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July 27th, 2016 Posted 7:55 am

This morning, 9-10 ET, on WCAI (Cape and Islands NPR), Peter Abrahams joins host Mindy Todd and CC librarian Jill Erickson to talk about beach books. On a perfect beach day!


No Post Today


July 26th, 2016 Posted 7:53 am

Thanks for all the keynote speech suggestions yesterday. (Now if anyone in the audience throws things it’s on you!)



Cape Cod Writers Conference


July 25th, 2016 Posted 9:07 am

Spence: I hear you’re giving the keynote speech, August 6.

Admin: No stopping it now.

Spence: What are you going to say?

Admin: Hmm. What do you think prospective writers want to hear?

Spence: How about we see what the commenters think? Commenters? Any ideas?

Admin: Is this what they call crowdsourcing? Maybe we could crowdsource C&B!

Spence: Easy there, my friend.

The 54th Cape Cod Writers Center Conference


Chetspeak on Sunday


July 24th, 2016 Posted 8:05 am

The hippie in the vest was called Disco; the other one was Crash. Crash produced some Slim Jims, tore one into little bits for Princess, tossed me a whole one, and soon another, and another, and maybe another after that. Night fell. Crash and Disco tried to build a fire but it went out. We all sat around where the fire would have been. Crash and Disco downed some beers, got going on another joint, a big fat one. The smoke drifted over to me and Princess in heavy clouds. Always enjoyed that smell. Princess stretched, lay down beside me, closed her eyes. I gazed at the stars and all sorts of thoughts went tumbling through my mind, way too fast to keep up, so I didn’t even try. Except for missing Bernie, I felt pretty good. Soon I was just thinking about Bernie: his smell, how far he could throw the tennis ball when we played fetch, the slight limp from his wound when he got tired.

Later Crash switched on some music. They sang along, something about In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, Baby. Nothing like Roy Eldridge and his trumpet, but not too bad. I sang along, too, doing my woo-woo kind of thing. Crash and Disco loved that, did some woo-wooing of their own.

“Maybe he’s jonesin’ for another Slim Jim,” said Crash.

“Only one left,” said Disco, “and I got the munchies.”



The Books

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