


March 1st, 2015 Posted 7:45 am

Will appear on Monday. Today is Sunday, yes, but also the first of the month. So meet Theo, Chet’s Friend of the Month for March. He’ll be in the thingy on Chet’s FB page for the month, and his human companion gets a signed (and paw-printed) copy of PAW AND ORDER. Next month this could be you. Just post a photo on Chet’s FB page – and while you’re there you can check out the gallery, link below. The random # generator does the rest!




Friends of Chet


February 28th, 2015 Posted 8:35 am

Friends of the Month, which used to happen here and at Chet’s Facebook page, now happens only at the Facebook page, for organizational reasons too boring to go into. But you’re more than welcome to participate. It works the same way – post a pic (not in the comments section) and the random number generator does the rest! The winner is displayed for the month in a little thingy top left on the page, and the winner’s human companion gets a signed (and paw-printed) copy of the latest Chet and Bernie novel. Today’s the last day of the month, so the R#G is warming up! Sometimes parts fly when that happens. (Just click on the Facebook link.)


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