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November 29th, 2015 Posted 8:13 am

We turned into our driveway, as nice a driveway as you could wish for. But hey! What was this? Someone else already parked here? That was very bothersome. Don’t forget who’s in charge of security at our place on Mesquite Road, namely me. This someone else was driving a bright red van with green Christmas trees painted on the side panels. The door opened and out stepped a round little dude with a big smile on his face. This was a round little dude we knew, although we hadn’t seen him in some time.

“Plumpy Bonaparte?” Bernie said. “What the hell – heck – is he doing here?”

“That’s a funny name, Dad,” Charlie said, as we parked behind the bright red van.


“Is he a friend of yours?”

Excellent question on Charlie’s part. But no more than you’d expect from a son of Bernie’s. Bernie was always the smartest human in the room, as many perps can tell you, meaning Charlie had to be the smartest human son in the room. Wow! My most complicated thought ever! Was I getting better with age? Look out, world! I was so happy with myself that the most complicated thought ever flew straight out of my head, kind of like a frightened bird, perhaps never to return.

– from SANTA 365, now available.


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Where’s Santa?


November 28th, 2015 Posted 8:39 am

Somewhere in here:



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Annual Snowhook Auction


November 27th, 2015 Posted 9:05 am

Snowhook Kennel – our team in the Iditarod race and in so many other ways as well – is holding their Thanksgiving auction this weekend, starting at noon ET. Snowhook is two wonderfully humane humans – Rebecca and AJ Savidis – plus a bunch of brave members of the nation within. Lots of people here at the blog are very interested in their doings, and the photos that come out of Alaska when  they visit are pretty amazing. All kinds of great items at the auction. This year the blog is sending a signed (and paw-printed advance reading copy of the next Bowser and Birdie novel – ARF; the shortest title in our career).

Step right up!


Happy Thanksgiving!


November 26th, 2015 Posted 7:55 am


Hope to hear this sometime soon!


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