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Yesterday a reader commented on the tennis in A PERFECT CRIME ( A quick think reminded us that tennis is also important in THE TUTOR. Also, in THEREBY HANGS A TAIL, the 2nd Chet and Bernie novel, doesn’t Chet encounter a tennis lesson and … offer his own kind of instruction, is maybe how to put it? Since the U.S. Open starts today, we’ll feature a few tennis scenes over the next two and a half weeks. Are there some tennis scenes – anywhere in the work of Peter Abrahams a.k.a. Spencer Quinn – that we’re missing?




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On Sundays we’ve been doing beginnings – all the Peter Abrahams books in chronological order, including those written under the Spencer Quinn pen name. Here (yes, on Monday) from 2013 – #29, A FISTFUL OF COLLARS, the fifth Chet and Bernie novel. (But does Chet care what order you read them in?) This is the Hollywood novel in the series. You will meet a cat named Brando.

[Amusing, intelligent and exciting… A fun romp through a genre that’s been around for decades but in the right hands (or paws) still has the power to entertain us.”
– Cesar’s Way]

“Heard you drove another one off a cliff,” said Nixon Panero. He spat a thin brown stream of chewing tobacco into an empty paint can, or maybe not that empty. Yellow paint, the yellow of egg yolks, now with a brown swirl in the middle: there’s all kinds of beauty in life.

“You heard wrong,” said Bernie.

Uh-oh. Bernie was looking at Nixon in an irritated sort of way. Wasn’t Nixon our buddy? True, Nixon’s eyes were too close together, even for a human, but he was one of the best mechanics in the Valley according to Bernie, and if Bernie said so then that was that, and besides, Nixon was also one of our top sources on the street, even though we once put him away for a year or so. Or maybe because of it! Anything’s possible with perps, believe me. We’ve taken down lots, me and my partner, Bernie. That’s what we do at the Little Detective Agency. He’s Bernie Little. I’m Chet, pure and simple.


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Beginnings, our regular Sunday feature, returns tomorrow.



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