Basic Training


July 23rd, 2017 Posted 8:38 am


Ryan’s goodbye letter arrived in her first week at basic training. She happened to be the only female in her group, and the drill sergeant in charge of hand-to-hand combat paid lip service and lip service only to the concept of women in the army. LeAnne cried silently into her pillow that night, partly because of what they had sort of had, partly because she could tell just from how he expressed himself in the letter that Ry was already turning into someone else, partly because she was alone. The next morning the drill sergeant selected her for the pugil stick demonstration. There had been a pair of pugil sticks lying around when LeAnne was a kid, and she and her dad had fooled around with them some. She remembered a move he’d taught her: “Two quick fakes with the left end of the stick – first one looks like a fake, second looks for real but it ain’t. Then kaboom with the right.”

The drill sergeant didn’t bother with the headgear. He got faked out left and then kaboomed right: on the point of the chin, and hard enough to make his eyes go foggy, hard enough to shake loose a new thought or two. The difference between school and real life was suddenly as clear as could be in LeAnne’s mind. She was on the right track.

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Random Amazon Review We Like


July 22nd, 2017 Posted 8:14 am

5.0 out of 5 stars – New character for Spencer Quinn fans, and she is a force of nature! – 7/17/17
M. Freedman on THE RIGHT SIDE:
Wow. I am a huge fan of his Chet and Bernie series, like I am panting (dog reference, get it?) to get the next book. This is a big departure, but when you think about it, character development is a huge strength for Mr. Quinn, and this new character, Leanne, really does jump off the page and grab you by the throat. Could not put it down. Keep challenging yourself, Mr. Quinn, and the rest of us will follow!

Hawaiian Pants!


July 21st, 2017 Posted 8:39 am

Yes, actual Hawaiian pants (one of Bernie’s brainwaves) appeared on the recent book tour!



Mrs. Read For Fun


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