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April 12th, 2021 Posted 8:04 am

Any day now Jim will be stepping into the booth to record Tender Is The Bite, the next Chet and Bernie novel. Jim has been the voice of Chet for the whole series and he’s just superb. Can’t wait to hear how he handles some  of the scenes – Chet’s first meeting with Griffie the ferret, for example, and Chet and Bernie at the political rally. Good luck, Jim!



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April 11th, 2021 Posted 7:56 am

On Sunday we do beginnings – all the Peter Abrahams novels, including those written under the Spencer Quinn moniker. Since it’s spring, how about The Fan (filmed by Tony Scott with a fine cast)? Sports often play a role in our work – Bernie pitched for Army, as Chet and Bernie readers know – but never more than in this one. It begins with sports talk radio – a kind of Greek chorus that appears several times in the book. Gil is the fan.

[“Peter Abrahams’ The Fan is a shrewdly crafted thriller about a spoiled, egotistical home run hitter and the schlemiel hunting knife dealer’s rep whose hero worship metastasizes into obsession…the tale’s sharp characterizations, crisp style, and unpredictable plot twists add up to a highly credible and suspenseful literary entertainment.” – Entertainment Weekly]

“Who’s next? Gil on the car phone? What’s shaking’, Gil?”

Dead air.

“Speak, Gil.”

“Is this …”

“Go on.”


“You’re on the JOC.”

“Am I on?”

“Not for long, Gil, the way we’re going. This is supposed to be entertainment.”

Dead air.

“Got a question or a comment for us, Gil?”

“First-time caller.”

“Fantabulous. What’s on your mind?”

“I’m a little nervous.”


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Detective Fiction


April 10th, 2021 Posted 7:58 am

Yesterday in the comments, posting about detective fiction in general, Hobbit wrote:

“With successive books, the detective becomes more and more rich and famous–perhaps deservedly so but the books lose something in that scenario. I doubt if we have to worry about Bernie getting rich and buying fancy cars and a mansion. My guess.”

This is very shrewd! Especially re the books losing something. And the path of my likely solution.



Copyediting …


April 9th, 2021 Posted 11:53 am

… wraps up today on It’s A Wonderful Woof, the C&B Christmas/holiday novel coming after Tender Is The Bite (“both available for preorder, your right to preorder guaranteed by the Constitution!” – Mrs. Publicist’s pushy mom). Last chance to make any important changes in the manuscript. What’s your guess? Do I make a lot of changes at this stage? Or not?


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